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March 2022 Issue | Magazine Cover & Features
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Hair: Anja Zurawski (@hair_couture_art); Photography: Sabine Dräger (@draegersabine_photography); Model: Valeria Stella; Makeup: Hannah (@makeupbyh_official)


When we hear the term ‘haute couture’, extravagant evening gowns and embellishments come to mind. However, other elements of fashion and beauty can just be as opulent.


So to feast my eyes and understand the splendor of haute couture hair, I talked to Anja Zurawski. She is a couture hair artist based near Düsseldorf in Germany, and the hairstylist behind our March 2022 magazine cover. And as soon as I discovered her work, I realized the sublime world of hair couture is just waiting to be explored.

Instead of making everyday haircuts for your average client, Anja’s job is to create editorial and avant-garde hairstyles. Hair couture is made when a stylist completely sets their creativity free without the limitations of utility. The result is wearable sculptures that are literally over-the-top.

2020s are the decade where practicality meets eccentricity in fashion. Everyone can freely express themselves through their fashion choices, and flaunt them on social media. That’s why it’s a great time to observe the growth of hair industry now more than ever.
German self-taught hair designer Anja Zurawski in conversation with Editor-in-Chief Shilpa Ahuja about hair couture, the magazine cover, and the future of the hair art industry…

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