Top 14 Men’s Fashion Trends for 2021

From the subtly tailored to the array of prints, here are the top men’s fashion trends for 2021 we’ll be seeing everywhere!

L(Top)-Saint Laurent, L(Bottom)-Celine, C large-Paul Smith, R(Top and Bottom)-Etro, R large-Dolce Gabbana

Fashion trends are swappable. You know how it is: They’re in today, and they’re out by tomorrow. But throughout this highly unpredictable cycle, some fashion trends do spring back in popularity. The same can be said about men’s fashion trends for 2021. After spending a questionable number of minutes, hours, and days looking at the seasonal collections, this is what I saw and concluded. Also, my eyes don’t lie.

The simplest takeaway is the gender-neutral disposition and the dissipation of dressing down couture. It is no less a resurgence of trends. It is impossible looking at the recent collections of designers, from the likes of Fendi, to Tom Ford, to Dries Van Noten, and not be able to see some sort of cultural phenomenon. So yes, a new kind of functionality in fashion is back, and how it came, with a never-seen swagger!

L(Top)-Louis Vuitton, L(Bottom)-Yuki Hashimoto, R-Dsquared²

Men’s Fashion Trends for 2021: The Biggest and the Best

Spring 2021 will be a standout season not only for the best fashion yet, but for the visual of dashing dudes too. We promise you that. So take a look at some of the best designs that are veered not only towards avant-garde but are ready to wear.

1. Baggy Tailored Suitings

In the world of menswear, tailored suiting doesn’t exactly qualify as groundbreaking. But for the trend next season, oversized tailoring pieces will feel fresh. We’ve witnessed slim fit and classic suits, but thanks to the baggy tailored suiting displayed by major designers like Fendi, Hed Mayner, Emporio Armani for their Spring 21 collection-we rest our case.

L (Top)-Fendi, L (Bottom)-Hed Mayner, C- Etro, R (Top)- Emporio Armani, R (Bottom)- Fendi

2. Bomber Jackets

Thank designers like Tom Ford, Hermès, Gucci, and Ambush for the return of the larger-than-life bomber jackets in the latest menswear collections. The newer version is more innovative with a pop-inspired shine for the ever-shifting temps. Not in the feel for a cool bomber jacket? The utility trends are having a resurgence too.

men's fashion trends for 2021-bomber-jackets
L (Top) Tom Ford, L (Bottom) Ermenegildo Zegna, C-Celine, R (Top) Ambush, R (Bottom) Hermès

3. Utility Clothing

Speaking of utility clothing, plenty of menswear is all about it. What’s transformed is they’re shifting away from well-fitted tops towards irregular shapes. The menswear trend of 2021 has kicked in, and most of the top designers already provided ample inspiration. From Ambush and Lemaire’s military-man inspired canvas to Etude’s safari finish, to Bianca Saunder’s field jackets, next season is all about coming off strong, literally! A strong appeal for this trend lies in its practicality and it’s a trend that can effortlessly fit into an existing wardrobe. The functional pocket in a utility jacket basically checks off all the tick boxes to wear with jeans.

L (Top)-Bianca Saunders, L (Bottom)- Lemaire, C-Etudes, R (Top, Bottom)-Ambush

4. Hawaiian Shirts

For a while, we could barely browse through any fashion shows or streetwear trends without seeing a woman (or five) in floral wear. Designers make it a trend each year, but of late guys, fashion seems to be in sync with feminine sensibilities. Tropical mainstay like Hawaiian shirts, for instance, has seen an unprecedented rise; a perfect blend for the fresh season.

Saint Laurent have included Hawaiian print shirts in their spring 2021 collection, which is crafted with floral motifs featuring a cool silhouette. Other iconic labels like Tom Ford are all in favor of the aloha-spirited trends giving a refreshing effect while also sending out strong reminders to plan your vacation days.

L (Top) Casablanca, L (Bottom)- MSGM, C (Top)-Saint Laurent. C (Bottom) Tom Ford, R-Saint Laurent

5. Bermuda Shorts

For what felt like forever, the irreplaceable bottoms we ever saw of men were the fitted variety. The rule applied to shorts, but designers have finally turned the page. For the latest men’s fashion trends for 2021, the fashion heads have warmed up to the ‘Bermudas’=plenty of the leg. At the recent shows, there were models in Bermuda shorts, so relaxed. Dsquared2, Dolce & Gabbana, and Etro’s collections included their take on the trend as well: A creased summer-friendly button-down with matching the Bermudas, tube socks and sneakers naturally.

L (Top)- Etro, L(Bottom)-Massimo Alba, C-Fendi, R(Top)-MSGM, R(Bottom)-Louis Vuitton

6. Print Trip

The humble plain everything has been replaced by prints everything! Shirts, tops, trousers, suits, socks – you name it. If you can wear it, don’t blame that we didn’t remind you that the quirkiest pattern is camouflage. At Louis Vuitton’s, it is a relaxing landscape with surrealist motifs. At Prada’s, the geometric prints look optimistic. In the middle of all this, there is a sea of prints to match any vibe.

