151 Love Quotes for All Moods (Incl. Self-Love!)

From funny to poetic, from true love to inspirational, here are 151 UNIQUE love quotes I have written for all occasions, for both him and her.

love-quotes-Instagram Captions for Couples

Love is one of the most powerful and complex emotions we can experience as human beings. They say love is a universal language that breaks the barriers of culture and geography. It can be a treasure, or it can be trouble. Talking from experience, love can bring us tons of joy and happiness, but it can also be the sole cause of heartbreak and heartache.

Love, when it’s real, can start to feel so subconscious that we even forget how lucky we are to have it. In fact, just yesterday, when I was catching up with an old friend and they mentioned their recent separation, they commented how lucky I am to have love that’s not messy.

Yes, sometimes, we just need a reason to feel grateful for the love we have in our lives. And a beautiful love quote is just the way to express that. And so we have written 151 love quotes that capture all the sides of this mystical emotion, from the bliss of falling in love to the pain of heartbreak.


So whether you’re looking for some inspiration, want a thought to express your feelings to a loved one or to just reflect on your own experiences with love, these quotes can be helpful. No matter what stage of relationship you’re in (or not in), hopefully you’ll find something that touches your heart.

Whether you’re looking for a caption to share with an anniversary selfie on social media, or print something on a birthday card for your special someone, or even get a quote tattooed on skin for loving yourself, here are some love quotes that can help you express love in a unique and personal way.

I’ve divided them up into sections and linked ’em here so what you’re looking for is easier to find, because love quotes are so personal, and I want to help you find the ‘just right’ one.

Funny Love Captions

Not every love story needs to be serious, and not every love quote needs to be cheesy. If you and your special someone are more low-key buddies than drama couple, here are some quotes that’ll be perfect for you.

I hope these light-hearted and humorous captions about relationships and feelings bring a smile to your face and showcase love in a fun, playful way. Perfect for adding a touch of humor to your love-filled moments on social media. Use ‘em for birthdays, anniversaries or just random clicks of yourselves.

love-quotes-for-instagram couple greeting wishes
  1. Why make love serious when you can make it fun?
  2. Love is blind, but my vision is 20/20 when it comes to you.
  3. Love is a rollercoaster, but I’m ready for the ride with you.
  4. I love you so much it’s almost creepy.
  5. Love is a battlefield, but with you by my side, I’m always victorious.
  6. Love is like a good wine, it gets better with age. And you, my dear, are a fine vintage.
  7. Love is like a math equation, you + me = forever.
  8. Love is like a game of Tetris, we fit together perfectly.
  9. I love you more than all the memes on the internet
  10. Love is like a good joke, it’s always better when shared with you.
  11. Love is like cake batter, the more we mix, the better it gets.

Feeling Love Quotes

Ah, the feeling of being in love – well, songs have been written about it, so I can’t say how it’s like without sounding cheesy as hell! And you know I don’t do cheesy. But, for you, I’ve written love quotes that are literal manifestations of the emotions you get when you’re in love.

I hope they capture the essence of what it feels like to be deeply connected to someone, because that’s all feelings mixed in a frenzy of happiness, excitement, and passion. Use these quotes for special occasions, or to remind loved ones of the significance of your relationship.

Feeling Love Quotes caption status beautiful
  1. Forever together, never apart.
  2. My love for you is like water droplets in the ocean – immeasurable.
  3. Love is like a song so sweet, a flower so beautiful. Love is like you.
  4. Remembering the time when heart started beating for you.
  5. I had always been looking to find love. But you made me realize that love is a journey, not a destination.
  6. Love is the sweetest thing.
  7. So happy to have your love.
  8. Love is the most beautiful experience.
  9. Together is my favorite place to be.
  10. Love is a choice you make every day.
  11. You make my heart skip a beat.
  12. You are the missing piece to my puzzle.

Short Love Poems & Romantic Captions

When you’re in love, the things that used to seem cheesy before now seem romantic! So here are some beautiful and poetic love quotes that you can use on birthday greetings or social media messages.

