Marc Jacobs Resort 2017 Collection Brings Back PatternsXMetallics

The latest Marc Jacobs Resort 2017 collection is bold and a little bit scandalous. The outfits bring back overdone animal prints, bold patterns & metallics!

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Last year’s runway collections mostly played with matching pieces – denim on denim, pastel on pastel, black on black, tan on tan, and so on. Plus there were the slightest hints of mixing prints, such as mixing minute florals with microscopic florals in the Diane von Furstenberg SS16 RTW collection. But none got so far as to mix bold prints with other bold prints, or mix animal prints like Marc Jacobs Resort 2017 collection does. Effortlessly.

Large leopard print is paired with stripes and small leopard print, zebra print is paired with chequered, a skirt with amazonian pattern is paired with leopard print booties, patterns are mixed and matched frivolously in the same dress, creating an interesting statement – almost like Cirque du Soleil– where circus artists perform various unrelated activities in tandem in different parts of the theatre to create multiple points of interest simultaneously. Not a bad thing necessarily, but that yet it works better in theatre than in fashion.

The collection played a lot with metallics too. The 80s influence was strong and conspicuous, because the looks brought back the shoulder pads, heavy fur accents and metallic shoes from the 80s, and paired them unabashedly with perms! So the perm is back, too! I don’t think I’m getting one any time soon, but good to know.

The end of the collection progressed towards more 80s references including the MTV logo and jazzy abstract mix-prints. Accessories and details were gorgeous, with their use of net gloves, deep black graphic eyeshadow, mixed-print bags and large hair accessories.

My favorite look from the collection was this stripe-mix that pairs a black and white striped dress with fur jacket, and zebra-print booties:

marc-jacobs-resort-2017-collection-pattern-dress-outfits (29)

I also loved the gold pieces which were really bold and glam. Here’s one look with a gold skirt paired with snakeskin-print boots and black jacket and scarf that mixes leopard-print with zebra-print, and another look with a gold jacket paired with black culottes and leopard-print boots.

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