5 Types of Sunglasses That Are Making Waves This Year

From Chanel to Fendi, we’ve seen all the collections from Fall Winter 2016 runways and Summer 2016, and selected the top 5 latest sunglasses for women!

Featured: Gucci & Fendi Sunglasses

Hey trend lovers! Looking to beat the scorching heat and intense sunlight? A trendy pair of sunglasses makes your outfit look great while protecting your lovely eyes. And what’s trendy in sunglasses for women this year? We have done our homework and checked out the latest runway collections of all our favorite designers and their fashion sunglasses to find what’s in and what’s out in eyewear.

Image Credit: Tommy Hilfiger
Image Credit: Tommy Hilfiger

The Fall Winter 2016 sunglasses trends include large and/or statement eyewear styles will definitely not go unnoticed. Popular sunglasses have colorful frames, are oversized, are of irregular shapes – every detail that makes a difference and gives an enhanced, sophisticated look. So come on, let’s beat the heat in style. Here we are with the latest trends in sunglasses for women:
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Latest Sunglasses for Women in 2016

Latest Sunglasses Trend #1: The New Cat-Eye


This is the hottest trend in sunglasses for 2016, and we’ve been seeing this a lot on the runways! The classic cat-eye has been given a dash of modification which is a combo of two varieties of sunglasses: oval and cat eye or round and cat eye. The range varies from the hot printed red of Dolce & Gabbana to the embellished black of Jimmy Choo. Here are our favorites!

Latest Sunglasses Trend #2: Ombre


If you’ve already decided what frame and shape suits you, then it all comes down to the lens when making that shopping decision! Ombre (or gradient) lenses have been the latest trend on the runway. Starting from darker to lighter shade these sunglasses make quite a statement!
Pro Tip: Try to select a pair in which your eyes get almost hidden on wearing (dark on top) and your under-eye is visible.

Latest Sunglasses Trend #3: Oval

This is the classic shape of the sunglasses that never goes out of style! It has its own modifications – wear the oval that’s slightly cat-eye shaped, or oval oversized, or oval with relatively sharper corners, but nevertheless the oval look is all time hit. Oval is elegant, timeless and sophisticated all at the same time! My favorite pair here is the sleek Roberto Cavalli one.

Latest Sunglasses Trend #4: Oversized


70s oversized sunglasses were all the rage in the retro era, and have never completely gone off the radar. But this season, it’s all about the 70s inspiration – with the flared pants, ombre and oversized sunglasses. Brownie points for adding a rectangular frame to your mocha-shaded ombre oversized sunglasses. And pairing them with a printed button-up shirt! So 70s!!

Latest Sunglasses Trend #5: Statement

The statement sunglasses for women include all the printed frames, embellished and studded sunglasses and whacky patterns that make you stand out in the crowd! My favorite pair is the printed one of Dolce & Gabbana. It’s mesmerizing!

So which sunglasses trends were your favorites in this list? And which pair is on your wishlist? Comment below.