Latest Lehenga Designs for 2019-2020 from Celebs & Fashion Week

From Bollywood celebs to runways, from Sabyasachi to Rohit Bal, discover the latest lehenga designs for 2019-2020’s wedding season!

Latest Lehenga Designs for 2019-2020 latest lehenga blouse design 2019 falguni Shane Peacock 8
Falguni & Shane Peacock

Hey gorgeous! It’s finally the time you’ve all been waiting for – India Couture Week! I have been pouring over the Instagram stories of India’s top fashion designers and going over the tiniest details of each and every lehenga of every collection of 20191 So I’m finally able to bring you my fashion forecast for the latest lehenga designs of 2019 for winter weddings & more.

Latest Lehenga Designs for 2019-2020

As always, we put together our analysis of Bollywood celeb style and fashion week collections to predict the hottest lehenga designs for 2019-2020 for girls. Let’s take a look!

1. Pre-Draped Dupatta

After pre-draped sarees took over the designer Indian fashion in 2017, it’s high time we saw pre-draped dupattas in lehengas. If you like the look of the long dupattas, but hate pinning them up and carrying them around (only for them to slip off), this trend is for you! And by that, I mean it’s for me! Manish Malhotra‘s gorgeous lehenga here would be perfect for your cousin’s or best friend’s wedding.


In fact, here’s another one of Manish Malhotra’s designs that has the dupatta stitched at the back of the choli like a cape. If you felt like going to a wedding feeling like a superhero, here’s your chance. Perfect way to be hands-free and being able to take pictures and all without having to hold the dupatta all the time.


This Suneet Varma style of dupatta-draping is what I’m loving the most – it’s gracefully wrapped around the front and stitched on the shoulder, with the two ends hanging loose. So elegant yet modern.


Rohit Bal came up with the new way of marrying the cholis and dupattas – his lehengas featured wrap-around shawl-style cholis. Also notice those beautiful flamingo motifs!


Amit Aggarwal’s pre-draped dupattas are reminiscent of his 2018’s gown collection. This belted lehenga-gown has a dupatta that’s stitched into the belt and at the shoulder.


This cute pre-draped dupatta idea by Falguni & Shane Peacock is something you can DIY and even apply on your suits or kurtis. This one has the dupatta just weapped around the shoulders, pinned on one side at the front so that it reveals the shoulders. Chic but not too revealing. Great idea for an engagement party.


Gaurav Gupta’s designs are always sculptural, and his dupattas are no different. In this eggshell colored engagement lehenga, the net dupatta is stitched to the choli and draped along the waves of the lehenga’s ruffles.


2. Ruffles & Feathers

We’ve already been seeing western design elements in all of Indian fashion lately, such as corsets, applique and off-the-shoulder blouses, whether it’s sarees, gowns or lehengas. This year, ruffles and feathers are both taking center-stage among the latest lehenga trends. Here, Manish Malhotra’s two lehengas feature both ruffles and feathers.

Top Designer Lehenga Trends 2019 Dupatta-Manish-Malhotra
Falguni & Shane Peacock’s designs here feature these two elements, too. The one on the left has a pale pink ruffled dupatta over a multi-color lehenga. The one on the right has such beautiful feathers on its hem, like a bird’s plumage. Hope they’re faux.

Top Designer Lehenga Trends 2019 Feather Dupatta-Falguni

Here are Suneet Varma’s three lehenga designs that each feature ruffles in a unique way. One is a lehenga with ruffles all-over it (left), the second has a ruffled blouse, and the one on the right has a ruffle-hemmed net dupatta.

Top Designer Lehenga Trends 2019 Ruffles Dupatta-Suneet-Varma

Here’s one by Gaurav Gupta that has large over-sized ruffles all over it, draped in a dynamic way, giving a three-dimensional effect that’s sure to turn heads at any wedding.

Top Designer Lehenga Trends 2019 Gaurav Gupta

Here’s another one with a ruffled dupatta. This lehenga by Amit Aggarwal is paired with a striped dupatta with large ruffles.

Top Designer Lehenga Trends 2019 Ruffles Amit Aggarwal

And finally, this pretty red lehenga by Sabyasachi proves that a ruffled lehenga doesn’t need to be too statement-y. It can be just a simple lehenga with threadwork embroidery and plain dupatta. Just add your tiny ruffles and you’re good to go!

Top Designer Lehenga Trends 2019 Ruffles-dupatta Sabyasachi

3. Dupattaless Lehenga

It seems that the Indian designers are realizing that the dupattas always get in the way of the modern Indian women eating panipuris at the weddings. That’s why we’re seeing so many lehenga designs without dupattas this year. Dupatta-less designs are one of the biggest 2019 lehenga trends and I can’t be happier. Rohit Bal is on top of this trend, as none of his lehengas from either the 2018 or 2019 collections include any dupatta! Seriously!

lehenga designs 2019 for girl rohit-bal-2

These two lehenga designs by Shyamal Bhumika show just how much creative designers are willing to be to avoid dupattas. The first one has a choli with sort of a built-in dupatta. If it were longer, you could get a very elegant, modest design. The second one is in itself a full-sleeved, long peplum top, and its modesty makes a dupatta useless. Perfect for your colleague’s winter wedding.

lehenga designs 2019 for girl Shyamal-Bhumika-9

These lehengas by Suneet Varma have unique ideas to avoid dupatta. One has a knotted poncho on it that almost completely hides the choli and midriff. The other has sequined fringes that cover the shoulders to make the choli more modest.

lehenga designs 2019 for girl suneet-varma-9
Here are two by Falguni and Shane Peacock, one with a full-sleeved choli that has slant patterns on it, giving the feel of a dupatta, and the other is a reception lehenga worn with a feathered jacket.

lehenga designs 2019 for girl falguni-Shane-Peacock-2

This lehenga by Manish Malhotra is also paired with a matching feathered crop jacket, eliminating the need for a dupatta.

lehenga designs 2019 for girl manish malhotra jacket

4. Modern Motifs

Alvida, generic buti flowers. Hello, birds and butterflies! The embroidery motifs on lehengas are getting a makeover this year. The latest lehenga designs by top designers feature some breathtakingly fresh motifs and this is the perfect chance to pay attention to the details. Here are two by Rohit Bal, one featuring gold birds (worn by Malaika Arora) and the other has sunflower and lily print.


