Hello divas! I’ve been writing about several latest fashion trends for Fall Winter 2015-2016, and even top makeup trends. So today I thought I’d focus on the latest nail polish trends. As for the transition season – monsoons – I’ve already written about the latest nail polish trends for monsoon. But today I’m gonna focus on runway-inspired latest nail polish trends for Fall Winter 2015 2016. And a bit on what’s in the market!


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Latest Nail polish Trend #1: Metallic Nudes

This is my favorite hottest thing right now. I first noticed this on the runway collection of Elie Saab’s Fall Winter 2015 2016 couture. And then I noticed it in other collections too. Shades include metallic beige, tan, cream, etc.

It looks very neutral, not too eye-catchy. But at the same time polished and elegant. So I guess we could wear it for evenings as well as day-time. It’s like the nude shades, but with a metallic touch. I call this latest nail polish trend the metallic nudes!! Check it out!

Plus, O.P.I. has come up with their newest collection: Venice. It has golds and metallic nudes like this one here:

Venice Collection - O.P.I.
Venice Collection – O.P.I.

Some of them are more like clear glossy nail lacquer, such as those in the collection of Atelier Versace and Giambattista Valli Fall Winter 2015 2016 couture:


Latest Nail polish Trend #2: Matte Nudes

Don’t like it glossy? It’s your season! Matte nudes are in too! Check out what we saw at Chanel and Dior’s Fall Winter 2015-2016 couture collection:

Dior - Matte Nude Nail Polish from Fall Winter 2015 Couture
Dior – Matte Nude Nail Polish from Fall Winter 2015 Couture

Latest Nail polish Trends #3: The Berries

I wrote about berry colored lips in my previous article Latest Makeup Trends Fall/ Winter 2015-2016. And of course we would love some berry shades on the nails too! Tom Ford has some of the top berry shades – cherry, strawberry etc.


And here’s the ones in fuchsia we saw on the runway!

Latest Nail polish Trend #4: Minimaistic Nail Art

I personally don’t love heavy and intricate nail art designs. I love to admire them. But of course, I don’t have the patience to sit through such a manicure. I can’t of course, do it myself either! Seems like Chanel and O.P.I. nail polish are with me!

Check out these stripey nails at Chanel’s Fall Winter 2015 Couture collection. It’s a simple and easy nail art in black and white:

Chanel Nail Art – Matte White Nail Polish with Black Tips from Fall Winter 2015 Couture

And O.P.I. has great ideas for minimalistic doable nail art on their Nail Art Gallery page. It seems the latest nail polish trends will have us keeping it classy with nail art!



Latest Nail polish Trend #5: The Classics – Red, Black and White

O.P.I. Venice Collection - Black
O.P.I. Venice Collection – Black

As mentioned above, O.P.I’s latest Venice collection also focuses on the classics – red, black and white nail polish. Pus: Chanel also had matte whites in their Fall 2015 runway collection:

So, hope you liked these new trends! As for me – I want to really try matte white nail polish. And I can’t wait to lay my hands on the Venice collection! Muhahaha <3

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