Latest Nail Art Designs | Top 9 Nail Art Trends for 2017

Glitter or crystal? Minimal or intricate? From easy to pro-level, discover all the latest nail art designs you need to try this year!

Latest Nail Art Designs trends-2017-2018-latest-top-best-easy'Hey gorgeous! Since a time when nail art meant multiple materials, loooong hours of sitting and patiently waiting at salons, fashion has been evolving. We got to the glitter patterns and the French manicures. And ever since, latest nail art designs have included simpler, more minimalist styles that we could actually do ourselves. Well, at least some of us. (I still can’t be patient enough to draw a line on my nails!)

This year, we’re moving to yet simpler patterns and nail art trends. While we did see some three-dimensional complicated stuff on the runways and on Instagram, most of the trends we’re seeing are quite elegant and clean. So I went through all the major nail polish brands’ nail art galleries, to nail artists’ blogs and Instas and nails magazines to do my research for latest nail art designs 2017 forecasting. Here are the trends that are going to be in vogue for Fall 2017 and Winter 2018:

Latest Nail Art Designs

1. Crystals on Neutral Base

Crystals are back! But this time, they’re minimalistic. Forget wholly crystal-covered nails. Even a crystal on each nail is passé. This year, go for just one or two crystal-encrusted nails. Or go for a crystal here or there on all the nails. Pair them with neutral colored nail polish as a base, like white, cream or pale grey.

Latest Nail Art Designs best nail-paints-crystal-embellished-nails-fall-winter-2017
Photo Credits: @nailit, @nailitmag, @nailsbydelena – via Instagram

2. Color Blocking with Simple Geometry

Repetitive geometric patterns are out. Go for simple triangles, squares – one on each nail. Use the simple geometric designs as a color-blocking device for latest nail art designs. Like a triangle filled with a different color. Or try two-tone nail art with a line separating the colors.

top-trendy Latest Nail Art Designs geometric-colorful-polish-fw17-18
O.P.I., Essie

3. Mixed Patterns

Different design on each nail is super trendy right now. You could go for a different color on each nail. But to be safe, try just two colors and play with plain and patterned nails.

best-trending-nail-polish-colors Latest Nail Art Designs Mixed-designs-fall-2017-18

4. Bright Ombré Glitter

Gradient or ombré glitter may look difficult to do but it’s really easy. All you need is nail polish in two different shades, clear glittery top coat and a sponge. Paint the top three-quarters of your nail in one shade. Now take a sponge and put the other shade nail paint on it. Dab it over the other half, slightly overlapping the top half, so that no straight dividing line is visible. Now remove extra nail polish you may have gotten on your finger with nail paint remover. Top off with clear glittery coat! Go for bright nail polish this season in colors of precious stones! Also try: Best Burgundy Nails: 45 Nail Designs for Different Shapes

@misspopnails, @nailsmag via Instagram

5. Asymmetric Prints & Patterns

Latest nail art designs inspired by printed fabrics are so, so in! We’re seeing patchwork-inspired, tropical banana leaf prints, rose prints and what not. Oh, and animal print is back! Symmetry is out! Make each nail’s pattern asymmetric and slightly different by moving the pattern around, or changing its angle. Also mix it up with negative space or plain nail polish.

@misspopnails, @nailpretties, Essie, @misspopnails via Instagram

6. Neutral Minimalist Two-Tone

As I pointed out before, minimalist nail polish is really the trend this year. Play with two neutral colors – like clear and silver. Or black and white. Create very small design on just one part of the nail, like the tips or near the cuticle. Half-moons, lines and edges are great ideas. Keep it as simple as possible for the classy look. This is certainly one of the best nail art trends for office or formal parties.

Sally Hansen, O.P.I.

7. Bright Two-Tone

We’re also seeing bright colors in the two-tone nail art trend. It’s still minimalist here, but use a neutral shade paired with a bright color to create something fun and yet simple! Half hearts, moons, edges, circles – keep it fun and cool!


8. Waves & Stripes

Last but not the least, waves and stripes are one of my favorite trends in latest nail art designs this year. Keep it bold. Instead of the narrow nautical lines of last year, 2017 and 2018 are loving big, bold stripes that take up the whole nail.

O.P.I,misspopnail via Instagram

So gorgeous! How did you like my list of the hottest and latest nail art trends? Do you like to do nail art yourself? Which one would you pick? If you try any of these trends, do tag me in your Instagram picture @shilpaahujadotcom and I’ll surely love it!

Latest Nail Art Designs trends 2017-2018-minimal-blue-simple-easy
Images curated by: Pinky Mehta

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