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Hey angels! From thigh high boots to statement heels, we searched the runway collections for Fall Winter 2015-2016 to bring to you the best and latest shoe trends. This year’s latest shoe trends range from sexy to plain. So many options to choose from! Are you ready to look at this collection? It may make you want not just a pair, but all of the latest shoe trends!!

Don’t you just love shoes? Well, I love them – buying them, trying them on, and wearing an outfit just because it looks great with my new shoes! That’s why next season will be so awesome. Fall is fast approaching, and it’ll soon be time to wear the awesome booties and heels and what not. But this season will be a fest for us shoe-lovers because statement shoes are very in, and the latest shoe trends are some of the best we’ve ever seen.

Well, one or two of them are not that great, but we aren’t easily pleased! I already featured some shoes from the Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-2016 collections in my recent article Fall Winter 2015 Fashion Trends: What to Wear Next Season.

shoe_trends_latest_best_fall_winter-2015_2016_trendy_stylesAnyway, for a full review of the latest shoe trends, let’s just dive in and see what’s in store for us!


Shoe Trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 #1

Multiple Buckles

I’m loving this trend, it’s my favorite trend of the season, and I can’t wait to lay my hands on some multi-buckle shoes. So many designers came up with shoes that had more than one buckled straps, and I think it looks super cool!!

Shoe Trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 #2

Back Detail

From fur detail to leaning tower of heels to stone detailing on the heels and ankles, we saw everything. So for some shoes, attention is going to be not at the front but at the back this season. Dior 2015 couture collection even had chunky transparent heels and neon heels.

Shoe Trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 #3


Baroque is big this season – not just with shoes, but also with clothes and jewelry. We saw a refreshingly modern take on the baroque patterns – used in booties to strappy heels to over-the-knee boots. I think it’s gorgeous, but it may be over-the-top for some, as it’s not an easy trend to pull off!

Shoe Trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 #4


We saw lots of different types of strappy heels this season – Dior’s caged shoes, and Valentino’s Roman sandals and Chanel’s strap collar shoes- of sorts!


Shoe Trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 #5


Both metallic and glitter are as in as they were last season it seems! But last season we saw overly glossy metallics and too much glitter. This fall, it will be basic neutral shades like silver, black, grey etc.

Shoe Trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 #6


Winters are the perfect time to show off this really conspicuous trend – above-the-knee boots this season will not be limited to plain colors or suedes. From psychedelic patterns to Dior’s marble print, the boots will be more showy than ever. This is my favorite of all the latest shoe trends!! Muhaha

Shoe Trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 #7


I personally hate this trend. I feel latex will give me allergies, and also it’s too glossy. Either ways, this trend seems to be taking over the runways this season, whether it’s going to be popular on the streets or not is yet to be seen!

Shoe Trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 #8


From strappy heels to pointy pumps, the classics are back in business! And I love that, because it not only means we can recycle some of our old favorite shoes, but also that it’s such an easy type to find and wear.

Shoe Trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 #9


Again, I’m not a big fan of this trend, but this year’s collections showed lots of shoes with stockings on them. I think it looks rather ugly!

Shoe Trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 #10

Velvet & Satin

Maybe a simpler version of baroque, satin and velvet are two fabrics of royal olden times that are back this season. Both shoe trends, it seems, are high-maintenance and both can’t be worn in the winter slush and fall rains! I love me some satin anyday, tho!!

Shoe Trend Fall Winter 2015-2016 #11

Men’s Inspired

This trend is another one that’s back from last season! And again, not one that I personally find very appealing. I know a lot of women though who love men’s inspired shoe styles. So if you’re one of them, go grab a pair this Fall!

Ok, hope you liked this list of latest shoe trends for the Fall Winter. Lemme know which one is your favorite! (I know it’s hard to pick just one!)

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