Men’s Tux Shoes: A Simple Guide to Pairing Shoes with a Tuxedo

With this simple guide to men’s tux shoes and lots of celeb-inspiration, you’ll never go wrong in pairing your tuxedo with the right shoes again!


Hey! I know tuxedos can be daunting sometimes. Whether you have to go to a formal gala or a wedding, you want to wear a tuxedo. But if you’re a guy who finds it challenging to put together accessories like shoes or watch with your tux, I’m here to help you. Shoes are an important part of any outfit, but they become all the more important when it comes to a tuxedo. So let’s check out the different kinds of men’s tux shoes!

Patent Leather Shoes

Patent leather shoes are the perfect pair of shoes that can be matched with any type or colors of tuxedo. Patent leather is the coated type with fine, glossy finish. If you want to play safe and stick to the conventional tuxedo rule book, then patent leather shoes are the perfect shoes for you.

Plain Oxford and Derby

Apart from patent leather shoes, a good pair of plain derby or oxford shoes can also be worn. You can find out the difference between derby shoes and oxford shoes in my previous article, Men’s Shoe Styles | Different Types of Shoes for Men. For a fresh look, choose a glossy finish.

Slip-Ons, Loafers and Opera Pumps

Slip-ons, loafers and opera pumps are the other few options that can be worn with the tux.

Slip-ons are obviously comfortable, but if chosen right, they can also look classy. It comes in suede, patent and other types of leather. These shoes can be worn without socks as well.

Loafers are also a great option, and have also increadingly started to become a safe option to pair with a tuxedo. Tassel loafers and kilt loafers are very trendy right now. in 2015, lots of celebrities and models have been seen donning tassel and kilt loafers on the red carpet and in formal events. Suede or nubuck loafers are good options because they complement tuxedos.

Opera pumps are yet another distinct option when it comes to tux. Opera pumps come in suede and patent leather as well. These pumps are very elegant and sophisticated. A little off beat or retro in nature but they look great with a tux.

Two Tone Shoes

Two tone shoes are also a classic option that can be matched with your tuxedo outfit. Personally I am not a big fan of two tone shoes, because I prefer a single color when it comes to men’s tux shoes. Nevertheless these shoes never go out of fashion and lots of men pull them off well!


Well if you are in a mood to experiment, then many of the celebrities are rocking the tuxedo look with sneakers and trainers. Off-beat but cool!

So, here are some more pointers:

  • Avoid brogue shoes.
  • Keep it simple and unfussy for formal events.
  • If you want to experiment with trainers or sneakers, stick to one-tone shoes.
  • Don’t go overboard with experimentation because tuxedos look best when the shoes are classy!

So, these are the different types of men’s tux shoes. What types are your favorites to wear with the tuxedo? Share your opinions and fashion inspirations below! Cya!

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