Latest Trends in Exotic Wedding & Dream Honeymoon Vacations

Every couple of years, you will find something new trending and people taking to the fad in a big way. As far as weddings go, a destination wedding is the in thing. These days, more and more couples are being bitten by the destination wedding bug.

The trend of the destination wedding started as a wave of passion and is still quite trendy among millennial couples. Getting married at attractive and exotic locations in the presence of near and dear ones appears like a dream come true for many brides and grooms.


But the big question mark here is if you do what every other couple is doing, how are you going to make your destination wedding extraordinary and distinctive? To circumvent the possibilities of doing the same as everyone else, you need to add something unique, splendid, and magnificent to your destination wedding.

If you have tried to find something refreshing and novel to make your destination wedding extraordinary, but haven’t yet come up with a unique idea, no need to worry about it. After doing diligent research, we’ve marked down some of the most sought-after destination wedding trends in 2022 that will influence the trend chart throughout the year.

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Return of the Heritage

A well-liked saying suits well to this context ‘what goes around, comes around’. It all began with the ‘Heritage Return’ and now we have come back to our roots again. This one trend has topped the exotic wedding trend charts for many weeks and we were keeping a close eye on this latest trend.

A wedding function is an excellent opportunity to celebrate this dedicated event at one of the ancestral lands of the couple. This trend has been in vogue since late 2018, but now it is rolling out to everyone’s corner of the country with flaming speed.

Couples Pre-wedding Photo Shoots at the Destination Wedding Venue

When a destination wedding is on your agenda, you need to make certain that the wedding venue you are going to approve is worth your bucks or not. To check out the venue and also to spend some romantic time before the big day, couples are planning pre-wedding trips to explore the wedding venue before the wedding dates.

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Increasing Popularity of Bachelorette Destination Trips

Bachelorette trips were always a dream of every girl, but these days, many young women are making it their reality. Nowadays brides are planning an exotic destination trip along with their friends or bridesmaids to relish one last ride with their friends. They generally choose to start the trip by mid-Thursday and return by Monday morning. Indian destinations like Mussoorie, Shimla, Manali, and Dharamshala are witnessing the arrival of flocks of girls because these destinations are close to Delhi and uncomplicated to reach.


Buffet that is Theme-Based

When it comes to the wedding buffet, theme-based buffets are indeed trending. Theme-based buffets are becoming the foremost choice of couples. Beach theme, royal Rajasthani, Roaring Twenties, pastel pink and exotic Thai are some of the examples that are very trendy. But you can think of simply any theme that you are passionate about. It can be color based, movie-based, or based on an era or decade, a place or music genre.


Drone Videography

The importance of photographs in preserving memories is inexplicable in words. But what if you could re-create those moments again and again with the help of alluring drone videography?

drone-photography-for-weddingDestination wedding venues are packed with enthralling backdrops and landscapes which make them perfect to record the 360-degree view of the whole venue. The picturesque videos that drones provide are making them a superb choice among the couples to prefer this latest trend.

Latest Honeymoon Trends

Although beach honeymoons will always be well-liked, many couples are looking for once-in-a-lifetime beautiful experiences on their honeymoons. This makes for a lovey-dovey and extremely indelible beginning of their married life. You need to figure out what type of experience is favorable for you as a couple. Do you want adventure, culture, history, or just some time to unravel and relax after planning a wedding?

The Mega-Moons

The latest honeymoon trend at the moment is ‘mega-moons’ and it is likely to progress well beyond 2022. When you can’t figure out where to go, then you should plan a mega multi-destination trip. Honeymoons are becoming longer and longer each year.

These days, couples don’t have just a 7-day beach honeymoon plan. Most couples are now considering month-long adventures of wedded ecstasy. This trend is indeed lovable as it allows you to explore the world, visit new places and start your married life forthwith. Plan out by taking a long trip that explores various destinations and experiences. Pairing adventure and culture with total composure is the new standard.


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