Luxury Lingerie Guide: From High-End to Couture Lingerie

Spice up your lingerie wardrobe with a few guilty pleasures. From high-end lingerie to couture, here’s our guide to luxury lingerie.

luxury-lingerie-guide-shopping-paris-brands-best-frenchHey! From making you feel confident to uplifting your mood to seducing your special man, luxury lingerie is always a good investment. This reminds me of a quote, ”Never underestimate the power of good lingerie on a bad day”.

Lingerie may be hidden pieces of garments, but the way they can make you feel so good in your skin is definitely visible. Likewise, uncomfortable or badly-fitted ones always leave a girl fidgeting and annoyed. Designer lingerie has become more popular over the past few years. With the best fabrics, appliqué, soft silk and rhinestones, luxury lingerie is something that every girl would be interested in. Here, let’s find out all about the world of luxury lingerie.

An Introduction to Luxury Lingerie

The word “lingerie” originated from the French word “linge” meaning linen. Luxury lingerie is all about a superior fabric quality, unique styles and quality of construction, which, needless to say, shows in their prices! Whether they’re aimed at seduction or elegance, they are always meant to be objects of desire.

History of Fine Lingerie

The usage of lingerie was started in the 16th century. Chemisoles, petticoats and corsets were used to accentuate the physical form of the lady! Stiff bone corsets were the popular ones!  With days passing by fabrics like silk, lace and tulle were introduced with embroidery and intricate details on them! The stiff corsets were replaced by easily wearable corsets with soft fabric. The undergarments which we called as lingerie really evolved in the 20th century.


The late 50s were when the stockings and garter belts were giving way to pantyhose and the likes of Marilyn Monroe made the idea of sensuality appealing to every woman. Dresses with tight, revealing bodices became commonplace and the average woman needed something more than the outdated bustier.

marilyn-monroe-black-pantyhose-latest-luxury-lingerie-historyLingerie boutiques in France began to use fine materials like Chantilly lace, Lyon’s silk and ribbons. According to Wikipedia, “Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucile was a pioneer in developing lingerie that freed women from more restrictive corsets”. Over the years, luxury lingerie boutiques all over Europe changed many styles, designs and fabrics to provide comfort, support and make women look more beautiful and feel more sensuous!

Fabrics: Lace, Silk, Tulle Lingerie

The softer the fabric, the better the lingerie! Many fabrics like silk, satin, organza, tulle, nylon, cotton, spandex, velvet, lace are used for making lingerie. Not all the lingerie has to look glam, but comfort is also an important criterion. So every woman prefers comfortable fabrics for daily use.

Lingerie is the first thing we put on and so choosing a good fabric is very important. Itchy fabrics may make you feel uncomfortable and refrain you from having a good day! Personally, I prefer silk fabric as it is super soft, light and can get the best feel out of it and so silk undergarments are a must have lingerie essential to me! Tulle luxury lingerie is great for special nights! Also, adding a bit of lace to silk and tulle will make the lingerie look more beautiful.

luxury-lingerie-paris-boutiqueLuxury Bras

Who doesn’t hate the discomfort a badly fitted bra provides? It can ruin any occasion! When compared to the regular lingerie, luxury or premium bras last longer as the quality is super good. For example, if we consider the strapless bras, in the ordinary ones the bra may come loose and drop off the breast whereas, in the luxury ones, the fitting of the bra is good and it serves its purpose.


High-quality straps, soft fabric, smooth cups is what defines the luxury bras the best! Luxury bras also offer much more variety in terms of the extra-plunging neck, convertible, backless and stick-on. This list is endless!

A mention of luxury bras would be incomplete without talking about the famous Fantasy bra by Victoria’s Secret. The million dollar bejeweled bra is the showstopper of Victoria’s Secret fashion show every year, designed in collaboration with jewelry designers. The most expensive one was the Red Hot Fantasy bra worn by Gisele Bundchen in 2000, with a tag of $15 million. Omg! I prefer to buy a car than getting that expensive lingerie.


 Luxury Underwears

From bikini to g-string to thongs to briefs, there are multiple options in underwears to choose from! Invisible panty lines, proper fitting and even comfortable ones during the periods are what we women look for when we go for shopping lingerie. Luxury underwear also include options like seamless, sheer, lacy, bejeweled, feather appliquéd and many more!

Couture Lingerie

Couture lingerie involves creating innovative designs with attention to detail. Luxury material and craftsmanship is the key to making fine high-end lingerie. It is way more expensive than the luxury lingerie. Each bra ranges from $1000 to more than 3 million dollars as we have seen above. Softest fabric and the most delicate lace are used in making couture lingerie.


French Lingerie

The approach to lingerie is different amongst women of different countries. French women always value qualities like charm, elegance and sensuality. The fashion-forward French women showcase undergarments as the part of their look while English women use them as means of support and coverage only.

Kathryn, a lingerie garment technician based in Sydney, says that the idea of “luxury” lingerie seems to change based on country. For instance, luxury lingerie from the UK is often finished with zigzag stitching, while in Australia, consumers see visible stitching as a sign of lower quality. “A person’s view of what is luxurious is based on life experience and knowledge, availability where they live, and their income,” says Kathryn in an interview by Lingerie Addict blog.

french-lingerei-luxury-latest-collection-lace-silk-revealingSexy French Lingerie

Sometimes it’s not meant to be hidden beneath the outfit! Add more interest to your love life with it. Cute French lingerie involves lace bras and seductive matching sets. Complete your hot lingerie with playful accessories! Also, cheeky pantyhose, bodystockings, open and quarter cup bras, sexy thongs are a few examples.

Lingerie Boutique Names in Paris

agent-provocator-boutique-paris-latest-stores-shopping-ideasParis is a hub for world’s best lingerie in the world and Parisian women are never afraid to show their love for all things indulgent. Have this list handy when you go for lingerie shopping in the city of love!

  1. Aubade: A high-end French brand which is one of the eight in Paris at 22 rue du Vieux Colombier.

2. Chantal Thomass: Exquisite and modern lingerie at very high prices.

3. Carine Gilson: Completely handmade and uses natural silk and French lace!

4. Agent Provocateur: Unique, beautiful and well made is what defines this brand.

5. Sabbia Rosa

6. Cadolle

7. Louise Feuillère

Italian Lingerie

la-perla-flagship-store-lingerie-boutiqueItalian lingerie is chic and lavish. Different shades of satin, exquisite lace and subtle embroidery make you feel special with the lingerie on!

la-perlaBritish Lingerie

British lingerie is usually about style mixed with comfort and softer fabrics.

Provocative Lingerie

Stunning sexy lingerie can range from basic to luxury ones. From provocative corsets to babydoll sets to bodystockings, there are many options to choose from! Agent Provocateur, Victoria’s Secret, Carine Gilson, La Perla and Bordelle are some of the good brands that have high-end lingerie.

Luxury Role-Play Lingerie

They’re for those who want to show their naughty side, fulfilling their hearts deep desires! Provocative lingerie is different from role-play lingerie in that while both are meant to allure and seduce, the former is not about fulfilling a particular fantasy or role play. Role play costumes, bondage, kinky spikes or materials like latex, rubber, PVC and leather are some of the ideas. Additionally, luxury lingerie is for men and women both and is also often custom made.

sexy-victorias-secret-model-runway-fashion-showHope you enjoyed our guide to luxury lingerie. So how much do you spend on your lingerie and what are your favorite pieces? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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