Short Love Poems Romantic Captions instagram
  1. Together we’ll soar, hand in hand we’ll fly. My love for you will endure, until I die.
  2. Everyday my love for you grows deeper. I’m grateful for your love, you’re the best, you’re a keeper!
  3. Our love is like the sun, shining brighter every day. You’re my destiny, my forever, that’s all I want to say.
  4. The moment I saw you, you lit my world on fire. You are my forever, our love will never tire.
  5. With every day that passes, we create a stronger bond. I’ll be forever and you’ll be mine, until the end, and beyond.
  6. In your smile I see, the beauty of the world. Our love will forever be, the best story ever been told.
  7. You are like a rose, more beautiful every day. I’m grateful for your love, forever here to stay.
  8. With every step we take, our love grows stronger still, I promise to love you, with my heart, soul and will.
  9. It’s not the outer beauty I fell for, it was the beauty within. Now forever with you is all I want, so be mine and let the togetherness begin.
  10. Together we’ll explore, the wonders of the world. Our love will endure, forever young, forever bold.
  11. With every moment, I thank the stars above, for the gift of your kindness, my reason to love.
  12. I love you more than anything, I love you a lot. In your arms I’ve found, the peace I always sought.
  13. With every sunrise, my love for you begins. I know we’ll be together forever because true love always wins.
  14. With every day that passes, our love shines brighter still. Together we’re strong so we’ll get through life’s every valley and hill.
  15. When you cry, you always have my shoulder, and when you laugh, my hand to hold. Because our love is like a rainbow, which is forever vibrant and bold.
  16. My love for you is like the sea waves that tirelessly hit the shore. With every breath I take, my love for you grows more and more.
  17. You’re the missing piece of my puzzle, you fit me like a glove. In your embrace I feel, life can be beautiful and I’m worthy of love.
  18. Every time you hug me, every time you smile, you make life worth living, you make it all worthwhile.
  19. You make me a better person, I’m forever yours and you mine. You’re beautiful inside and out, your beauty will always shine.
  20. With every step we make, our love grows stronger still, hand in hand we’ll walk, up life’s winding hill.
  21. In your eyes I see, the love that sets me free. Forever with you, my love, is where I want to be.
  22. They say love is a journey, of laughter and of tears. But with you here every moment,  only happiness appears.
  23. My love for you goes on and on, effortless as a river. I promise to be there for you, my love, now and always, forever.

Short Love Quotes

Why waste words when you can express it in less than ten? Here are some short and sweet expressions of love and affection that capture the essence of love in just a few words. These love quotes are perfect for sharing on your Insta, sending as a text, or even adding to cards. With their brevity, short love quotes can be your powerful tools to let someone know how important they are in your life.

ways to say i love you romantic messages
  1. You are my everything.
  2. You are my forever.
  3. Forever and always.
  4. You light up my world.
  5. You complete me.
  6. Love never fails.
  7. Love conquers all.
  8. Love is magical.
  9. Love – the ultimate adventure.
  10. I love you more than anything.
  11. I=nothing; You=something; We=everything.
  12. So lucky to have you.
  13. So in love with you it hurts.
  14. Love is the most wonderful feeling.
  15. Nothing’s more important than love.
  16. Love is the most incredible thing.
  17. I never want to let you go.

True Love Quotes

True love is something every poet, every rom-com scriptwriter and every songwriter has ever tried to explain. But unless you’ve been in love, you don’t know of the essence, catching the depth and purity of feelings between two people. Love is all about the real and the authentic, not the shallow or fleeting emotions often portrayed in those movies and TV shows.

So to capture all that raw feeling, honesty, trust and faithfulness, here are some true love quotes. Hope they inspire lovers to strive for a more honest and meaningful bond. So share one (or more!) with your loved one to let them know about the significance of genuineness in your relationship.

True Love Quotes captions wishes couples
  1. The greatest gift of life is the conviction that we are loved.
  2. Love is not just a feeling, it’s a promise.
  3. It’s one thing to fall in love and another to preserve it. I did the falling, you always do the preserving, and that’s what makes you so special.
  4. Love is an unbreakable bond.
  5. True love is not despite. It’s because of. It’s about knowing a person’s faults and loving them even more.
  6. Love is not just about finding the right person, but creating the right relationship.
  7. Lust is an accident, but love is a choice.
  8. A true love story never ends.
  9. True love isn’t selfish, it isn’t about jealousy. True love isn’t flawless, it’s just a bond of trust and togetherness. It lets you shine, and it shines with you.
  10. True love is selfless, forgiving and always kind.
  11. A true love is one that grows stronger with time.
  12. True love is always worth fighting for.
  13. When it’s real, love never dies.
  14. The purest form of love is selfless and unconditional.
  15. True love is a commitment to love for better and for worse.
  16. Love is not about possessing, it’s about appreciating and accepting.

Inspirational Love Quotes

Love can certainly make people jealous, but can it also inspire? Of course. My inspirational love quotes strive to do just that. The power and significance of love is so strong, that’s why everyone wants love in their lives. Love can make you selfless, kind, compassionate and even passionate.

So I hope my quotes inspire and encourage you to embrace love and relationships, and capture the impact love can have on one’s life.

Inspirational Love Quotes instagram captions ideas
  1. The greatest gift of life is love.
  2. Love is an act of endless forgiveness.
  3. Love is not something you should try to find, it’s something you should try to give.
  4. Love is the only thing that multiplies when you give it away.
  5. Love is the answer to every problem.
  6. Love is the greatest strength we possess.
  7. Love is the glue that holds relationships together.
  8. Love has the ability to heal the deepest wounds.
  9. Love is a journey worth taking.
  10. Love is the foundation of a peaceful world.
  11. Love is the most valuable treasure we can have in life.

Cute Love Quotes

Looking for an adorable and playful expression of love that evokes the feelings of joy, happiness, and warmth? Well, here you go! These short and cute love quotes are effortless and all about the innocence of love! Excellent for sending to your significant other on special occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or to say I love you or just for adding a touch of cuteness to your IG feed. ‘Cause who doesn’t need that from time to time?!

