Long Sleeve Celebrity Gowns Trend | Long Sleeves Fashion in 2017

The red carpet gowns keep evolving over the time. While gowns got bold and sheer in 2017,  we’re seeing the long sleeve celebrity gowns trend. Why? Find out here!

Long Sleeve Celebrity Gowns long-sleeves-celebrity-gowns-latest-red-carpet-trends-2017-full-sleevesHey adorable! Red carpets have always been the spotlight events for the celebrities. They never skip a chance to bring the innovative-cum-crazy side of their dressing when it comes to such huge things. Who wouldn’t like being clicked by dozens of paparazzi and featured all over the internet?!

We’re seeing really naked gowns these days – (think Bella Hadid’s string dress that was one step away from a wardrobe malfunction or Beyonce’s totally sheer gown at the Met last year). But in 2017, we spotted most of the celebs at the biggest events preferring full sleeved gowns. The trend of long sleeves has come up in a big way, first on the runways, and then followed by the celebs.

Even in the hot and humid summers, celebs prefer to wear long sleeves rather than going for sleeveless dresses! The long sleeves celebrity gowns trend is the current fashion viral fever the stardom have got! What do you think is the reason for the emerging of long sleeves fashion in 2017? Check out here!

History of Red Carpet Dresses

When we take a look at the red carpet dresses worn in the late 90s and early 2000s, we see that the gowns were mostly strapless, off-the-shoulder, plunging v-neck, one-sleeved or sleeveless. It was hard to find a full sleeved gown in that era. Celebs were more interested in showing off their toned shoulders and arms.

Cameron Diaz
Bee Shaffer


Long Sleeve Celebrity Gowns in 2017

When compared to the red carpet dresses in the earlier decades, we see that the dresses in the current era have become more bold and revealing. But where my mind gets stuck is when they are so bold in showing off their toned bodies then what’s the problem with the arms? Is there something going on with the hand thing that the celebs are opting for full sleeves gowns and not sleeveless?

Adriana Lima
Victoria Bonya

Possible Reasons Behind the Full Sleeve Trend

The reasons could be plenty and I cannot go through the celebs minds ( or their stylist’s) to know them but I have my own (not accurate and maybe funny) reasons behind this whole new trend!

  1. Celebs think that they are already showing off a major portion of their bodies by putting on sheer and dangerously high slit gowns and so they are like, “Ok. Lets at least hide the arms by wearing full sleeves.”

    Coco König
  2. The celebrities are just following the runway trend as the full sleeves fashion has been ruling the ramps for a few seasons now!
  3. They don’t wanna get tan and they thought the best option is to wear full sleeved outfits! Still doesn’t explain the full sleeves sheer gowns during night galas.
  4. Some of them might just want to hide their untoned arms under the sleeves!
  5. When I had a word regarding this with my teammate Sahana, she said that there are many options to try in sleeves like poofy ones, feather trimmings, statement sleeves and what not! So, she thinks that the celebrities are bored of sleeveless gowns and giving way to full sleeves.

So, these are my reasons behind this trend. What do you think is the reason behind long sleeve celebrity gowns? Is it just a silly fashion thing or is there a hidden secret behind these types of sleeves? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!
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