Hey guys! Wanna know the color coordination secrets of the best designers? Now you can coordinate your outfits like the designers too! Here’s the ultimate fail-proof guide! Fashion simplified! Easy Color Coordination Guide: Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Men’s Fashion: Learn how to mix and match colors for your outfits in simple ways. 


The Most Basic Color Coordination Guide for Fall/ Winter 2015-2016 Fashion

If we have to learn about color coordination in clothes and accessories, we have to first take a look at colors:


Red, yellow and blue are basic colors. And neutral colors include shades of white, black, grey, beige, brown and sometimes navy or even denim.

You can color coordinate your outfits in many ways, as well as have a number of colors in your outfits. If you’re unsure, use a maximum of two colors in your entire outfit. If you want to mix it up more, use upto four colors. Let’s take a look at each type of color palette with examples:

Color Coordination #1: Single Color Outfits

  1. For starters, you could just wear neutrals.
  2. If you want to take it to the most basic level, you could wear a head-to-toe black outfit.
  3. Or wear shades of the same color, such as pair a beige shirt with coffee pants. Pair an ice-blue shirt with white pants, a grey shirt with charcoal or black pants and so on.mens_fashion_latest_trends_fall_2015_winter_2016_top_best_designer_single_color_outfits_head_to_toe

Take a look at this season’s designer runway fashion for ideas!

Color Coordination #2: Double Color Outfits

  1. Again, if you want to play safe, pair two neutral colors. Such as pair a coffee-colored jacket with black shirt and trousers. Or pair a grey sweater with white jeans.
  2. For the color-palette, you can use colors that contrast each other, like dark-grey with white. Here are some examples:


3. Another idea could be to pick a neutral shade and pair it with another color. Such as a sky-blue shirt under a grey suit. Or a mint-green tee-shirt with jeans.

4. You can also add very slight hints of highlight. This is very trendy this season. Such as contrasting seams and hemlines.

5. You can also add highlights in the accessories. Such as pair turquoise shoes with a beige outfit. Or a crimson tie with a charcoal shirt under a black suit.


Check out more examples of double-color outfits from this season’s designer collections:

Color Coordination #3: Outfits with 3 Colors

This is where things get interesting. And also a little bit tricky.

  1. The safest way is to pick three neutrals.
  2. You can also pick two neutrals and one color. For example, pair a sea-blue jacket with a white shirt and grey trousers. Or pair an mustard tie with a navy suit and white shirt. Or a brown jacket over jeans and a maroon tee.

3. Another way is to use one neutral color with two colors. You can use complementary colors (those on the opposite ends of the color wheel), or analogous colors (those side-by-side on the color wheel):



Here are the best ideas for triple-color outfits from this season’s runway collections:

Color Coordination #4: Outfits with 4 Colors

  1. This works best if you create an outfit just using three colors as described above, and then add just a tiny bit of another color with a tie, or cuffs, or an inner-lining.

2. Try to use your fourth color minimally for an interesting effect. Just throw in hints of color.

3. For example, an orange tie with a grey shirt, navy jacket and white pants. Or a turquoise shirt under a beige cardigan with a brown overcoat and black trousers. Again, you can use one or two complementary colors for your color palette and mix with two or three neutrals.


Check out these ideas from the runway!

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