Latest Nail Trends for 2017 | Trendy Nailpolish Colors, Shapes and Types

From square shape to gel nail polish, from metallics to nudes, discover the hottest in the world of glam nails with these 9 latest nail trends for 2017!

Latest Nail Trends top-best-nailpaint-nails polishHey gorgeous! Whether a girl loves fashion or not, keeping the nails filed, polished and trimmed is just a part of personal grooming and looking polished. And of course, for us fashion lovers, nails are a style statement. We not just love making them look all pretty and shiny (or matte, depending on our mood!), but painting them is usually therapy in itself! Relaxing me-time every girl needs!

So, my loves, here I am this season again with the hottest and latest nail trends for 2017. From nail shapes to trendy nail colors to nail polish types, I’ve selected the best trends from runways, nail artists and nail polish collections of our favorite brands – O.P.I., Sally Hansen, Essie, Butter London and more! So let’s get styling!

Latest Nail Trends To Try in 2017

1. High Shine

While I’m personally still loving matte looks, high shine nailpolish is having a big moment this year. The “wet look” is becoming more and more coveted. So if you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in a glossy clear coat or a high shine nail polish. Go for brights and classic reds.

O.P.I, Essie, O.P.I, Butter London

2. Metallics

Of course, metallic everything is trendy – from clothing to accessories to lips to latest nail trends. So make your nails futuristic with some silver nail paint. Or paint them gold for a royally pampered look! Or try metallic pastels, and mix them up!

Photo Credits: @nailpretties via Instagram, Butter London, O.P.I, @nailpretties via Instagram

3. Gel Nail Polish

Gel nailpolish became a huge hit last to last year and is still a strong trend. Every major brand has a whole range in gel nail paints. It lasts long and never looks dry. So isn’t it worth a try? (Lol, see what I did there? Nail poetry!)

Essie, Chanel, Sally Hansen

4. Mixed Nail Art

Nail-art deserves its own article (and I’ll be writing one right after this one, I promise!), but I have to mention the trend that involves wearing different nail art on each nail. Monochromatic mixed nail art looks sophisticated, but you can even experiment with different colors on each finger. Colorful is back! Avoid mixing too many trends though. To play it safe, stick to the same theme on each nail – whether it’s geometric, organic or floral.

latest-nailart-design-trends-colors-fashion-Different Nail-Art-on-Each Nail-fw17
Photo Credits: @nailsbydelena via Instagram, O.P.I, O.P.I

5. Nudes, Light Pinks and Peaches

Nudes and light pastels are perfect for any weather and have been super hot on the runways, too. Personally, I’m loving light pink, nude and off-white nail paint these days. Try ecru, sand, beige, bronze and cookie shades, too. Minimalistic nail-art using two shades of pink or nude is super in, too!

Sally Hansen, Essie, O.P.I

6. Ombre Glitter or Metallics

Gradients have been one of the latest nail trends for two years now, and in 2017, we’re seeing ombre glitter nails. Go for shades of the same color to create top to bottom or sideways gradient with glitter nail polish in precious-stone shades for the ultimate party look!

Credits: @misspopnails via Instagram, @nailsmagazine via Instagram

7. Pointy & Square Shaped Nails

I personally hate pointy nails, they scare me. Why are they a trend? Square nails look good, but in my opinion, they’re too high-maintenance. And like, come on, you have to grow your nails really long to get those sharp corners. They look chic, yes, but I think I’m just gonna stick to round shapes, thanks! 😉

@classyclaws , @classyclaws, @yagala, @nailpretties – via Instagram

8. Swarovski & Crystal Nail Art

It may be difficult to do chores with these, but for parties and weddings, Swarowski-encrusted nails are the perfect option. I’m loving the peach nail art here with large crystals. Perfect nails for a summer bride!

@Nailspretties, @ClassyClaws, @Nailsbydelena – via Instagram

9. Dipping Powder

O.P.I. has just introduced a range of dipping nail powders to create a new type of dry pigment formula, called ‘Powder Perfection‘. And I’m only guessing this will become a trend by the end of this year! Can’t wait to try. Wait, I hope it’s not too expensive!


So, did you love the latest nail trends for this year? Which is your favorite trend and what shape of nails do you prefer?

Muaa XOXO 🙂

Credits: Images curated by Pinky Mehta

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