L(Top)-Fendi, L(Bottom)-Celine, C(Top)-Celine, C(Bottom)-Etro, R-Louis Vuitton

7. Nautical

One of the popular sightings to watch out for men’s fashion trends for 2021 is hints of nautical. The marine notes appeared in a number of designer shows in the form of tops, sweaters, suits, and sailor sweaters. The sweet elegance of this style ushers in comfort and liberty. A stripe galore by Dolce&Gabbana or a tropical aspect by Casablanca.

L-R Dolce&Gabbana, Casablanca

8. Minimalism

Minimalism is the keyword for men’s fashion trends for 2021. The coming season embraces simplicity and excludes anything extra. Designers showcased extremely minimal designs whilst encapsulating one of the muted yet directional representations of the flavor.

L-Homme Plissé Issey Miyake, C(Top)-Moschino, C(Bottom)-Tods, R(Top&Bottom)-Dolce&Gabbana

9. Soft Hues

As if taken from our wardrobes, pastel and earthy hues are the favorite shades for men’s fashion trends for 2021. Pinks, powdery blues, and sea green work on any man willing to show his soft masculinity. Male models strutted off the runway in an air of confidence wearing masculine silhouettes in softer shades. So for SS21, it’ll be easier for men to give a nod to pastel pieces. From the candyfloss suits to the seafoam separates seen at various shows, it’ll leave you wanting more.

Top (L-R) Tods, Wooyoungmi, Dolce&Gabbana, Magliano, Bottom (L-R) Moschino, Balmain, Homme Plissé Issey Miyake

10. Oversized Trench

Extensive silhouettes, softer hues, clean-cut designs are some of the highlight features of this season’s oversized trench coat. Although a Fall/Winter staple, the oversized trench coats have been updated with an elongated twist for early Spring/Summer next year. Trenches in caramel and midnight blue dominated at designer’s collections. The trick to wearing one next season is to pair it with unique accessories.

L-Wooyoungmi, C-MSGM, R (Top)-Homme Plissé Issey Miyake, (Bottom)-Anthony Alvarez

Men’s Accessory Trends

Here are some of the top trends we spotted on men’s runways for accessories.

1. Wide Brimmed Hats

A rejection of all things tiny occurred at designer collections for men’s fashion trends for 2021, and more at Saint Laurent’s head-turning shows.

L (Top-Bottom) Paul Smith, Spencer Phipps, MSGM, R-Saint Laurent

Ever since the release of A Star is Born, the country vibe hat has Bradley Cooper written all over it (if you know what I mean). No surprise that after even two years after the release of the movie, the big hat energy is being resurrected. The most important accessory to make this wearable option really work is your assured attitude.

L-R Celine, Dolce & Gabbana, Paul Smith

2. Gender Neutral Handbags

Handbags are a common accessory to appear in women’s trends season after season. And since the 90s, fashion designers have been trying to introduce manbag to the market, but they haven’t been accepted as readily as they are now. A few decades ago, we never could have thought if guys would avail for such a complete and completely feminine look. Consider the charisma on the new season collections, the proof that men are into ladies’ handbags, big time.

For those who need a visual treat, browse below to see the impact, like Jacquemus’s crossbody bags, to Fendi shoulder bags and Dior’s purse handbags.

L(Top)- Dior, L(Bottom)- Dunhill, C-Dsquared², R (Top)- Fendi, R(Bottom)-Dior

And a look of more handheld, to duffle, to fanny, to crossbody bags, here are more designer bags that gave their own interpretation.

L-Emporio Armani, C (Top-Bottom)- Dsquared², Louis Vuitton, R (Top-Bottom)-Yuki Hashimoto, Salvatore Ferragamo

3. Super Slim Tie

The sweet surprise of men’s fashion trends for 2021 spring season continues with the tie that has been morphed into a super slim design. Seen in shows of Prada and Off-white, the impact was unmissable. Off the runway, the skinny tie can be allowed to be rebellious and worn in a multitude of ways.

L-Saint Laurent, R (Top)-Louis Vuitton, R(Bottom)-Yuki Hashimoto

4. Suit and Fancy Sandals

You better get ready to love the tailored piece more. But this time around it comes with a (nice) twist. Perfectly balanced suits worn with fancy sandals are the next big thing that brings a fine balance of formal and casual feeling. Plus talk about the perfect weather transitional footwear!

L-R Tom Ford, Paul Smith

We hope you enjoyed checking out the men’s fashion trends for 2021 as much as we did, I am aware that this list will grow as designers keep unveiling their designs. But for now, we hope you loved going through this list. One more thing I am so sure about is that coming 2021 will shape up to a pretty fashionable year under all odds. If you love to share any of these looks, the drill is to like, share, and comment below. Or you can also leave a shout-out by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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