Latest Nail Art Ideas for Spring Summer 2016: 10 Top Nail Art Trends

From the runways to our favorite nail polish brands, here are the top nail art trends for 2016 and some of the latest nail art ideas. Take your pick!


Hey hottie! It’s been a while since I wrote about nail art, and since everyone loved that article, I decided to do one more on the latest nail art designs and top nail art ideas for 2016. I’ve picked out trends from New York Fashion Week Fall 2016 and also from the latest collections of our favorite nail polish brands like O.P.I., Sally Hansen, Essie, Zoya, etc. Plus I’ve been checking out galleries and Instas of nail artists, and hence – after doing all this homework – voila! Here are the hottest trends in nail art for this year:

10 Latest Nail Art Trends for 2016

#1: 3D Nail Art & Outside the Boundaries

This is the craziest fad in nail art this year. We’re seeing three-dimensional art work that doesn’t end with the nail boundaries, but goes all out in different shapes. It’s for when you wanna make a real statement!


#2: Embellished Nail Art

Embellished nails include rhinestones, glitter, metallic stripes and Swarovski crystals. Unlike last year when you could just put a rhinestone on each nail, in 2016, be creative with the nail art, and use embellishments on only one or two nails.


#3: Minimal Nail Art

If you want to try nail art, or are in the mood for some easy fun designs without committing to hours of handiwork or stick-designs, minimal nail art is for you. Use 2-3 colors to create geometric shapes like circles, dots, stripes or squares. Or just paint the edges or tips of nails. Just remember to not overdo it. You can do the art on just one or two nails, too.


#4: Cool French Tips Nail Art

Nail artists and salons have been playing with the French manicure for years now. But in 2016, the trend is very popular. We’re seeing different colors in French mani, like red or black. We’re seeing lots of metallics, and even double colored tips.



#5: Theme-Based Nail Art

Theme-based handbags are a fad in Summer 2016, and nail polish isn’t far behind! So pick a cool theme – foods, travel and what not!


#6: Cool & Summery Nail Art

Bright colors as well as pastels are trendy this season. But if you wanna try some cool nail art, try abstract art like stripes or sponge art.


#7: Antique Touch Nail Art

Metallics were in last season, and this season metallic art is trendy! Try antique touch with burnished gold, pewer, faded copper and such. Paint your nail in a metallic color, and then get deep brown on a sponge and dab on the nail for an “antique effect“. Then paint over it with a translucent coat of metallic once again to finish off.


#8: Ombre Nail Art

Of course, ombre nail art is still very trendy!! And we love it, plus it’s super easy. You may choose two different colors, but for a chic look, try two shades in the same color family. Or mix a nude shade with white for extra class!


#9: Half Moons Nail Designs

Here’s a geometric nail art idea that’s easy with the use of stencils. Half-moons can be painted next to the cuticles, or even at the nail tips. We’re seeing a lot of neutral and basic colors with metallics in 2016. Try black, nude, silver, gold and white.


#10: Color-Block Nail Art

Color-blocking means dividing up the nails into big and small blocks. They may be rectangular or abstractly-angular. You may or may not paint the edges in a different color. In 2016, try no more than 2-3 colors, and especially try shades within the same color family.


So those were the top trends in nail art for 2016. Did you like these nail art designs? Which one is your favorite out of all these trends? And if you have any more nail art ideas, comment below!! 🙂
Photo Credits: 3d white roses: Liina Leino via Nailsmag; 3D pink stars, eye pops, embellished black crystal: CND for the Blonds from NYFW; Embellished Violet: O.P.I.; Minimalistic blue dots & minimalistic lines: Sally Hansen; Minimalistic red triangle: Mateadesigns; Cool French tips glitter and gold: Sally Hansen; Theme based roses: Dolce & Gabbana; Theme based Hello Kitty: O.P.I.; Cool & Summery Pink and red: O.P.I.; Cool & Summery sponge design: Essie; Antique Touch with black rings:, Ombre red & black: Morgan Taylor for Tanya Taylor from NYFW; Ombre Hello Kitty: O.P.I.; Ombre white & nude: Paintbox with Donna Karan; Half moons gold & silver: Morgan Taylor for Creatures of the Wind from NYFW; Color blocking red & nude: Sally Hansen

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