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Looking for some latest tattoo inspiration? Here are some cute, tiny and minimalistic fine line tattoos that are on the tattoo-trending list right now!! 

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Hey gorgeous! Tattoos and body art have always been super popular! It usually makes a statement about the individual’s personality. My love for tattoos has increased ever since I got one done on myself. If you’re looking to make a permanent statement on your skin that’s not too overstated or bold, a fine line tattoo is the perfect one for you.

These tattoos are super minimalistic in terms of design. And these clean single black line tattoos make a bold statement, with secret messages being engraved at times. I personally feel this style of art is the chic way to up your look. Confused on what designs to choose? Don’t worry! I have come up with drool-worthy designs by the top artists on Instagram. Let’s take a look!

Latest Line Tattoos for You to Get Inspired!

1. Fine Tattoos

Fine tattoos are the simple minimalistic designs done by the super tattoo artists who can produce an extraordinary amount of detail in a tiny tattoo. Or sometimes they may be really simple. There are different types of fine tattoos. From fine line to simple line to tree line all have their own character to achieve a classy look! Let’s check them out!

Fine Line Tattoo

A string of flowers, a birdcage or a Christmas tree, fine line tattoos come up with distinct straight or curved thin lines, without any shade or color to represent them. In fact, these tattoos have incredible levels of detail built in, without being flashy about it.

@alexandyrvalentine, @fine.line.tattoos,, @sabrikaplan9260 via Instagram

Simple Line Tattoo

Simple line tattoos don’t require much time to sit with the tattoo artist but still contain a strong and remarkable artistry. These thin line tattoos make the look of the tattoo stunning and intimate. Most importantly, the position of this tattoo matters a lot, as certain parts of the body add charm to this tattoo style. So go for a simple line tattoo like a leaf, feather or fish on your finger, wrist, ankle or behind the ear.

@iva_skarorukatattoo, @muk.tatouage – via Instagram, @leona scally via Pinterest

Tree Line Tattoo

For a unique style, tree line tattoos are worth trying. They are a popular first choice for being a sign of strength and adaptability in many societies. So the wearer of simple tree line tattoo commonly gets a type of tree design done with nothing but just the minimalist, straight lines to visualize the branches of it.

@aida b, @drkrxns via Pinterest

Single Line Tattoo

Simple single line tattoos are exploding in popularity as a minimalist’s alternative to the traditional tattoo style. Great idea to get inked on your arms and legs as these single black lines put forth a strong expression to the viewers. These tattoos may seem simple but once it’s done, it looks amazing.

@e_x_p_l_i_c_i_t via Instagram, @hazel via pin, @cecilia chik – via Pinterest

Beautiful Small Tattoos

Who doesn’t like small tattoos? Even people who don’t wanna get tattoed get attracted to these beautiful small tattoos. Usually, small classy tattoos are adorable and people opt for small tattoos because they look cute, elegant and enhance the beauty of the part where ever they are placed. They can also hide tiny moles or scars. Also, small tattoos express your style!

@smalltattoos, @chiaraantona98, @nicejestattoos via Instagram

Thick & Thin Tattoo

This new style of line tattoos is getting popular among youngsters. These artistic line tattoos have a design made up of a combination of thick and thin lines to complete the tattoo design. The best place to get this tattoo art design is on your arms and wrist. Of course, you can go for a thick and thin infinity symbol, heart or a band of thick and thin lines. Or you can get thick and thin lines drawn in a unique 3D shape.

@emilysandstattoo via Instagram

2. Discreet Tattoos for Different Body Parts

So if you’re planning to get your first tattoo done, but wanna keep it as a secret to all, then discreet tattoos are the best choice for you! There are plenty of hidden spots all over the body to get inked! So lake a look!

Dot Tattoo on Wrist

Dot tattoos on wrist are one of the most intricate styles. It’s one of the inking procedures where the tattoo artist tattoos a design with dots only. Plus, if anyone wants to get any complicated image tattooed, then that can be easily done with a combination of dot tattoo and lines. Also, in this case, the artist should be very patient and talented to place every single dot at the right place.

top-tattoo-line-dot-tattoos-trends-style-fashion-designs,, @silvia_pomar via Instagram

Small Tattoos on Hip

If you’re a little nervous about getting a permanent hip tattoo, the best way to start is with something small. And the small tattoo on hips is quite popular these days. You can choose amongst the various designs and lettering formats or colors. Getting cute tattoos on hips is one way of showing your grace and boldness.

@breestingertattoo, @smalltattoosss – via Instagram

Triangle Forearm Tattoo

Are you looking out for a tattoo that is small and meaningful? Triangle tattoo is one among them. It has many different meanings to it. The most common symbolism of the three sides triangle has always been used to represent the Christian faith. So if you wanna show up your spirit towards it, get inked on your forearm and give inspiration to others! Additionally, triangle line tattoos are a great way to represent a family or friendship of three.

@itchies chirka via Pinterest, @merakitattoostudio, @daniel.ray.holl via Pinterest

3. Minimalist Tattoo in Different Colors

Minimalistic tattoos have big meaning. And sometimes they even have a major influence on your style. Also, sometimes tattoos with a little splash of color give a simplicity that directs the eye towards the extraordinary detail in the tattoo art.

Red Line Tattoo

Tattoo trends may come and go! But a popular one among the tattoo lovers is the red line tattoo. These red line tattoos are a great way to get inked on your wrist, forearm, legs, side of your fingers and neck. Red symbolizes love, passion and boldness. So, it’s for the fearless and the passionate!

@makiyo_tattoo, @oeuvre_ink, @redlinetattoostudio, @wanna_inked_ via Instagram

Black Band Tattoo

Arm tattoos in the form of bands are extremely popular for both men and women. These black band tattoos symbolize mystique and strength. Also, this can be bold and thin with some texts joining with it. Try getting these on your wrist and arm.

@lasha_chkhaidze, @missplugs, @staygoodtom – via Instagram, @connie steward via Pinterest

Blue Line Tattoo

Line tattoos are minimalistic and simple. So make your tattoo classy and artistic, just go for a blue color line or symbol as your tattoo. Blue stands for loyalty, security and motivation. Great idea to have these on your wrist, forearm and legs. Choose a design that goes with your style and look!

@laurie ann via Pinterest, @cironajar via Instagram

So those were the latest designs in line tattoos. Which one is your favorite? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!
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