Met Gala 2017 Celeb Makeup: The Best Beauty Looks

From Rihanna to Kylie Jenner, discover the best (and weirdest) Met Gala 2017 celeb makeup looks. Read my thoughts about them and share your own!

Hey gorgeous! Every year, celebrities congregate for a particular red carpet event to show that they still exist, to wear sometimes awesome and sometimes really ridiculous garments (sometimes both), and to show off their humongous makeup collections  It’s not like we don’t know they have these kinda makeup collections, but they just wanna drive this point home.

The said red carpet event is, if you haven’t guessed by reading the title of this article, Met Gala, of course. And since it’s not possible to wear fun makeup without sometimes really dramatizing it, or without, in some celebrities’ case, really making it other-worldly, I’ve picked out the best Met Gala 2017 celeb makeup looks for you to see, and for me to rant about, or praise!

Let’s check them all out!

The Best Met Gala 2017 Celeb Makeup Looks

Lily Collins looks dramatic in this almost black lipstick, boldly shaped brows and lots of mascara. It’s not overdone, but just very dramatic! Definitely unmissable! Plus her hair pays tribute to Rei Kawakubo, the theme of Met Gala 2017.

Met Gala 2017 Celeb Makeup
Lily Collins via Instagram

Dakota Johnson wore a custom Gucci gown and Cartier jewelry. It’s a rosy pink makeup look – very fresh and perfect! Really, I can’t come up with any complaints about this one! It doesn’t seem overdone or too dramatic. It has a romantic quality to it.

Dakota Johnson in Cartier Jewels

Sophia Turner wore a Louis Vuitton gown, which was lovely. But what I loved even more was her makeup. The nude pink lip to match the rosy blush, and a copper and gold smokey eye to match the embellishments on the gown, with the ear jewelry and ombre hair – it’s just so pretty! A bit more overdone than Dakota Johnson’s (above) but still, it’s nice.

Sophie Turner in Louis Vuitton via Instagram

Miranda Kerr’s makeup look really worked well for her features. The brows are drawn out boldly, and the red lip is very Oscar de la Renta, to match the gown. And it’s highlit in all the right places – a classy look.

met gala 2017 celebrity fashion makeup beauty looks miranda kerr oscar de la renta
Miranda Kerr via Cartier Jewels

Rihanna can never do anything like a normal next-door woman, can she?! The dress is one thing, but even her makeup is a runway look – blush standing out in a different shade than her skintone – unblended, extended to the temples and all the way up to the forehead, and mixing in with the eyeshadow. It’s bold.

met gala 2017 celebrity fashion makeup beauty looks fringes bun blush multicolor patchwork rihanna
Rihanna via Vogue

We had to see at least one perfectly done nude makeup look and isn’t it fitting that it’s Kylie Jenner’s? I’m not a big Kylie fan, but given that she makes all those lip-kits, it’s nice to see her own done well. The emphasis is on the eyes with all the mascara and bold brows. And the hair is very chopped-off-Barbie type.

met gala 2017 celebrity fashion makeup beauty looks sheer kylie jenner blonde embellished
Kylie Jenner via Instagram

Kendall Jenner’s dress was very trashy (read my article about Best (and Worst) Dressed at Met Gala 2017) but her makeup isn’t half bad. Red lips paired with simply done eyes are ok, if not great. But the hair looks too I-just-got-back-from-a-bike-ride-with-my-boyfriend type to be sexy.

met gala 2017 celebrity fashion makeup beauty looks kendall jenner red lips wet hair
Kendall Jenner

Selena Gomez’s gown was night-dress plain, but her makeup, like Kendall Jenner’s ain’t half bad. I’m in fact, liking the bold pink eyeshadow paired with nude lips. And center-parted straight and sleek hair is a runway favorite currently.

met gala 2017 celebrity fashion makeup beauty looks selena gomez pink eyeshadow coach
Selena Gomez

As I said above, it has to get other-worldly for some celebs! While the overall look is a bit shocking, Cara Delevingne still made the most of her current bald scalp. The silver paint mimics a close-cut pixie, with its hair strands around Cara’s forehead and temples. And then there’s rhinestones for extra glitter, plus more shimmer on the face and neck, going all the way down to her cleavage and ribs. Very futuristic and certainly bizzare!

met gala 2017 celebrity fashion makeup beauty looks plunging neckline metallic belt cara delevingne
Cara Delevingne

And because I don’t wanna end this article on Cara’s bizzare look, here’s Kylie again with some new boyfriend of hers.

met gala 2017 celebrity fashion makeup beauty looks kylie jenner nude lips
Kylie Jenner

So did you like my collection of best (and weird) Met Gala 2017 celeb makeup looks? Which look did you like the most and which the worst? Comment below! Lemme know!

Muaah 🙂

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