How to Choose Lifestyle Furniture for the Perfect Home Decor

For the perfect look of the house, furniture plays a pivotal role. From choosing the right one to setting the theme, here’s a complete guide to lifestyle furniture.

Lifestyle Furniture lifestyle-furniture-latest-trends-home-decor-interior-designingHey beautiful! To decorate the home or change the theme of rooms very often is one of my favorite things to do. And I’m sure many of you there would love to explore new innovations in home decor and stay updated with the latest lifestyle furniture trends! Whether you’re renovating your home or just looking to add new furniture for tiny mood changes, looking at ideas for home decor is always fun! After all, the good ambiance at the home paves the way to good vibes. Good furniture defines the space and gives it purpose.

Know Your Personal Needs

Before getting started with stuffing your home with anything and everything that looks good, you need to know what exactly you need. A home is a piece of art, so be careful to paint it well as anything wrong or untidy would spoil the look of the whole art piece!

Have the basic elements in mind like what color lifestyle furniture to choose, type, storage needs and also the most important criterion is space. No matter how much ever you like a piece of furniture, if there is not enough space then there is no point in buying it.


Also, know how long are you gonna use that piece of furniture for. In case you are going to refurbish your home sooner or you’re going to move out soon, then go for something that can sustain just for a limited period of time. What purpose the furniture caters to is also important. If you’re buying something for your kid, like a study table, surely it is not going to be used for many, many years! Say as long as a bed in the parent’s bedroom. So, keep all these things in mind before you buy your lifestyle furniture.

Area Calculation: Know Your Home’s Needs

lifestyle-furniture-area-cqlculation-rough-sketch-shopping-ideas-home-decorI know we all are excited when we go shopping. But, before hitting the store, make sure you take the measurements of the room as this would ease up your task of choosing the ones that will fit in best.

If you want to make it hassle-free then draw a rough sketch of the room or the place where you want the furniture. Make sure to keep things like door width in mind. As after selecting a product and you come to know that the product is not going through the door then it’s of no use.

Also, if you believe in feng shui or Vaastu, then you can also draw the north symbol into your sketch and choose furniture accordingly, making sure it fits well. If you are buying the product online, then make sure you check the dimensions before adding them to your cart! A measuring tape is your best friend before buying your furniture. It’ll make you a pro shopper instantly!

Setting a Theme

Setting a theme makes your task easy to choose the right lifestyle furniture. Fix a theme that suits you, your lifestyle and of course the interior of the house. Classic, contemporary, modern, minimalistic, Scandinavian, rustic, transitional and coastal are a just some of the ideas that will help give your house a good look.

home-decor-ideas-latest-trends-lifestyle-furniture-ideasOr, you can be experimental and choose a different theme for each room! You can also combine two themes, to create a unique look. But be careful to keep it minimal while mixing two themes as overdoing it will ruin the look instead of reconstructing it. The safest option is to choose one underlying theme, say classy minimalistic while choosing a different but complementing color palette for each room.

Thematic inspiration is very important to set a home as it will make things easy for you. For example, if you choose an industrial theme, then picking up furniture will be an easy task as you need to choose the things that will go by this theme. Choosing an industrial theme is a brave option as this theme involves exposing all the raw edges! Chic, cohesive and unfinished is what defines the industrial theme.

indusrtial-theme-furniture-latest-trends-lifestyle-home-decorAnd if you’re someone who doesn’t like too much furniture or clutter and keep it plain and simple, then minimalistic is best for you. Even I love minimalistic theme as the colors used in this theme are neutral and the furnishings are simple. The minimalistic theme is good for the long-run! Choosing timeless themes is the best idea for those who don’t renovate often.

Choose the Right Brand

lifestyle-furniture-minimalistic-interior-latest-trends-2018We don’t want to invest in our furniture every year, it should be a long-term investment, so choosing the right brand is very important. On this note, I remember what my father used to say, “The life of furniture should be even longer than ours,” and this can only be achieved by choosing the best brand. There are many good brands for every budget, so don’t hesitate to ask around, read online reviews and ask questions to brand executives for comparisons while choosing the perfect brand.

Engineered or Solid Wood?

latest-home-decor-ideas-advice-furniture-lifestyleEngineered wood is usually thinner and lighter than solid wood. Solid wood has higher durability. As Shilpa says, which wood you need depends on the purpose and also in which part of the house you need it. If you want the space to be multipurpose, then go for engineered would as it is easy to displace.

For example, people who host more house parties need to move their furniture around a lot. In that case, engineered wood is preferable! Solid wood is good if you’re not going to change its position for a long time, looking at it as a long time investment and not to forget the quality too!

Also make sure to choose the right type of wood (like wenge, mahogany,etc.) and the right kind of finish (matte or glossy) depending on your preference, needs and the rest of your furniture.

Try It Out Before Buying

lifestyle-furniture-interior-designing-home-decor-latest-trendsMattresses, sofas and chairs may look good at first sight, but if they are not comfortable then it’ll be a regretful purchase. So, make sure you try them out before buying. Most of the furniture stores always welcome buyers to sit on or try out the things of the display before purchasing it.

Dressing table, dining table and other furniture cannot be tried but look for things like soft edges, perfect finishing and whether they are serving the purpose of it fully or not. For example, if you’re looking to get a closet, then check out the number of shelves, the spacing between them, are they detachable or not, whether the closet handle is good, are you able to reach the top-most shelf and basic things like that.

Also, check their finish, there should be no leftover glue, chipping or bad paint marks. Make sure the drawers and cabinet are soft and quiet and handles sturdy.

Color Scheme & Matching Furniture

matching-furniture-latest-trends-2018-lifestyle-ideasChoosing a perfect colored lifestyle furniture is a crucial step. You don’t want something that annoys you when you see it. Choose pleasant, peaceful colors! Yeah, you can try dark colors too, but that doesn’t mean you have the rainbow spectrum of all the colors.

Try to match the furniture with the walls or existing pieces of furniture. You can also try contrast furniture but keep it subtle. Same goes for furnishings. Matching fabrics with curtains and covers give a professionally designed look. It should complement the walls, flooring and fixed items, too, like doors and window frames.

Orientation & Placement of Lifestyle Furniture

When it comes to orientation, place the bigger ones like the bed, closets, TV unit, dining table first so that it leaves you with the rest. If you’re a Vaastu Shastra believer, then placement should be done accordingly. Also, don’t forget the incoming natural light and window position.

Furniture should never cover natural light and also complement your lighting fixtures. For example, a wardrobe should be placed opposite the light so that you can see your clothes in it easily. Similarly, placing the desk near the window but not right below it is ideal. A desk right below the window will create unnecessary glare behind your laptop. Don’t forget the door. Furniture should always leave enough room to walk around or access it.

Home Décor Accessories


Accessories add a personal touch to the home. From curtains to cushions to lamps to wall hangings the list is endless. If you’re planning a theme, then make sure the home decor accessories also complement it.

So, hope you like our guide to lifestyle furniture. Which is your favorite piece of furniture and which ones you keep them changing very often? Do let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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