Latest Wedding Trends of 2021: Planning, Décor, Food & More

We are looking forward to a bright future. And the latest wedding trends seem promising. From décor to desserts, let’s take a look at what’s trending in weddings this year.

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The latest wedding trends are different from what we have witnessed in the past few years. We aren’t sure about the coming days, months, or years in the wedding world. But what we have learned so far is that the previous year’s impact will stay on, but it’s necessarily not all that bad. Think of an intimate affair, downsizing the guest list, maintaining hygiene, and showing support for things we can control like sustainability, bridal looks, catering, and personalized details. We’re hopeful that in the days to come that the joyous wedding celebration will be more meaningful and happier.


Latest Wedding Trends of 2021

Some of the trends are here to stay, and that’s not a bad thing. And then there are so many new ones to get excited about! Keep reading to learn more about the latest wedding trends.

1. All Things Sustainable

Your wedding is supposed to be the most beautiful day of your life. But it may be a letdown if paper products and excess food are tossed all around. You cannot skip these details at the party, but you can definitely opt to go for an eco-friendly theme. Because appreciating sustainability is one of the top wedding trends of 2021. People are leaning towards a green wedding and supporting smaller local brands.

From local floral, produce, to digital invitations, to bio-degradable disposables, greener options for catering, to less-energy consuming lighting, and there’s a lot you can do to make sure your wedding is less impactful on nature. You can even take it a step ahead and opt for a socially responsible engagement ring or wedding band.

Another easy way to have an eco-friendly wedding and reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint is to choose a venue that supports sustainability. You may select hotels and reception sites with LEED certifications. With many gorgeous wedding venues going green, you won’t have to worry about choosing style over sustainability because they offer both.


2. Downsizing Guest List

Every bride fears the idea of downsizing off the wedding guest list. And if you and your partner are from a big family, it becomes even more difficult. But ever since the pandemic has started, intimate weddings have become common. And more and more couples are opting for small weddings with fewer guest lists. Because of the uncertain times, people are prioritizing the health and safety of loved ones, which is a great move.

If you’re still guilty, then wait till invitations are out. The news is bound to spread and a closed one is likely to be upset for not being invited. Be ready to hear out from those who feel left out. You may give them a call, saying it was a tough decision not to call, but you had to keep the numbers low. And further, tell them not to take it personally. If an uninvited distant relative still sends a gift, then it would be gracious of you to send a thank-you note.


3. Outdoorsy Venue

People are moving out of closed spaces to the outdoors. Because of the times we are now in, people are opting for a backyard wedding or hosting an intimate one at the beach. And what’s not to love about an outdoor wedding? They’re convenient and intimate, and possibly the best. So before you strike off this wedding idea as a casual affair, know that there are many outdoor wedding ideas that you can tweak as you like. After all, intimate can be lavish too!

There are many great ways of hosting a backyard or a beach wedding because it allows you the freedom to be creative. From a classy tented wedding, to bring the bar outside, to illuminating string lights, elevated entrances using drapes, modeling the décor suiting the landscape, these ideas prove that an at-home wedding doesn’t have to be dull.


4. No-Fuss Bridal Look

Going by the latest wedding trends, meet the new bride. They are ready to take on the natural, lived-in look. Most are more accustomed to the au natural look that the lockdown has brought. Brides are aspiring to stand out without going over-the-top. While elegance in bridal fashion is nothing new, the lockdown period saw an influx of dreamy features in the form of pleats, ruffles, and the likes.

Also seen since last year, we’ve been seeing the traditional in full force especially related to modesty. That means no extra draping, no beading, or lace. Most brides are leaning towards a no-frill look and instead opting for clean lines, sharp lines, and art elements in small measures. The bridal trend of 2021 is all about the cut and fit, and requires immaculate finishing.


5. Assigned Seating

While assigned seating was reserved for family members during the wedding, but we’re recently seeing the arrangement for all guests. Wedding planners are adopting mismatched seating arrangements. In the past, the standardized seating options were square, circular, and many more. But at present, mismatched tables are trending. Some of the layouts are suitable arranged for four people, others for six. This is not only a safe way to keep distance, but it photographs beautifully too.


6. Curated Plating

Distancing applies to cocktails and dinner menu hours too. Gone are the days when the guests were fed with heavy food options like creamy sauces and fatty chops. Wedding caterers are moving towards a customized serving style such as individual plating in place of family-style platter meals. Each plating option includes some light and healthy servings.


7.  Mini Cakes

A wedding means time again to dig into the sweet. But the latest wedding trend of a smaller guest list means you need less cake. So if you still want the classic sweetness to remain at your wedding, then plan for skinny tiers, single-tier, mini cakes, plated Croquembouche, individually packaged sweets, etc.


8. Individual Desserts

Or if you don’t wish to serve a wedding cake, then another alternative is to serve a variety of delectable desserts. If the traditional tier cake doesn’t appeal to you, try other modern ideas to make your reception menu count.

Desserts like pastries, cake pops, pies, donuts, macarons,  mousse, sweet crepes, and cupcakes are also becoming common instead of just one cake so people have more choice as well as an individual plate option.


9. Concert-Style Entertainment

Don’t count out on entertainment for guests thinking about the current situation. Your wedding is a time to call for celebration. It is supposed to be filled with love, music, and entertainment, no matter what the size of your guest list is. Couples looking for unique ways to delight their guests can think of live music or alternative entertainment options like stand-up comedians, aerialists, and other performers for enlivening the attendees.


10. Bold Doses of Color

Fresh hues are one of the latest wedding trends. Wedding coordinators are using fresh, nature-inspired colors, and distinctive palettes in their décor. The wedding trends of 2021 are also all about bold and vibrant themes. More couples are all-in for fun and happy with their choice of décor, foods, and others. They don’t mind adding a fresh pop of color in unexpected places while keeping in mind some factors like unique centerpieces that delight.


11. Gifting Guests

Another latest wedding trend after the pandemic is gifting. Instead of accepting them, couples are signing up for charitable and donation campaigns or missions that are close to their hearts. This is one of those latest wedding trends we’re really getting behind!


12. Customized Care Packages

Whether couples are marrying in an intimate setting or on Zoom, they are not forgetting about the guests. They are mailing care boxes for guests, which include customized cocktail kits or cute treats like mini wedding cakes.


13. Choosing Privé Restaurant to Host Reception

Intimate weddings can be extended to an intimate dining experience. This is best for a smaller guest count, and one of the latest wedding trends of 2021. Most couples choose to host a private dinner or reception at a favorite restaurant for one or several reasons. Maybe it’s where the proposal happened or perhaps it’s their favorite dining that serves the best delicacy, or they wish to simply celebrate in the company of close ones. Either way, you won’t have to compromise on style to host your special moment. After all, there’s nothing like moments captured with your loved ones in a familiar setting.


14. Domestic Destinations

Destination weddings were a popular choice before 2020. But things are changing and couples are keeping it low-key, at least for now, instead of experiential travel. While planning for a wedding, couples are prioritizing the guest’s safety and making sure their travel experiences are seamless. They are going to local venues to make it convenient for everyone involved. The end goal is to create their original wedding theme, or location via décor, textures, and various other ways.


As couples redo their wedding plans post-Covid, they are keeping safety measures in mind at all times. Even if general trends continue to evolve, they are looking at things a bit differently. Some of the habits the pandemic has put in our society are here to stay such as intimate affairs, going green, maintaining hygiene, etc.; which is good. If you are planning a wedding, then watch out for these latest wedding trends. At the end of the day, it’s your special day, so make it count. Like to share your thoughts? Then leave a message by commenting below or tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!

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