Latest Spring Nail Polish Colors for 2016 | Top Nail Trends

Hey gorgeous! Some of the coolest nail polish colors are just in for Spring 2016, and we have picked out the hottest nail color trends for you! It looks like Spring Summer 2016 will be the season of subtle, earthy pastels, mixed with a couple of daring shades thrown in here and there.


So as you plan your Spring vacations and dream of the upcoming bikini-season, all I can say is that these latest nail color trends will not let you down, no matter how you spend the season! Let’s dive right in to discover what’s in and what’s out for nail polish colors!

Spring Nail Polish Colors #1: Pastels

Pastels like sand, beige, rose, sky blue, lilac and grass green are the it-colors of the season. Dior’s latest Spring 2016 beauty campaign, Glowing Gardens is all about the fun, soothing pastels:


Here’s more from the Dior Spring 2016 campaign, Glowing Gardens, but that’s for another article!


Pale green and pale blue are some of the trendiest nail colors for Spring 2016. Here’s a travel-nails pic from fashion blogger Blair Eadie’s Instagram in patnership with O.P.I.


Also, here’s another pale-blue from Nails Inc. from their NailKale collection (more on it below):


Spring Nail Polish Colors #2: Reds

Reds are still going to be very trendy in Spring 2016, thankfully! Because I love wearing red on my nails!! From coral to classic red to scarlet to blackest-red – try them all this season! Check out this scarlet to red spectrum mani from Essie:


Spring Nail Polish Colors #3: Shimmer & Metallics

And glitter, too! Fun-shaped glitters like square and flower-shaped ones are in, as well as shimmery tones. Metallics like pale gold and rose-pearl are very trendy, but my favorite is rose gold!


This Spring, make sure you try the gel-like metallics that will stay extra shiny! Check out the silvery O.P.I. Starlight campaign:


Spring Nail Polish Colors #4: Summer Blues

Teal is sort of the most IT-nail-color right now! (In fact, I’ve even written about a teal-ombre hair color for 2016). Every brand from Essie to Zoya to O.P.I. has their version of it, so do grab your own favorite! I also talked about ocean-inspired nail colors Fall 2015, and looks like that is here to stay!

Plus, check out this one from the latest Chanel Spring 2016 collection, L.A. Sunrise. The collection is inspired by the “vibrant mood of an endless Los Angeles summer,” with carefree and dreamy colors like “flashes of purple, teal, and green“:


Spring Nail Polish Colors #5: Milky Nudes

I’m loving the latest trend of milky nude nail polish colors! Light nude shades like cream, eggshell, pale pink, sugary white and ivory suit the fresh spirit of Spring! It’s not even Spring yet and these shades were all over the Golden Globes 2016. Here’s a sheer white from Nails Inc:

latest-nail-art-trends-spring-summer-2016-nailpolish-nude-white-sheer-nails-incAnd here’s the perfect pedicure moment by shoe designer Tabitha Simmons from Estée Lauder website:


And to top it all, O.P.I. has a whole collection of milky whites with nail-strengthening lacquer called Nail Envy:


Spring Nail Polish Colors #6: Earthy Tones

Earthy hues like soft sand, ochre, marsh, moss, greyish beige, taupe and everything in between are really swoon-worthy this Spring! And to cultivate the healthy organics-lover in us all, Nails Inc. has just released a line called Nailkale with the first superfood nail range made from kale extracts. The colors are gorgeous and are going to be very, very trendy in Spring 2016:


Spring Nail Polish Colors #7: The Brights

Along with these pastels and earthy hues, I’m also loving the idea of wearing a few bright nail colors in Spring 2016. Afterall, the runway collections included very happy, bright colors like sunrise yellow, saffron, cyan, candy pink and deep violet. So it’ll be cruel to not have matching nail polish, don’t you think?! 🙂



What’s Out?

  • Neons are still out!
  • All-Black is out! Instead, try red-black, darkest violet, antique-gold finish black and shimmery charcoal grey.

So those were our edits for the latest Spring 2016 nail polish colors. Which upcoming trend are you most excited to wear? Lemme know! Comment below! Muaah 🙂

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