How to Look Fantastic in Photographs: 7 Simple Tips

Do you ever go through your Instagram feed and see all those beautiful people with perfect skin and think, “Why can’t I look like that?” Well, You are not alone. Looking good in photos is a skill very few people possess, and it took me years to learn myself. It is not easy to find your best angles, and even when you do, a million other things can go wrong. 

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The good news is there are a few simple tricks you can use to ensure you always look great in photos, no matter what. Of course, it won’t happen overnight. Personally, I had many many photo-shoots to practice and even then, all pictures weren’t great. So be ready to put in some work!

We often take selfies or pictures to share photos with other people, but we should not forget about the quality of the photo. In this article, we will go over some simple tips that you can follow to make sure your pic is perfect. If you follow these tips, you will be sure to have all your friends asking you for your secrets.


1. Plan Your Photo

Granted, every photo is not a part of a shoot, and every occasion is not a photo op. But if you’re going out and planning to take a picture or two, do keep these things in mind. Know which colors suit you better, make sure you’re looking good and feeling confident and of course, have someone with you who can take your picture. 

A good photo is not just about the subject. It’s about the composition, lighting, and angle. When we plan for a photo shoot, we should consider these three aspects that are needed to have a good photo.

The composition of the photo should be pleasing to the eye. This means that it should have an interesting background and not be too cluttered with items. Also, if you’re going to a party or restaurant, remember to take the picture before leaving the house or at least before eating, so that your makeup is still perfect.

Frankly speaking, the best pictures are taken when you’ve planned for them. To experiment with lighting, angles and composition, you can do a casual photo sesh at home in a well-lit area.

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2. Wear Some Makeup

A picture can put focus on each blemish or smile line. Your dark circles that may not even show in real life may seem too dark in a picture. So, it’s true that you need at least some makeup for a good picture. Even if makeup is not a part of your everyday routine, it’ll be required to take a great picture. 

Surely, you don’t need a full face of makeup with 50 products unless you want that. You can create the look you want, even if it’s a natural face or no-makeup makeup look. Be sure to wear some base makeup like foundation or BB cream and concealer so that your skin is evened out, and hopefully some blush too, otherwise you’ll look washed out. Read more about this here: Picture Day Makeup: The Secrets to Look Perfect in Pictures

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3. Find a Good Background

Backgrounds for selfies and pictures are important. It is easy to find a good background in the real world, even though there are so many apps available these days to change the background of a picture. 

Some people use their own background, but that can be limiting. Others use a picture from the internet or their phone. This is not ideal because it’s hard to find the perfect background for your selfie or photo. However, the best idea is just to find a nice spot and take a picture there. 

There are many options, such as a wall, a window, an outdoor scene, etc. It can be a plain wall, a stone wall, a garden, or anything that’s interesting but not more interesting than the subject (you!).

4. Retouch Your Photos

This is the number one thing you can do to ensure you always look good in photos. When you take a photo, it is essential to remember that it is not an accurate representation of what you look like. The camera can add ten pounds, make your skin look worse, and give you a double chin. This is why it is so vital to retouch your photos before you post them.

There are a few different ways you can retouch your photos. If you are using a phone, several apps will automatically do it for you. These apps are usually straightforward to use and only take a few seconds to run your photo through. If you are retouching your photos on a computer, you can also take advantage of many programs. Photoshop is the most popular option, but it can be expensive. There are also several free options that work just as well.

5. Find Your Best Angles

The angle of the photograph is also important because it can change what viewers see in a picture. A photo is only as good as the angle it is taken from. To look good in photos, it is crucial to find your best angles and stick to them. Every person has different angles that make them look their best. It is important to experiment and find yours.

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Once you find your best angle, try to take most of your photos from that angle. If you take a selfie, hold the camera slightly above your head. If you take a photo with someone else, stand to the side and tilt your chin down. Read more tips here: 11 Tips on How to Pose in Saree

6. Get Good Lighting

Lighting is the most important thing when it comes to taking a good photo. The lighting of the photo can make or break a picture. A good photographer will know how to use natural light or artificial light to produce great photos.

 If you are taking a photo indoors, try to find a spot near a window where the light hits you directly. If you are outside, try to find a spot in the shade. The harsh direct sunlight can create shadows and make you look less attractive.

If it’s too dark, the photo will be grainy, and you will be less likely to look good. If it’s too bright, you will squint in the photo and, again, will not look your best. The best lighting is usually natural light, so try to take most of your photos during the day.

7. Use Filters

You know what they say about filters. If you can’t look good in a photo, just put a filter on it. This is some truth to this advice. Try using a filter if you have difficulty getting a photo you like. Filters can help hide blemishes, smooth skin, and make you look more attractive.

However, using filters is a bit of a risky affair. Overdoing it with the filters can make you look fake, and it is essential to remember that not everyone likes them. If you use filters, use them sparingly and make sure they look natural.

Looking good in photographs is not as difficult as it may seem. By following these simple tips, you can make sure that you always look your best.

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