11 Menswear Fashion Trends for 2019: Can You Pull These Off?

From Dior to Prada, from street style to formal wear, discover the top 11 upcoming 11 menswear fashion trends for 2019 that every guy needs to try. See how many you’ll be able to rock!


Hey handsome! Our male readers have lately been complaining that I haven’t yet published by 2019 menswear style forecast, so here we are! Looking at menswear fashion trends is always interesting for me. However, while analyzing the Fall 2019 collections, I died and went to heaven because of how creative and hot the looks were.

Menswear Fashion Trends for 2019

New silhouettes, unconventional color palettes and material combinations are all fair game in 2019 menswear. As is always the case with runway trends, some trends here may seem too extreme to wear IRL.

But worry not, when you go shopping, surely you’ll find more wearable versions of these trends. So just keep in mind what exact style you’re loving so that you can look for in at your favorite store next time you’re out shopping. So let’s check them all out!

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Image Credits: Dolce & Gabbana

1. Mixing Formals & Casuals

Nearly every major men’s fashion designer had looks in their collection that mixed the formal and casual elements, and that’s solid reason to believe this will be #1 out of all menswear fashion trends this year. Go for new pairings like hoodies and leather jackets with suits, or casual shirts/ white sneakers with suits. Or you can pair a casual leather shirt with formal trousers to really make a statement.

2. New Color Combinations

This is the trickiest men’s fashion trend to pull off. Basically, the 2019 collections take all the menswear color coordination rules and throw them out the window. Not only are there so many new colors to try this year, like mustard, seaweed, lavender, steel grey and blush, but also new color combinations.

Try blue with green or bluish grey with brown. Pair with neons accents with a neutral outfit, or mix a bright color like musratd with a pastel like sky blue. Or try two shades of green with grey and brown.

3. Tuxedo Inspirations

Tuxedos are not just for weddings and black-tie events anymore. In 2019, try smart-casual suits or jackets with the satin lapel. Celine had a tuxedo-collared jacket with leather pants. And Balmain had a tuxedo-inspired lounge-wear. Dior and Hugo Boss had tuxedo-inspired business suits in their collections. While Ralph Lauren had a tux-like blazer and Moschino showed a tux-like shirt.

4. Relaxed Fit Leather Pants

Remember the tight-fit leather pants that Ross wore in FRIENDS and Chandler made fun of? Well, forget it! ‘Cause 2019 is embracing more comfortable, relaxed-fit leather pants. Pair them with casual shirts, leather jackets, coats or casual wool jackets. If you’re feeling bold, go for a leather suit.

5. Multimedia

Multimedia is one of the most interesting menswear fashion trends for 2019 that’ll really make you stand out of the crowd. In this, a piece of garment uses more than one fabric. I’m personally loving the half-and-half jackets like Balmain’s half-leather-half-denim or Fendi’s half-black-half-brown jacket. Or try a jacket that mixes leather, suede or satin like those by Dior, Ralph Lauren or Hermès .

Loose Suit Pants

If you’ve still got some of your old trousers from 5 years ago, congrats! You can wear them again! While skinny and straight-fit cigarette pants are still trendy, but the relaxed-fit trousers are back in suits. Either try the cropped ones, or go for good ol’ long pants.

Designer Shirts

If you like to make a bold statement, you have to try designer shirts in 2019. This is one of the most artistic menswear fashion trends for 2019. We saw bold patterns, pop-art designs, graffiti or cool summery prints. Check them all out:

Statement Leather Coat

Long leather coats are back. And this year, the focus is on new styles and colors. Balmain’s washed texture was super interesting, and Louis Vuitton had a broad belted coat in their collection. We also saw fur-collared leather coats, different colors like grey or deep forest green and multimedia coats.

Cross Body Bags

No! That’s what I first thought when I saw a multitude of bags in 2019 men’s fashion collections. Designers keep introducing new ways to get the guys to buy “manbags”, but always fail, since guys don’t want to feel all girly carrying those around!

But this year, it seems that the designers have begun to get creative and fulfill an actual need. 2019’s men’s bags are cross-body, but not in a feminine way. They’re sexy, manly and inspired by backpacks and belt-bags. Even I want one ( generally I hate bags)!

Athleisure Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are back as one of the top menswear fashion trends for 2019, and they’re getting hotter! You gotta try them in an athleisure look this year, paired with track pants or lounge pants. Go for ombre, suede, velvet or cool leather designs.

Skinny, Skinny Tie

Again, the extremely slim ties are back in fashion. If you want something a little different for your daily office look, or for a wedding, try one of these to match your suit.

So, guys, I hope my forecast for menswear fashion trends was helpful. If you try one of these trends, do lemme know and tag me in your Instagram pic @shilpaahujadotcom, I’d love to see your look! Have any questions? Post them in the comments below or on my Ask Shilpa page.

Kisses <3

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