Latest Men’s Fashion Trends for Fall Winter 2015-2016

Hi boys! Here are the latest men’s fashion trends for Fall Winter 2015-2016 straight from the runways as designed by Dior, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, D&G, etc. I know you care about looking great, and feeling confident, and I know sometimes it can get hard to make sense of the trends on fashion shows and stuff. So I’ve decided to make it simpler, and provide simple tips on latest men’s fashion trends! And this year, they range from unwearable to hot! That’s why I’ve collected for you the most wearable latest men’s fashion trends.

I’ve been writing much less on men’s fashion lately, but I saw the wonderful response I got on the last article I wrote on the subject:
11 Latest Men’s Haircut and Style Trends for 2015

So now I’ve decided to write much more on men’s fashion. In fact, I’ve created a separate page for you gentlemen. Presenting

Moving on, let’s first start with the latest men’s fashion trends that you wanna wear next season: Fall/ Winter 2015-2016. I’ve checked out the best of designer fashion for you, done my homework and compiled a list of the best trends:

Latest Men’s Fashion Trends: Fall Winter 2015-2016

1. Patterned Shirts

This season, experiment with more unusual patterns like small and bold geometric prints, nature-inspired, organic or architectural patterns on your shirts.


2. Above the Ankle Folded Pants

Cropped pants are going to be very in this season. Not too short, just at or above your ankles. You can even fold them up 2 inches like this model’s:


3. Short/ Cropped Jackets

Short jackets and shirt-like jackets tucked into your trousers is the latest fad. Again, not too short – your jackets should hit right above your hips and below your navel.


4. Slim Pants

Slim, tailored pants are very in this season. This is one of the few old things that made its way into this year’s latest men’s fashion trends.

You don’t want them to be too tight. It should just be lose enough for you to move and walk comfortably, and sit without ripping them!


5. Military Print

Military or camouflage print is back in fashion. This year, it’s not going to be limited to street-wear for jackets or cargo pants. This season, be creative and use them in your backpacks, jogging pants, and even in your formal-wear – like in shirts or vests or sweaters, like this Dior model:


6. Mixed Patterns

Of course, you can play it safe by matching solids with solids, or solids with patterns. But this season, if you’re bold enough, try to mix patterns with patterns. On the runway, we saw stripes matched with checks, or organic matched with geometric, even bold stripes paired with pin-stripes, or like this one here: diagonal stripes paired with an architectural pattern:


7. Slim Ties

Like everything else, slim ties are in fashion, again! The key to styling them is to never pair them with broad-lapeled coats/ jackets. And also be sure to tie the knot correctly for them to look flawless!


8. Show Off Seams

This season, the seams or hemlines are very visible, and very trendy! Pick out a shirt or jacket with highlighted seams, maybe in a contrasting color.mens_fashion_trends_fall_winter_2015_2016_best_latest_pattern_highlighted_visible_hemline_seams

Hope you liked these trends. Here’s the full latest men’s fashion trends report for Fall Winter 2015-2016, a summary, if you will!


Hasta la vista, and keep it classy!

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