Men’s Grooming Trends: Latest Beard and Hairstyles!

From the 50s-inspired side quiff hairstyle to the sexy stubble, here are the latest men’s grooming trends to make you look dashing and dapper!

latest-popular-mens-hair-cuts-beard-styles-grooming-hair-style-trends-celeb-hollywood-celebrities-2017-2018Hey there handsome! 🙂 Men like Elvis Presley, James Dean, David Beckham and Superman all have one thing in common – iconic hairstyles that people still talk about and emulate decades later. It’s no doubt that a man’s beard and hair defines his style and attitude. Every man has his own personal style and he needs a stylish haircut to match it. So, here are the latest men’s grooming trends for this season to make you look fashion forward!

8 Latest Men’s Grooming Trends

1. Faux Hawk & Stubble

mens-hair-beards-style-grooming-trends (1)-faux-hawk-zac-efron-hairstyle-stubble-beard

Faux hawks have been a very popular choice for men and are still going strong. This hairstyle is, as the name suggests, a toned down and subtler version of the 90s mohawk. This latest hairstyle for men consists of longer hair in the center and trimmed, shorter sides. Keep your faux hawk short like Zac Efron or a bit longer like Ed Westwick. Pair this men’s hairdo with a scruffy yet sexy stubble. This popular beard trend also gives an illusion of a defined jawline.

@edwestwick via Instagram
latest men's grooming trends faux-hawk-stubble-zac-efron
@zacefron via Instagram

2. Messy/Bedhead Hair & Clean Shave

If you’re someone who can’t be bothered with making time for a grooming routine every morning, this is the look for you! Disheveled, effortless and natural looking, this trending men’s hairstyle emanates a wild and carefree attitude. There’s nothing sexier on a man than messy bedhead hair and I’m sure the entire female population agrees with me. Also, this style works on any type and length of hair. And always remember – the messier the better! But we all know the perfect level of messy needs some work and careful styling, too! Team it with a clean shaven look for a youthful touch.

latest mens grooming trends messy-bed-head-hair-lucky-blue-smith
@luckybsmith via Instagram
@orlandobloom via Instagram

3. Buzz Cut & Trimmed Beard

If you’re feeling exceptionally brave and experimental, the buzz cut is definitely the haircut to consider. The buzz cut hairstyle for men is a shorter version of last season’s popular crew cut. It’s not only edgy and statement-making but also low maintenance. Close trimmed beards are another one of the popular men’s grooming trends this season. Take inspiration from Zayn Mallik and Justin Timberlake who are currently sporting this trendy men’s hairstyle and beard.

@zayn via Instagram
@justintimberlake via Instagram

4. Long Center-Parted Hair & Rugged Beard

The best part about sporting this unique men’s hairstyle is it’s versatility. There are so many different ways you can style it. From man buns to top knots, the options are endless. Sure, it requires more time and effort but Jared Leto has been rocking this look for ages now. And even David Beckham has brought back his long center-parted hair for 2017 which he sported back in his football career days. Pair it with a rugged beard ’cause what’s more masculine than that?

@davidbeckham via Instagram
@jaredleto via Instagram

5. Side Quiff & Close Shave

Image featured: @tomholland2013 via Instagram

The side quiff proved to be the most prominent variation of the classic quiff hairstyle this season. It’s essentially hair that’s swept to the side, away from the forehead with some texture and volume. Sophisticated, stylish and sexy all at the same time, it will make you look like you stepped right out of the 50s. This polished, James Dean-inspired men’s hairstyle has been around for decades now and the trend doesn’t seem to be fading away any time soon. If beards aren’t your thing, a close shave or clean shave is your best bet. Luke Evans, Hugh Jackman and Tom Holland show us how to do this look justice.

@thereallukeevans via Instagram
@thehughjackman via Instagram

6. Thor Beard

new-mens-hair-beard-grooming-trends (5)-thor-ragnarok-beard-gradient-dense-beard-chris-hemsworth
Image featured: @chrishemsworth via Instagram

‘Cause why wouldn’t you wanna look like a superhero? Thor chopped his long hair for the new Ragnarok movie so you now get to see the stylish beard in all its glory without the distraction of that choppy blond hair. This new beard style has a gradient effect as it fades from short sides to a dense goatee at the jawline. It’s more on the curvy side that sharp but if angular is more your style, read below.

7. Gradient Angular Beard

best-mens-hair-beards-grooming-trends (2)-mens-curly-hair-look-gradient-sharp-beard-henry-cavill
Image featured: @henrycavill via Instagram

This trendy men’s beard is a variation of the Thor beard but with sharper and angular lines. Also, it’s not as dense, giving it a more high maintenance look. Henry Cavill’s sporting this look along with Superman’s signature curly hair. This style of beard is also the cheat’s way to an incredibly sharp jawline.

8. Tapered Beard

latest-mens-hair-beards-looks-grooming-trends (4)-tapered-beard-the-weeknd-beard-style
Image featured: @theweeknd via Instagram

The Weeknd (does anyone even know his real name?), who is known for his quirky and eccentric hairstyles has had this beard for ages. It’s high-maintenance but it’s certainly unique. It has a dense angular and tapered line, as the name suggests, across the side of the face. It’s wide at the top, narrow at the bottom and dense all over. You could also try this men’s beard style with a gradient.

So, those were the popular and trending men’s grooming trends. What are your thoughts and opinions? Let us know @shilpa1ahuja! 😀

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