Cute Love Quotes captions wishes instagram
  1. Together forever and always.
  2. Love at first swipe.
  3. Soul mates for life.
  4. Love you to the moon and back.
  5. Home is where you are.
  6. You and me, forever.
  7. Love knows no distance.
  8. Love you more every day.
  9. I’m so in love with you, it’s crazy.
  10. Love is patient, love is kind.

Love Quotes for Her

Looking for something that captures the feelings of a man towards his significant other? Well, us women may be more touchy-feely creatures, but everyone knows that it’s the men who are more sentimental!

So if you want some thoughts for expressing your admiration and affection, don’t feel shy! Here are some romantic and sentimental expressions of love, written specifically for your better half. Tell her about the beauty, grace, and strength she has; tell her how much she means to you.

Whether written on a card, or shared on social media, whether spoken from the heart or just sent over a simple text, these love quotes for your wife or girlfriend will certainly help you express your love!

Love Quotes for Her best caption for wife girlfriend
  1. I fell in love with you and scraped my knee.
  2. With every beat of my heart, my love for you grows stronger.
  3. Forever grateful, forever in love.
  4. My soul mate, my partner-in-crime, you are my everything.
  5. In this life, and the next, I’ll choose you in my every life, in my every moment.
  6. You are my rock, my strength.
  7. Love is in the air, and it’s all because of you.
  8. You made me realize I’m capable of real love, and made me believe in myself.
  9. You make my every day brighter with your love.
  10. Love is the greatest blessing.
  11. You are my happily ever after.
  12. I love you more than words could ever say.

Very Short Love Quotes for Him

Is your guy not a fan of big words and walls of text? Want some super brief yet meaningful expressions of love and affection for your boyfriend, husband, or significant other? I’ve written some love quotes to convey the depth and intensity of love in just a few words, perfect for expressing love on special occasions, anniversaries, or simply just to remind him how much he is loved.

Very Short Love Quotes for Him
  1. Love and us. Forever.
  2. You, I and love. What more do I need?
  3. My heart belongs to you.
  4. My love for you is endless.
  5. Crush is a feeling. Love is an action.
  6. Love is a journey worth taking.
  7. Love is the key to happiness.
  8. You are my one true love.
  9. Love is what makes life worth living.

Strong Love Quotes

Usually, when we talk about love, everyone just discusses love at first sight, the passion or the tragedy. But the power and endurance of love are often ignored. So I’ve written some quotes that emphasize the depth, strength, and unwavering nature of love. Use these love captions to inspire and remind yourself of the strength of love and its importance in our lives.

  1. The strongest love is the one that can withstand the toughest battles.
  2. Love is an unbreakable bond, stronger than steel.
  3. True love is a promise to always stand by each other.
  4. Love is a never-ending journey, the road worth taking.
  5. The strongest love is built on trust and understanding.
  6. Love is the strongest force in the universe, able to conquer all.
  7. True love is a bond that lasts a lifetime.
  8. The strongest love is unconditional, forgiving and selfless.
  9. True love is not just about growing old together, but also about growing together – stronger, better, more mature and kinder.
  10. The strongest love is the one that can weather any storm.
  11. True love always stands the test of time.

Quotes on Self Love

Embracing self-love is a journey of self-discovery and growth. So I’ve written up some captions that’ll be your daily reminder to celebrate and relish the amazing and awesome person that you are. Because, yes, you are. Remember to always treat yourself with the same compassion and love that you do others, because you deserve it. Hope you find these quotes helpful to capture your journey of self-love and inspire others to do the same!

Quotes on Self Love selfie captions insta unique
  1. Self love is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.
  2. I am enough, just as I am.
  3. Treat those around you with genuine love. Treat yourself with genuine love. And accept nothing less in return.
  4. The journey of discovery starts from within.
  5. Your self worth is determined by you. Don’t let anyone else dictate it.
  6. The best relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself.
  7. You are not defined by your past, but by the person you are now, and the one you choose to become.
  8. How you treat others is just a reflection of how you treat yourself.
  9. Invest in yourself, you are worth it.
  10. Celebrate all that you are and all that you have to offer the world.
  11. No one ever can do for you what you can do yourself. So be your own biggest cheerleader.
  12. The journey you’ll take with yourself will be the longest, so celebrate your own company, and treat yourself with love.
  13. Invest in yourself, you are worth it.
  14. Not all your relationships will last, not every love will be returned. But the greatest love affair you’ll ever have is with yourself, so make it the best you can.
  15. Work hard, celebrate every little victory. Work to improve yourself every day, and be proud of who you are.
  16. No amount of retail therapy and no great romance can make a bitter person happy. Self love is the only key to a happy life.
  17. The love you give to yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.
  18. Choose self-love over self-doubt. Every. Single. Day.
  19. Your self-worth is determined by you, not others.

So I hope these love quotes will be helpful for some of the beautiful occasions that you want to share with your partner. If you use them on IG, don’t forget to tag me @shilpaahujadotcom, and if you credit me with the quote, I’ll certainly like you pic!


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