Met Gala 2018: The Best & Worst of Met Ball Celebrity Fashion

From gorgeously stunning dresses to downright terrible ones, discover the best and worst celebrity style from the Met Gala 2018!

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style-jennifer-lopez-balmain-gownEvery year’s most highly anticipated event as far as red carpet fashion is concerned, Met Gala 2018, is finally here! And of course, we had to talk about all the celeb fashion from the fundraising event. ‘Cause Met Gala is the place to get creative and experimental with fashion! Celebs strutted the red carpet in great (and some not so great) looks by top designers according to this year’s Met Gala theme – Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Let’s take a look!

Met Gala 2018 Celeb Style

Priyanka Chopra

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (15)-priyanka-chopra

This woman always knows how to work the red carpet! I loved her trench coat look from last year and was eager to see what her Met Gala attire for 2018 would be. And as expected, she did not disappoint! Wearing a long velvet sheath dress with a gorgeous jewel encrusted hood by Ralph Lauren, she looked heavenly indeed.

Kendall Jenner

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (1)-kendall-jenner

Kendall wore an all-white pant and corset top look to the Met Gala 2018 and all I can wonder is how many times did she trip? The extra long hems of those pants are so not a good look. And although she’s wearing something new instead of the typical Met Ball dresses and gowns, we still can’t give it to her.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (28)mary-kate-ashley-olsen

Did these two not get the memo? Why are they dressed in an awful version of Dumbeldore’s cape? I’m just hoping that they didn’t have time to pick a good outfit and didn’t actually do this on purpose.

Blake Lively

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (22)-blake-lively
@versace, @whowhatwear

If there’s one celeb whose red carpet fashion we can always count on, it’s Blake Lively. Her Met Gala fashion look was an intricately embellished gown that looks gorgeous from all angles with a super long train. And props to her hair dresser for the beautiful bun hairstyle! It’s not for nothing that her husband, Ryan Reynolds, calls her the Beyonce of red carpet fashion!

Lili Reinhart

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (5)-lili-reinhart-cole-sprouse

I can’t wrap my head around this really short dress metallic dress with a really long train but she brought a very stylish and suave Cole Sprouse as her date, so, you’re excused Lili. We liked the shoes though!


met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (20)-rihanna

Riri always continues to wow us with her bold fashion choices. For Met Gala 2018, she donned a heavily beaded dress and accessorized with a papal tiara. She might have taken the Met Ball theme a li’l too literally but we can’t deny the fact that she looks absolutely stunning.

Lily Collins

@teenvogue, @lilyjcollins

I’m sorry but Lily’s look is giving me serious Valak from Conjuring vibes. It’s honestly a bit frightening. But I have to admit her quirky hairstyle with the spiky hair accessory is quite cool, so I guess we can give her a pass.

Kim Kardashian

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (19)-kim-kardashian

I’m never usually a fan of anything Kim K wears but she took me by surprise with her Met Gala 2018 outfit – a long metallic gold fitted slip dress with jewels in the shape of crosses. I mean, I’m not in love with it but for once, I don’t hate her style.

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Selena Gomez

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (11)-selena-gomez

Of course, she decided to wear Coach and of course, yet again, they dressed her in a boring gown. Or should I say night gown? Yes, it’s pretty and all that but certainly not for the Met Gala. Also, what’s with the over-the-top fake tan? And the nude makeup is completely washing her out.

Sarah Jessica Parker

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (21)-sarah-jessica-parker

This look had a bit too much of everything, I wasn’t a fan. If the heavily embellished gold gown wasn’t enough, she’s also wearing bright blue eyeshadow and a flower on the side of her head. And I don’t get the enormous headpiece she’s got on. I’d be surprised if she didn’t have a massive headache after the event, or maybe it started right as soon as she put it on!

Rita Ora

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (9)-rita-ora

Rita Ora looked quite stunning in a sheer black Prada gown. And in my opinion, her spiky hair accessory was the best out of all the ones spotted at Met Gala 2018.

Ariana Grande

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (6)-ariana-grande

For her first Met Gala event ever, Ariana opted for a beautiful Vera Wang gown with a Sistine Chapel print. The silhouette might be boring but the print is far from it! Also, the sheer bow on her head deserves a mention.

Kylie Jenner

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (7)-kylie-jenner

Why? Just why? If you don’t wanna follow the dress code and theme, the least you can do is nail whatever look you’re going for. Kylie wore a plain black gown with a pair of small sunglasses. Also, I understand that you’re going for an unconcealed zipper situation at the side, Alexander Wang, but what I don’t understand is – why?!

Jennifer Lopez

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (10)-jennifer-lopez-alex-rodriguez

Jennifer showed up at the Met Gala 2018 with her man, Alex Rodriguez, wearing a show-stopping Balmain dress with a cross motif, a high side-slit and a feather train. JLo always gets it right!


met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (3)-zendaya

Zendaya’s just one of those blessed people who look amazing in anything they wear. So it’s no surprise that hers was one of the best Met Gala fashion looks. With her armoresque gown and red hair, she looks like she’s part of the Game of Thrones cast!

Hailey Baldwin

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (13)-hailey-baldwin-shawn-mendes

Other celebs are out here wearing theatrical hair accessories and head gears and you show up wearing a flower crown? Didn’t you like wear that to Coachella two weeks ago? And the outfit is just plain, boring and one of my least favorite Met Gala gowns from this year.

Katy Perry

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (24)-katy-perry

Katy Perry definitely made a statement at this year’s Met Ball. Her Met Gala attire consisted of a sparkly gold Versace dress and massive, extravagant angel wings. It may be a bit costumey but atleast she’s taking a risk and going bold.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (14)-rosie-hunington-whiteley

Rosie looked like an actual goddess in a sheer, gold Ralph Lauren gown with a plunging neckline and cape. She’s also wearing a circular headpiece, which reminds me of a halo. Also, the makeup & hair is on point!

Bella Hadid

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (18)-bella-hadid

Wearing an all black outfit – black latex bodice gown, black fingerless gloves and a black lacy veil, Bella looked great and on-theme.

Lily Alridge

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (17)-lily-alridge

Where do I start with this one? The fabric is terrible, the silhouette is tired and the jewelry does not complement the look whatsoever. Probably my least favorite Met Gala fashion look.

Gigi Hadid

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (29)-gigi-hadid

I loved Gigi’s Met Gala 2018 outfit! Everything from the shimmery asymmetrical gown to the Versace accessories and makeup is absolutely great.

Cardi B

met-gala-2018-fashion-celebrity-style (26)-cardi-b-jeremy-scott

Cardi B, accompanied by Jeremy Scott, wore a white bejeweled gown, matching gloves and a spiky headpiece. She’s also brought back Zendaya’s brushed-out-curls hairstyle from last year’s Met Gala Ball. It may seem like a lot, but if anybody can pull off extreme fashion looks, it’s Cardi B!

So those were all of the best and worst looks from Met Gala 2018! Which Met Ball celebrity looks were your most and least favorite? Tell us by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

Image Credits: Instagram

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