List of Berries with the Most Health Benefits: Weight Loss to Immunity

From juicy strawberries to the sour gooseberries, get to know about the different types of berries and their health benefits. From curing diseases to helping in having flawless skin, check out the list of berries here!

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Hey there! Berries are the best seasonal fruits and there’s hardly anyone who could resist berries. They are liked by people of all ages. Apart from being tasty, berries also have loads of health benefits. So, let’s take a look at the list that have the most health benefits, from weight loss to curing cancer.

Types of Berries

There are two different types of berries – edible and non-edible berries. As the name suggests, edible berries are the ones that can be consumed and non-edible ones are poisonous and must not be eaten. The edible berries include strawberry, mulberry, raspberry, blackberry, etc. While non-edible berries include mistletoe, holly berries, Jerusalem cherry, yew seeds and wintergreen cherries.

The berries may be attractive to look at but without knowing what type of berry it is, never ever have a taste of it. Because a few may be dangerous!

Health Benefits of Berries

The health benefits of berries are just endless, They are extremely good for the body and yeah taste good too. Unlike a few other foods that aren’t tasty but good for health. From providing a source of vitamins to anti-carcinogenic properties, berries are a wonderful food for a human body.

We discussed with trainer and nutritionist Surbhi Gandhi. With a masters degree in nutrition and diabetics, Surbhi is a gold medalist, she’s been an experienced professional at Fitness First gym in Gurgaon, and is also an online fitness influencer. She says, “Berries are very helpful in maintaining a good health as they are full of anti-oxidants. They not only help with weight loss but also to cure cancer.” Get to know more health benefits in the list of berries below!

List of Berries

1. Blackberry

list of berries blackberry-health-benefits-list-of-berries-health-benefits

Blackberry is a good source of fiber and vitamins. You can have blackberries just like that or turn them into jelly or jam and try to include in your diet everyday for a better health.

Benefits of Blackberries

1. Having a bowl of blackberries everyday will provide the required micronutrients like vitamin K, vitamin C and folate.

2. They also help in reducing the risk of cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.

3. As they are rich in fiber, they help to maintain the cholesterol levels.

2. Blueberry


Blueberries are indigo-colored berries and are natives of North America. They are a perfect treat in the summer!

Is Blueberry Good for Health?

Just as tasty they are blueberries are also really good for health. They help in reducing the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. They contain dietary fiber which is helpful for weight loss and gives the feeling of being full. As toppings on waffles to a milkshake, consume them for a healthy life. Also, blueberry waffles can be an easy and healthy morning breakfast idea!

list of berries waffles-blueberry-toppings-healthy-food-life-list-of-berries3. Raspberry


Raspberry derives its name from raspise, “A sweet rose-colored wine.” From yellow to black to red to wine, there are many different types of raspberries to try.

Are Raspberries Good for You: Health Benefits of Raspberries

Great news ladies, raspberries help to restore the youthful look. Anti-oxidants present in raspberries are helpful in reducing age spots, wrinkles and also discoloration. Not only consuming them but applying them as face masks on skin paves the way to flawless skin. They are helpful in maintaining female health by decreasing menstrual flow and also help in increasing the production of breast milk. When its the time of the month when you are waiting for your periods, have a bowlful of raspberries and in this way, you can indulge in healthy snacks.

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Raspberries contain a component known as ellagic acid that helps in preventing cancer and is also responsible for their color.

4. Cherry


The romantic dark red color is itself so attractive that it’s hard to resist trying the cherries. Personally, I wait every year to have them because of its super yummy taste and health benefits, too.

Cherries Berries Health Benefits

1. Cherry contains anti-inflammatory compounds and helps in relieving arthritis problems.

2. Lower the risk of heart attacks.

3. Owing to their anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, they help to reduce muscle damage and relieve pain after strenuous exercise. So, it’s good to have cherries or a glass of cherry juice before hitting the gym.

5. Strawberry


Strawberry is a widely grown berry and it’s hard to resist because of its sweetness and juicy texture. Also, one of my favorites in the list of berries. Although there are many variations in which strawberries are used but nothing beats the whole and fresh ones.

What is Strawberry Good for Healthwise

1. Strawberries are excellent for eyes. They contain flavonoids which are antioxidants and are helpful in preventing any damage to the eyes. So have ’em if your eyes are stresses from working on the laptop for extended hours.

2. They help in boosting the immune system and increase the immunity in the body.

3. Strawberries contain certain antioxidants that relax the lining of the blood vessels and help in maintaining the blood pressure levels.

4. Good source of folic acid and hence can be consumed by people having iron deficiency and also pregnant ladies to boost their folic acid levels.

6. Acai Berries


Native to South America, these grape-like berries have tons of health benefits. Read on!

Health Benefits of Acai

They help in weight loss, improve digestions and also enhance immunity. Like, the other berries the acai berries also help in fighting against cancer especially colon and breast cancers. Also, keep up your energy levels with acai berries as they are rich in carbs and proteins.

7. Bilberries


Bilberries resemble blackberries, although they have a smooth circular outline on one end.

Bilberry Health Benefits

Perfect for curing blood circulation problems and menstrual cramps. While bilberry leaves are used in curing diabetics by making bilberry tea.

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8. Cranberry


Cranberries are also known as romantic berries because of their bright red color and are popularly associated with Thanksgiving. Both cranberry and its juice contain vital nutrients that are helpful for the body.

Are Cranberries Good for the Body?

1. They are low in calories and good to have when you have hunger pangs.

2. They are helpful in curing bladder and kidney diseases.

3. The compounds present in them prevent the bacteria from binding to the teeth and helpful in preventing gum diseases.

9. Gooseberry


Popularly known as “Amla” in India, gooseberries have many benefits to the body even though it is sour. Most commonly used in Ayurvedic treatments.

Amazing Benefits of Gooseberry

Amongst the list of berries, gooseberry is best for hair care. It helps in enhancing the hair length and also reduce premature graying. You can either include it in your diet or use its paste as a hair mask. It is also rich in vitamin C and this, in turn, helps in calcium absorption. Helps in maintaining blood sugar levels, too!

10. Cloudberry


Cloudberries are orange color berries that are clustered together and look like a cloud, hence the name cloudberry.

Health Benefits of Cloudberries

Cloudberries are packed with vitamin A & C and help in fighting against urinary tract infections. They also prevent internal bleeding and helps improve digestion.

Berries for Heart Health

Berries, in general, are high in fiber and low in fat. So, they are helpful in lowering the risk of heart disease. Amongst the different types of berries, the best berries for heart health are raspberries, blackberries and cherries. So, stay fit and stay healthy by consuming berries.

Calories in Berries

Berries are low-calorie food and best for your sweet-tooth. A small bowl of strawberries contains 54 calories of which fat is just 0.5g which is negligible when compared to the fried foods. Similarly, from the list of berries, raspberries and blueberries have 64 and 84 calories in a small bowl. Be it any type of berries, they don’t have more than 100 calories per bowl. And just a cup can make you full. While one scoop of ice cream has 207 calories and it will not even make you full.

Our nutritionist Gandhi  also says, “As the berries are nutrient dense but not calorie dense, they help a lot in weight loss and are also good for skin and hair as they are rich in antioxidants.”

So, these are the list of berries and their health benefits. Which berry is your favorite and have you experienced the berries working in improving your health conditions? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja.

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