Lehenga Quotes for Instagram: Funny to Sassy

Lehenga lehenga baby! Here are original lehenga quotes for Instagram pics, from funny to sexy to poetic that’ll last you all wedding season long.


Hey gorgeous! Wearing a lehenga is super fun, not to mention how sexy it makes anyone look! Personally, lehenga is my favorite Indian attire of all time, and my love for lehenga will definitely show if you read this article!

Funny Lehenga Quotes for Instagram

Honestly, I had written these lehenga quotes over two months ago, and they were sitting in my iPhone notes app (as all my unpublished quotes do). I was waiting to do a photo-shoot in a lehenga that I could post them with. But anyone who’s a mom of twin babies will tell you that that’s too ambitious a plan!

So I couldn’t wait anymore and decided to post these today. Hope you’ll like them as much as I had fun writing them. And hope you’ll find them useful when you can’t come up with any caption for that lovely lehenga DP!

P.S. Recently, I’ve come across many sites that steal my quotes and use them in their articles without permission. So I’d like to show my appreciation for your support in my fight for original content. As always, these are all my original quotes, it takes me weeks to write them. So if you give me credits, saying, “Quote by Shilpa Ahuja @shilpaahujadotcom”, I’ll ‘like’ your pic!

sexy lehenga-quotes-for-instagram-ghaghra choli

Funny Lehenga Quotes for Instagram

I love funny captions on my IG pics, and I’m sure you do too. That’s why I’m starting this article (as I’ve done many of my quotes articles) with them. Wearing a lehenga is such a fun event in itself that it makes everything better. So show your followers what a chill gal you are with one of these funny Instagram captions for lehenga.

Funny Lehenga Quotes for Instagram cool attitude sassy
  1. Ye lehenga nahi hai mehenga.
  2. They say nothing lasts forever, but an Indian girl’s lehenga does.
  3. I spent shit loads on this lehenga. Thoda like to kar do yaar.
  4. A perfect guy is an illusion. But a perfect lehenga is a reality!
  5. An Indian girl’s true best friends are lehenga and blow dry, not diamonds.
  6. A lehenga doesn’t guarantee a proposal. It just guarantees lots of likes on your pics!
  7. Give me high heels, a red lipstick and a lehenga. And I’ll slay even at my ex’s wedding.
  8. Forget Breakfast at Tiffany’s. We Indian girls? We want Breakfast at Manish Malhotra’s.
  9. What do soulmates and lehengas have in common? There’s a perfect one out there for all of us.
  10. I don’t believe in Bhartiya Janta Party or Congress party. I just believe in wearing lehengas to parties.
  11. Seeing the ex marry a hottie to listening to aunties ask us about marriage – the lehenga helps us endure every wedding season. It truly is the armour of the Indian girl.
  12. I may not be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white without spilling on it. But do I rock lehenga choli like a star or what?!

Sassy Lehenga Captions for Instagram

Who needs to hide behind the good girl persona when we can actually be who we are! So if a sass a day is your IG mood, then here are some lehenga quotes for your pics. Slay your followers with your hot hot lehenga pics with a spicy caption to match.

Sassy Lehenga Captions for Instagram
  1. Lehengas eat western outfits for breakfast.
  2. Get in, loser! We’re going lehenga shopping!
  3. A lehenga is sure beautiful. But in it, you feel like the star of the show.
  4. Wearing a lehenga is the highlight of my day. Looking at my pic in it is yours.
  5. When girls wear saree, they’re considered nice. But when they wear lehenga, they’re considered iconic.
  6. Men may rule the world, but they’ll all finally put it in the feet of the woman in a lehenga.
  7. Gowns, jeans, dresses, shorts: all bow down to the power of the beautiful lehenga choli!
  8. No matter who married whom while you still didn’t find The One, you’ll never get through the cruel wedding season without a lehenga.
  9. A lehenga is not meant to be worn more than once. But that doesn’t stop a girl from spending her whole month’s salary on it.
  10. I’ve spent $40,000 on lehengas and I have no place to live? I will literally be the old woman who lived in her lehengas!
  11. Who wants to learn to wrap a Saree: figure out the nine yards and the pleats and pallu. Wear a lehenga and be done in a minute. Ready for the panipuris at every wedding
Sexy Lehenga Quotes Desi Captions for Instagram 2

Captions for Lehenga Twirl

Captured that beautiful twirling moment? And I have captured the fun of the lehenga twirl in words! If you want to share that twirl pic, I have written really cool twirling captions for Instagram that you can use. From funny to thoughtful, there’s lehenga quotes for your every mood here.

