Men’s Fashion Trend: 80s Inspired Sports Sunglasses

Cannondale_pro_cycling_POC_sunglasses_in 2015_-2_blade_style_sunglasses_style_fashion_trend_1

80’s inspired sports sunglasses are going to be the hottest trend in men’s fashion for 2015. Check them out on Cannondale Pro cycling team and on celebs. Watch out for this emerging new trend in men’s sports sunglasses fashion! Looks like 80’s inspired sports sunglasses are going to be very hot and trendy next season (Spring Summer 2015). Up until now, wayfarer sun glasses have been in, made by Ray Ban, Oakley and every major eye wear brand. But now the retro blade style sports sunglasses, that we have seen on countless celebrities are making a big comeback.

Let’s look at some of our favorite 80s Hollywood and sports celebrities that wore this trend in the 80s:

Blade_type_sunglasses__are _back_in_Sports_Fashion_mens_style

Blade Style sunglasses were super trendy in the 80s

Al_Pacino_ Scarface_1983_Sunglasses_blade_style_sun_glasses_trend_mens_fashion
Al Pacino sporting the blade-style sunglasses in the hugely popular Scarface (1983)


Arnold Schwarzenegger sporting the blade style in our personal favorite movie Terminator, and was the most responsible for their popularity, making this style known as the ‘Terminator Glasses’

Sylvester Stallone wearing the blade style sports sunglasses during the 80s era of his super hit Rocky and Rambo movie series

Macho Man, one of the most iconic WWF intercontinental wrestler wearing the blade style in the 80s

The blade style sports sunglasses was a signature badass look of John Tomac in the 80s and early 90s, a popular BMX rider and the face of Mongoose bicycles

80s_vintage_oakley_blade_style_sunglasses_sun_glasses_trend_mens_fashion  oakley_in_80s_POC_Blade_Sunglasses_blade_style_sun_glasses_trend_mens_fashion
Oakley, the brand we totally adore made very cool-looking sports sunglasses in that time.

Vintage 80s oversized blade sunglasses by Foster Grant


And now, this trend is very in! I would personally love to see more of this trend, and Guy is all over these! In fact, I’m planning to gift a stylish pair to him on his birthday this summer.

Garmin Slipstream pro-cycling team wore blade sunglasses in the 2014 Pro-Tour Cycling Seaon. And this year, Cannondale Garmin Pro-Cycling team is going to sport them by POC in the upcoming 2015 Pro- Tour cycling season.

garmin_sharp_slipstream_pro_cycling_POC_sunglasses_in 2015_-2_blade_style_sunglasses_style_fashion_trend_1

Cannondale_pro_cycling_POC_sunglasses_in 2015_-2_blade_style_sunglasses_style_fashion_trend

Not just the sports brands, but luxury fashion brands like Dior have also introduced sports sunglasses in this style. Check them out in metal frame:


The Trendiest Sports Sunglasses

In the recent years, the most popular and dominating sports sun glasses brands have been Oakley, Giro and Rudy Project. However, it seems now that brands like Julbo and Poc are making a bold style statement with bright colors and in-your-face new trends like this one. These two brands are on the forefront of popularizing this cool new fad.

Colored and Tinted Blade sports sunglasses – ‘Groovy’ by Julbo   

White and Orange blade sports sunglasses – ‘Blade’ by Poc

Guy’s Tips: How to wear this trend

  • These sports sunglasses are very distinct and because of their retro-ness, they’ll never go unnoticed if paired right with your sports gear. That’s why this trend is a must-have for all the bold and confident guys.
  • Instead of the regular blacks and metallic greys, wear this trend in colors. They are available in bold colors like pink, orange, and sea-blue, so take your pick!
  • Wear these with dark sports gear, like black or navy, so that their bright colors pop.
  • Ideally, your sports gear should not have more than two colors, to avoid looking like a rainbow!!
  • These are anyway a good investment if you’re into long distance cycling. Now you get to show off your cool fitness hobby even when you’re not cycling!




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