11 Latest Shoe Styles for Fall Winter 2017 | Shoe Trend Forecast

Wanna know the latest shoe styles for updating your closet? Here are the 11 shoe trends we spotted in Fall Winter 2017 RTW fashion weeks!

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Hey, gorgeous! Women all over the world have had a thing for pretty shoes since way before Carrie Bradshaw maxed out her credit card buying ’em in Sex and the City. Embellished, fur-trimmed, high heeled – we love them as long as they love us! And that’s why I like going through each and every fashion show, and looking at their images, zooming in to check out their shoes in detail, again and again, every season to do some shoe trend forecasting.

Generally speaking, the shoes for Fall/Winter 2017 as seen in the fashion weeks are plainer and less embellished than last season’s. We saw lots of variety in trends though – I could pick out nearly 30, out of which I have selected only the top 11 shoe trends that I predict will really be everywhere come Fall 2017! So let’s check ’em all out!

Latest Shoe Styles for Fall 2017

1. Peep-Toe Boots

This is my favorite amongst the latest shoe styles for FW17 – at least to look at! It’s not a brand new style, but peep-toe boots have not been a very popular trend until this season. Although I can’t say they’re entirely practical if you’re walking around town. Toes are bound to get cold and socks are bound to get wet even with the littlest of snow and slush! Think, designers, think!!


2. Skinny Boots

We’ve been seeing skinny boots all this year, and they’re gonna become an even more popular amongst the latest shoe styles for Fall/Winter 2017-18. We saw both thigh-high and calf-high skintight boots. Loving the sexy Balmain boots with snakeskin pattern, and Burberry boots with a round heel.


Skinny Boots

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3. Pointy Toe Heels

If there’s anything all designers agree on this season, it’s that you should be wearing pointy-toe heels in fall. I spotted this top shoe trend in as many as 20 designers’ Fall Winter 2017 collections. And that’s saying something. We saw pointy toes in all sorts of shoes – boots, pumps, strappy heels and also lace-up Oxfords.


Pointy Toe Shoes

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4. Very Thigh High

Hardly a new trend. But then, I’m the trend reporter, not the creator. So I gotta report that everyone from Dior to Fendi to Moschino and Givenchy is getting behind the tall boot right now. What is new this season is that boots are only getting taller. Instead of just above-the-knee that we commonly had up until last season, this season we’ll be seeing (and wearing) mid-thigh and even nearly-crotch-high boots. Sexy, am I right?!

Crotch High Boots

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5. Mixed Media

I loved looking at all the shoes that used a mix of materials. And lots of designers played with materials, including Balmain and Coach, making mixed media a hot new trend. We saw suede paired with leather, printed leather teamed up with sequins and striped with satin. We also saw fur, shearling, fabrics and more (see the report section down below)!

6. Snakeskin Patterned Boots

Snakeskin is back, and making waves as one of the latest shoe styles! We saw it in different shades like burgundy, brown, red and grey. Dolce & Gabbana also had leopard printed shoes.

7. Gold Metallic Shoes

Last year, silver, gold and other metallic shades were all conspicuous on the runways as the latest shoe styles. But this fall, we’re seeing gold in the clear majority. Especially gold metallic pumps and strappy heels. Both pale and deep gold were spotted in the collections of Prada, Gucci, Coach and more. Perfect for the holiday and party season!


8. Fur Slip-Ons

Subtle fur trimmings are passé! This year, designers are celebrating full-on fur shoes with rhinestone-embellished fur slippers, flat slip-on shoes and my favorites – tiger-shaped fur slippers. We even saw fur on chunky heels! So don’t be afraid to try these top shoe trends!

Fur Slippers

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9. Androgynous

Men’s inspired heels are out! What we’re loving this season are the androgynous shoes that blur the gender divide in fashion, becoming one of the hottest and latest shoe styles. No heels, no embellishments – just actual shoes you can share with your man (provided his feet are tiny!)! So yes, boyfriend shoes are actually the It-thing now! We saw loafers, sandals with socks, double monk shoes, Oxfords and bit loafers; check out what all these are in our article Different Types of Shoes for Men!

Boyfriend Shoes

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10. Slouchy Boots

How can it be – skinny and slouchy boots are both trendy in the same season? Whaaaa! But yes, they are making it to our list of top shoe trends. And honestly, I’m happy because let’s face it. We all can use some slouchiness in our everyday lives. So let’s pair ’em with our frayed jeans over tights and an oversized sweatshirt and call it a day, shall we?!

11. Statement Pumps & Heels

Printed, glittery, sequined, feathery and appliquéd – all sorts of statement pumps and heels were spotted in the Fall Winter 2017 ready-to-wear collections. And loved! So don’t be afraid to let your feet make a statement this season and have all eyes on you!

Clear High Heels

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#SlubAdvice: All Shoe Trends Fall 2017

These were the top 11, but let me also mention all the other top shoe trends we saw in the FW17 fashion weeks and sum them all up:

  • Types: Pointy-toe, thigh-high, slouchy, skinny boots, pumps, ankle strap, chunky heels, sneakers, slip-on flats and peep-toe shoes.
  • Colors: Neutrals and tonal shades like black and white with everything. Red and gold are big, too.
  • Embellishments: Applique, buckles, sequins, feather and glitter.
  • Prints: Stripes, animal prints, flower patterns and solid colors.
  • Materials: Leather, patent leather, fur, mixed materials and velvet.

Check out all the shoe styles in Shoe Trends Analysis for Fall 2017 with #SlubAnalytics.

So how did you like the upcoming season’s latest shoe styles? Which shoe type do you wanna wear this fall, and which trend is your favorite? Tweet me @shilpa1ahuja!

Muaah 🙂