Instagram Captions for Lehenga Look traditional
  1. Who doesn’t love a lehenga twirl?
  2. Twirling is the best part of wearing a lehenga!
  3. Lehenga twirl takes me to a different dimension.
  4. Twirling in a lehenga is like living life to its fullest.
  5. Twirling in a lehenga makes me feel like a kid again!
  6. Move over ballet, lehenga twirls have entered the room!
  7. I feel all my tensions melt away when I twirl in a lehenga.
  8. You aren’t a girl in a lehenga until you twirl in a lehenga!
  9. When I twirl in a lehenga, I feel like I got my priorities sorted!
  10. Twirling in a lehenga is a mood every Indian girl’s Instagram needs.
  11. Lehenga twirls eat ballet twirls for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner.
  12. How to choose lehenga when shopping? Easy: pick the one that twirls best.
  13. The sparkle, the twirl, the flying dupatta – what’s not to love about wearing a lehenga!
  14. Want to look sexy, want to have fun, girl? Don that sparkly lehenga and twirl, twirl, twirl!
  15. My lehenga may not be mehenga, but twirling in it surely makes me feel like a million bucks!
  16. Twirling in a lehenga doesn’t solve life’s problems, but it helps you forget them for a moment.
  17. When your life feels too much, just put on that lehenga sitting in the back of your closet, and give it a twirl. Just like that.

Traditional Dress Quotes about the Beauty of Lehenga

Such a beautiful attire, the beauty of lehengas never fade. Lehenga is all about ethnicity, but with a sexy twist! So if you want to make sure your love for lehenga shows in your caption, here are some ideas for beautiful and poetic lehenga quotes.

Traditional Dress Quotes about the Beauty of Lehenga
  1. Lehenga: Indian ethnicity to the core.
  2. No guy ever said no to the beauty of a lehenga!
  3. Wearing a lehenga makes me feel like an Indian princess.
  4. Beauty is fleeting. But the elegance of a lehenga is forever.
  5. That’s the thing about lehengas. They make even a plain Jane like me look like a pretty princess!
  6. Sequins twinkling like stars, dupatta swirling like the cool breeze, wearing a lehenga sure is like a magical night!
  7. The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with your lehenga.
  8. Maybe the best any of us can do is not to quit, play the hand we’ve been given, and accessorize the lehenga we bought.
  9. Some lehengas aren’t Manish Malhotras and Sabyasachis. Some are Chandni Chowk but that doesn’t make the lady in them any less beautiful!

Sexy Lehenga Quotes & Desi Captions for Instagram

Strapless saree blouses, crop kurtis, backless gowns – there’s no dearth of sexy Indian traditional outfits one can wear. But when we wear a lehenga, we’re sure to feel sexy just as it is! It always gets compliments, no matter what. So why not celebrate the sensuality of lehenga looks with lehenga quotes that show off the sexy attitude!

Sexy Lehenga Quotes Desi Captions for Instagram
  1. If the choli ain’t backless, why even bother.
  2. Wars have been fought over girls in lehengas.
  3. A lehenga is just a gown but sexier: it has a midriff cutout!
  4. Forget lame-ass minis. A lehenga is how you look sexy.
  5. One woman’s lehenga is another woman’s jealousy!
  6. Yeah, this is me in a sexy lehenga. And I’m sorry if it makes you jealous!
  7. A sexy lehenga choli: the strongest weapon in Indian fashion armory.

Instagram Captions for Lehenga Look

From yaar ki shaadis to Ethnic Day at the college to your boring family functions, there are so many places we love wearing lehengas to. And they always make the best ethnic pics for Instagram. Of course, lovely traditional pics need traditional lehenga quotes for Instagram! So here are some options you can copy paste!

Instagram Captions for Lehenga Look traditional
  1. Chania mania!
  2. A lehenga puts the joy in dressing.
  3. The official attire of weddings, a lehenga never goes out of style.
  4. Fashion trends come and go but a lehenga will be fashionable forever.
  5. I don’t even need a compliment to tell me a lehenga makes me look great.
  6. Lehenga is such a pretty attire it makes even regular sequins shine like precious diamonds.
  7. Pretty cholis, bejeweled silks, dancing dupattas: How can you not be romantic about lehenga?
  8. Why don’t all the fashion attires compete in a contest? Because the lehenga will win every time.
  9. In a shimmery lehenga, wearing jhumkas and some high heels, I feel like I’ve conquered the world.

Lehenga Status

Looking for some more quotes on lehenga that you can use for social media status? Here are some ideas about lehenga choli.

chaniya choli quotes-for-instagram Lehenga Status
  1. Lehenga is my language.
  2. Lehenga is headed for world dominance.
  3. I’m sure lehenga is now a word in Oxford dictionary.
  4. A lehenga is the choice of champions.
  5. Haye re haye mera lehenga.
  6. Move over Saree: lehenga should be India’s National dress.
  7. If Saree is hockey, lehenga is cricket in India.
  8. The beauty of lehenga is India’s best kept secret!
  9. Sometimes life sucks. All a girl can do is wear a lehenga and hope for the best.
  10. Weddings and college farewells: we need more occasions that call for lehengas.

Hope these lehenga quotes were helpful. If you used one of these captions, feel free to credit me and I’ll ‘like’ your pic. As always, I’d love to see your #lehengalove and choli pics, so tag me on Instagram @shilpaahujadotcom to share.

Want more quotes? Check out my previous article on traditional captions, which has loads of cool lehenga captions for Instagram. Also, it did really well on Pinterest, thanks so much to everyone who pinned and repinned it! Love you beautiful lehenga wearers!

Kisses <3

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