Love Couple Images | Creative Ideas for All Types of Couple Pictures

Let your pictures tell the story of your romance. From pre-wedding to maternity to funny couple pictures, take a look at love couple images tips and ideas here!

Love Couple Images love-couple-images-couple-pictures-photography-ideas-photo-shootHey there! Pictures are wonderful things to look at as they take us down the memory lane and help us relive the past moments. Clicking pictures has never been an age-restricted thing and no matter what your age is, feel free to click endlessly. Clicking solo pictures isn’t as challenging as couple pictures. In couple images, the posture, expressions and the attitude of both the partners are very important. If everything is perfect then the picture itself will reveal the story.

Not only the poses, dressing and expressions but even lighting and location are very important while taking pictures. So, when you decide to have a couple photo-shoot, whether by a professional or a do-it-yourself, make sure to plan the poses and location beforehand to save on time and this will help to get the perfect results!

Let’s check out some creative ideas for all types of love couple images.

Amazing Love Couple images

1. Pre-Wedding Love Couple Images

If there’s anything that is creating a storm in the world of photography, it is the pre-wedding shoots. It has become a good source of income for professional photographers! People fly to various locations for pre-wedding shoots just to get the best love couple images.

A few ideas for pre-wedding images are trying different cultures’ traditional outfits that you would not wear to your wedding. For Indian couples who would not wear a tuxedo and gown on their wedding, it’s a nice idea to have their photo-shoot in that attire. It would look different from their wedding pics too!

Also using different types of props is a good idea for pre-wedding couple shoots. Stay away from the clichés and just try to feel like you two are on a date to get relaxed body language and naturally romantic expressions.

2. Honeymoon Couple Images

A honeymoon is the best phase for any couple where they get to spend lots of time together and you can keep those memories intact by clicking some beautiful pictures. Recreate the special moments together on your honeymoon. Try various intimate poses in calm scenic locations. You can also capture the essence of your honeymoon with video clips of the two of you sharing breakfasts, just taking walks or talking!

3. Anniversary Couple Images

Whether you click images every day or not, there are some special occasions on which clicking images is mandatory and your anniversary is one of them. You can get a matching outfit for the two of you and rock the pictures. Or select something classy like a tux and gown.

Go for a dinner date along the pool or beach and make the best of it by doing a shoot. If you don’t want to ruin your dinner date, then go for the love couple images either on the previous or next day. But my suggestion is to go for it on the same day and this will help you spend more time together, too!

4. Maternity Love Couple Images

After pre-wedding shoots, if there’s anything that has become popular, it is the maternity shoots. Getting the gift of a new member to the family brings loads of happiness and joy. Why not capture all this joy and save for the future! Of course, you want your baby to know how happy you were when the little one was inside you! Go for happy themes and bright colors to celebrate the bliss.

5. Cute Couple Images

If you are a couple who loves to try something cutesy, then go for cute poses like gazing into each other’s eyes, holding hands or wrapping hands around each other. Some couples love to go beyond their comfort zone for pictures and try costume roleplays that make the images even more lovable! This can be one of the best love couple image ideas as you do something which you don’t get to do every day. In this way, you’ll be able to create new memories. Let ur wife be Minnie and you Mickey or become the zombie couple!

6. Romantic Love Couple Images

If you are married and looking for candid love couple images, then one of the best ideas would be recreating your dating memories. Like the place where you proposed or the location where the two of you first met or your favorite hangout place. These places that mean something to you as a couple will help bring out your romance and add depth to your expressions.

And if you are away from your memorable place then try a romantic location like the beach or sunset to make the pictures look lovely. The two of you can try all-white outfits or red-black combination to get that romantic feel.

7. Sexy Couple Images

It is not necessary to have the sex appeal or try erotic poses for sexy love couple images (you can if you want to). You can get that sexy factor by clicking pictures in a luxe bathtub or bubble bath. Also, decorating the room with candles and flowers will make the picture look romantic and sexy. Similarly, try role plays like doctor and nurse or chef and server that could spice up things in the images (and also turn off the lights 😉 )! Or do a sexy shoot in the bed with romantic sheets and throw cushions.

8. Funny Love Couple Images

When you are into capturing all the memories of life, also do not miss the crazy and funny ones! After a few years, these are the ones that will make you LOL! Try funny poses, costumes, expressions and backgrounds.

So, these are various love couple images ideas. Which one would you not miss trying? If you tried any of these, tag us in your Insta pictures @shilpaahujadotcom and we’ll be sure to double tap!
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