Making of Chanel Spring 2016 Couture & Fashion Show Details

Go behind the scenes and discover the making of Chanel Spring 2016 haute couture collection and view the dresses, makeup and accessories up close!

Chanel’s Spring Summer 2016 couture fashion show at Paris Fashion Week was one for the ages. Light colors and a zen-like atmosphere coupled with interesting choice of materials and details. For a full review and to see our favorite looks, read Chanel Spring Summer 2016 Couture Fashion Show Review. And because we can’t get enough of it, I decided to show some close-up images of the details, backstage and making of Chanel Spring 2016 couture!

Craftsmanship: Embroidery & Sequins

Beads, micro-pearls, rhinestones, wood fragments and shavings were used. We saw lace trimmings on collars and hems. Many fabrics were covered entirely with embroidery and appliqué.


One of our favorite parts was this fan sleeve. While lots of sleeves were broad and oval, this look had them pleated into an oriental fan with rhinestones and sequins.


The nature-inspiration showed in the craftsmanship and details. Here, the dress sleeves had wooden bees and rhinestones on the black tulle.


And this one has butterflies, bees, flowers and leaves embroidered on it.

The embroidery and appliqué extended to the accessories as well. The fanny packs matched the dresses and were embellished with beads, brooches and wood shavings.


Here, the racerback of the dress is embroidered with a barrage of wood fragments and sequins.


There were a lot of tweed jackets in the collection – light and serene – in all shades of beige. We also saw tweed skirt-suits. Satin was used for pants and dresses. There were tulle skirts and sleeves and trimmings, sometimes with sequins and embroidery.

Use of Wood

Wood cut-outs were used for making shapes and patterns that were appliquéd onto the dresses. In some dresses, fragments were used as sequins, with micro-beads, and those were also used on the smartphone pouches.


Accessories: Jewelry

Mostly bees – swarming around as earrings and brooches on smartphone pouches, shoulders and collar bones, and sometimes even as buttons. Some used gold and rhinestones and some used pearls.


Accessories: Fanny Packs/ Smartphone Pouches

Smartphone pouches accompanied nearly all the outfits – matching the dresses both in color, fabric and details. I personally find them very practical and cool!

Accessories: Shoes


Hair & Makeup

Bold strokes of black pencil liner defined the eyes – in curved, organic lines that started quite below the waterline and on the eyelid. The hair was tied back, sometimes with blunt fringes that extended down to the eyelids, and rolled into chignons at the back.


Backstage & Behind the Scenes


Photo & Video Credits: Photo-Shoot Behind the Scenes: Olivier Saillant, Others: Chanel

So what did you think of the latest Chanel couture collection? And did you enjoy seeing all the details and the work that went behind it? Lemme know! Comment below! 🙂

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