Men’s Casual Fashion Trends: Top 11 Styles for Spring 2019

So many new styles! The latest fashion for men is extremely chic and desirable. We’ve rounded off top 11 men’s casual fashion styles that you need to check out right now!

mens-fashion-trends-spring-summer-2019-ss19-style-advice-tipsHey handsome! Spring Summer 2019 collections are already out! While we are still drooling over Fall 2018 trends, men’s fashion in 2019 will be noteworthy. Personally, I love to check out men’s runway collections because people often feel (wrongly) that men’s trends don’t change as frequently as women’s do. But for the past two seasons, I’m in all awe of men’s styles. And here I’m back again with latest men’s fashion for 2019.

Like every other trend forecast article we write, we analyzed more than 30 Spring Summer 2019 fashion collections and went through 200+ looks. And from so many shortlisted styles, we loved, and finalized 11 top men’s casual fashion trends that you need to consider for your own closet!

Men’s Casual Fashion for Spring 2019

From newest trends to some unique casual outfits for men, Spring Summer 2019 fashion trends have so much to offer. Though some styles are out of the box, they are wearable and you can try them to make a statement. So, let’s check out men’s casual fashion to know how to dress smart!

1. Sheer Shirts

Well, sheer shirts have raised directly to the number one position in SS19 men’s fashion trends. Last season, we saw this trend as a minimal and sophisticated style. But this year, we saw a variety of them – appliqué, mesh, transparent, PVC, patchwork and fringed. From tee shirts to casual shirts, sheer shirts are a must try in summer. Pair them with shorts, loose leather pants, or even cargo pants. Show off your body and your style at the same time!

2. Short Shorts

Short shorts for men are still in fashion. We saw them in Spring 2018 men’s fashion trends, too, paired with formal shirts. But this year designers are vouching for both formal and casual wear. I would love to see men wearing them everywhere! Drool-worthy? Ain’t it? And you can’t ignore your thighs any longer when you work out at the gym! Lol! Pair them with matching shirts, leather jackets, sweaters or polo tee shirts.

3. Long Cape Sleeves

Now, this is an ultimate head turner style. We may have seen unique ideas in the past and many bizarre styles recently but cape sleeves for men are a new fashion statement. We saw long cape sleeved coats and extra long shirts paired with loose trousers, jeans and shorts.

4. Sheer Pants

Sheer is the It-style in men’s casual fashion for 2019! After cool sheer shirts, we have sheer pants in top 5 trends. OMG! Sheer is the new sexy! Go monochrome as these sheer pants were paired with… yes, sheer shirts!!

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5. Double Breasted Crop Jackets

Crop jackets for men sound ultra cool! Go for waist length doublebreasted jackets with asymmetric zippers. If you’re planning to buy a new jacket for Spring 2019, then this is a perfect choice. Whether it’s for parties or dinner dates, woo your girl with this men’s casual fashion wear. It’s the perfect alternative to the ever stylish casual leather jacket.

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6. Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are my ultimate favorite accessory. Belt bags are super comfy, minimal and you can create a style statement with them. So many bags for men that have been borrowed from women’s fashion handbags have come and failed, but this trend is very manly and certainly worth a try. We saw them in different shapes and sizes paired with both formal and casual wear in the designer collections of Dior, Dsquared2, Moschino and more. In fact, fanny packs should be one of the men’s essential items.

7. Florals

Florals aren’t girly anymore. Well, it’s 2018, no trend is gender biased and designers agree. Shirts and jackets with small floral prints are perfect summer wear. Wear them to brunches, vacations or at the beach!

8. Jumpsuits

If you thought jumpsuits are only for mechanics, well, think again! Latest fashion trends for men include plain jumpsuits paired with tee shirts by Ralph Lauren and Simon Miller and we even saw embellished ones by Moschino. Although I’m not sure of the latter style, I would love to see men try these newest styles for Summer 2019. Mechanics are definitely hot!

9. White Sneakers

White sneakers for men are here to stay. And why not? They are so so trendy and grab attention. From sneakers to logo to sports shoes, white is the color for 2019, too!

10. Metallics

Get party ready with metallics in 2019. We saw metallic jackets, silver metallic pants and different shades of silver metallic shirts. Perfect for club nights and drinks. In fact, you can wear a few styles for casual outings, too. Like in a look by Balmain, we saw silver metallic shirt paired with ripped jeans and white sneakers.

11. Neckerchief

Neckerchief is a style where you tie a tiny kerchief type scarf around your neck into a knot. A very casual laid-back style to turn heads around. We saw them paired with formal jackets in the runway collections. So, one of the style tips for men is to wear neckerchief to office, perhaps, or to a dinner date.

So, these were the top 11 dressing styles for men. Which men’s casual fashion did you love the most? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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