Latest Men’s Designer Suits for Winter 2016 | Burberry, Armani & More…

From Armani to Burberry, here are our picks for the top men’s suits for Winter 2016, handpicked in the season’s trendiest colors and styles.


Hello there! I feel suits are one of the best things that happened to men. There are three most important things about suits – the fit, material and the style of the suit. Suits make you feel confident and powerful instantly apart from being incredibly suave and fashionable. And just in time for the New Year, here are some of our favorite suits for the season!

The top colors in men’s suits for Winter 2016 are charcoal, navy, burgundy and chocolate brown. For 2016, the best jacket length is right where your sleeve ends when you stand straight with arms down. Design houses like Armani and Burberry are also making a case for a slightly longer jacket that ends about two inches from the end of your sleeve.

Regarding buttons, two-button suit jackets are in, and double-breasted jackets are also trendy.


Dolce & Gabbana Mud Wool 2-Button ‘Martini’ 3-Piece Suit With Flat Front Pants

mens-suits-latest-designs-2016-winter-designer-styles-beige-armani-formal-2-buttonArmani Collezioni G-Line Solid Cotton-Blend Suit

This deep umber brown is a really cool and unique color by Burberry which I’m loving for Winter 2016.

mens-formal-clothing-suits-latest-designs-2016-winter-designer-burberry-deep-burgundyBurberry Modern Fit Wool Half-Canvas Suit
canali blue 2 button travel suit flat front pants suit style 2015 e1451422947642CANALI- Blue Wool 2-Button ‘Travel’ Suit With Flat Front Pants

Ben-sherman-grey-suit-style-two-button-suit-designer-style-2016BEN SHERMAN- Grey 2 Button Camden Suit

hugo-boss-black-virhin-wool-two-piece-designer-blue-fly-2016-mens-suit-styleHUGO BOSS- Black 110 Virgin Wool 2-Button ‘Johnstons1/Lenon’ Suit 

ralph-lauren-double-breasted-glen-plaid-db-wool-suit-stule-brownPOLO GLEN PLAID DB WOOL SUIT

valentino-burgundy-two-button-suit-style-mens-designer-stlye-2015VALENTINO -Burgundy formal two-piece suit

paul-smith-two-button-formal-suit-mens-designer-style-2015PAUL SMITH -two piece suit

pal-zileri-double-breasted-woolen-suit-style-winter-collection-2015PAL ZILERI -knit double breasted suit

claudio-tonello-beige-suit-style-two-piece-suit-designer-wear-2015CLAUDIO TONELLO -Beige two piece suit

brunello-cucinelli-two-piece-suit-blue-suit-designer-mens-suit-style-2015BRUNELLO CUCINELLI -Blue two piece suit

So, these are the most stylish and trendiest suits for Winter 2016. Valentino’s burgundy suit and Ralph Lauren’s double-breasted brown suit are my personal favorites! Which one is your favorite? Let us know below!

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Also, here’s some retro suit fashion:


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