5 Must-Have Lipstick Colors for Summer 2016

Inspired from the runway collections, selected from amongst the top makeup brands, here are the top 5 lip shades and latest lipstick colors for summer 2016!

Chanel Summer 2016 Makeup
Chanel Summer 2016 Makeup

Hey gorgeous! It’s midsummer, and that’s the time for sooo many things! Brunch, night-outs, garden parties, pool parties, travels, business meetings, weddings, shopping, everything’s great! And all those vastly different experiences call for a whole bunch of lipsticks, now, don’t they? But that’s good news, because this season, the colors that are trendiest in lipsticks will work for each of those summer activities you’re planning.

So based on the best makeup trends for Summer 2016, we’ve picked out the five hottest lipstick colors for this season. Plus, we’ve also selected the best shades in those from amongst the top makeup brands! So here we go!

Top Summer Lip Colors for 2016

Latest Lipstick Colors in Bold Red

Whether it’s a night-out, a really fancy party or you’re just hanging out with friends during the day, bold red shades are super hot this season! I’m wearing plenty of red lip color this season, pairing it with whites, blacks, greens and a lot of other bright outfits. It’s a really bright classic red, so be sure to use lip liner before you wear these to make your lip color last longer.

Best Lipstick Shades in Nudes

Chanel Spring 2016 Les Beiges Collection

If you wanna switch up your summer lip colors from the bold reds, try the basic nudes! Nude shades are very in this summer. The best lipstick shades range from matte beige to shimmery biscuit. Great for office, lunches and formal parties.

Latest Lipstick Colors in Rosy Blush

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2016 Makeup Collection

Oh, I’m totally loving the rosy pinks and blush shades this year. The popular lipstick colors in blush pink are very soft, light and feminine, and look great any time of the day. These shades can be worn matte or glossy, or they can be combined with shimmery lip gloss for a really glam look! I love pairing rosy blush lipsticks with kohl-lined eyes, a little liquid eyeliner, lots of mascara and light blush, and it lights up the whole face!

Lipstick Shades for Summer Bronze

Tommy Hilfiger SS16 RTW

We saw the bronz-ey makeup look this year on a lot of runways, and it’s very summery, tan and energetic. Great for traveling, casual dates and office. Wear with a bit of bronzer and lightly-smudged brown pencil eyeliner for a sun-kissed look!

Latest Lipstick Colors in Raspberry Pinks

Dior Summer 2016 Milky Dot

The hot pinks have taken a fruity turn in Summer 2016! The raspberry lipstick shade is the it-color for this season, and can be combined with blue, turquoise or aquamarine eyeshadow for a bright summer look. These shades are great for garden parties, weddings, night-outs and whenever you wanna look bright and cute!

So did you like these latest lip color trends for summer 2016? Which shade was your favorite amongst these, and which color are you wearing the most this summer? Lemme know! Comment below!!
Muaah XOXO 🙂

Researched by: Pinky Mehta

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