Here’s a design by Amit Aggarwal from Hello magazine’s cover that has peacock feather inspired motifs created out of delicate threadwork. The lehenga also features chevron and checkered patterns, and the dupatta also has stripes on it. Overall, using too many patterns on a lehenga makes for a confused design that may not work IRL.


This pastel lehenga design by Shyamal & Bhumika does make multiple patterns work together, but only by a little bit, by making them more subtle and less edgy. The choli features an organic pattern that reminds me of artist impressions of early life on earth. The lehenga features mitochondria-esque patterns and the overskirt – well, let’s keep going with the prehistoric biology theme and call it underwater algae and be done with it. Sorry, team SB.


This is one of the latest lehenga designs that does not disappoint. Suneet Varma brings multicolor flower, leaf and butterfly motifs on a white backdrop that do give a very fairy kei vibe, and I’m all for it, especially for a garden wedding.


Here’s another one of those latest lehenga designs with mixed confused motifs by Manish Malhotra. I do like the gold lotus motifs, and the choli is pretty, and of course, Jacqueline Fernandez does rock the style.


This number by Falguni and Shane Peacock has framed flowers as its main focus. Other than the fact that they’re unconventional, they do little to make the design interesting and the choli pattern looks plain weird.


5. Chevron Pattern

For the uninitiated, chevron is the zigzag pattern, and it’s taking over the lehenga world by storm. Here’s one of the latest lehenga designs by Amit Aggarwal that features all-over chevron design in chrome over a baby pink lehenga.


This gold lehenga by Sabyasachi proves that this geometric pattern is a great idea for not just parties, but even for brides who are looking for non-floral designs.


This ivory lehenga by Rohit Bal is so pretty with its oversized floral embroidery over chevron. However, the mixed confused geometric patterns on the choli do kinda ruin the whole look.


If you want in on the chevron trend without going overboard, this lehenga by Falguni Shane is for you. The color is what they’re doing a lot this year – dove grey. And the choli has the underwired built-in bra that I’ll talk about more in my upcoming article on lehenga choli trends for 2019. The top of the lehenga features chevron pattern, followed by multi-colored ethnic motifs towards the bottom.


This lehenga design from Suneet Varma’s ICW couture collection is so breathtaking. Perfect for a modern bride, or your brother’s wedding, this lehenga has chevron pattern in gold and silver over a pale silver backdrop.


6. Oversized Sequins or Mirrors

Mirrors are back, but this year, say bye-bye to those tiny traditional mirror work. Instead, welcome large statement-making mirrors and oversized shiny sequins that are all about putting you in the spotlight. Here are two by Manish Malhotra, one on Jahnvi Kapoor with all-over mirror work and the other with gold sequins that gradually increase in size as they go down.

Top Lehenga Design 2019 Mirror Sequins Manish-Malhotra

Here are to latest lehenga designs by Suneet Varma, both have mirror work done in a modern way. One has mosaic-like mirrors on dupatta and the top of the lehenga, almost like terazzo. The other has a melange of mirrors in different sizes surrounded by multicolor embroidery.

Top Lehenga Design 2019 Suneet-Varma
Sabyasachi’s lehenga here features big circular sequins paired with a rose-print dupatta.

Top Lehenga Design 2019 Sabyasachi
Here’s another one by Falguni & Shane Peacock that has a design made up of large and small differently shaped sequins, paired with a fur dupatta.

Top Lehenga Design 2019 Falguni Shane Peacock

7. Contrasting Dupatta

Gone are the days when you had to just choose one color for your lehenga. For the next wedding or party you have to attend, go for a contrasting dupatta or choli. You can even re-wear your old dupattas with new lehengas. Here are two latest lehenga designs by Manish Malhotra where the gold lehengas are paired with red dupattas.

Here’s one by Shyamal Bhumika in blue nude.

Latest Lehenga Trends 2019 Contrasting Choli Dupatta Shyamal Bhumika
Suneet Varma’s lehenga over here has white on red color scheme.

Latest Lehenga Trends 2019 Contrasting Choli Dupatta Suneet Varma
This bridal green lehenga by Sabyasachi is all about tradition in a contemporary way.

Latest Lehenga Trends 2019 Contrasting Choli Dupatta Sabyasachi 3

8. Stripes

Well, it would be wrong to call these stripes, what we’re seeing are more like lines embellished or embroidered along the kalis of a lehenga. This new trend is a surprising addition to the latest lehenga design, and I hadn’t expected to spot it in so many designer collections. Here’s one by Falguni/ Shane that has sequins along the length of the lehenga and dupatta.
Falguni Shane
new designer lehenga 2019 Falguni
This striped design by Manish Malhotra is so pretty for your brother’s wedding. In this lehenga, the lines start at the hips and go all the way down to the feet, featuring kali design.

new designer lehenga 2019 manish

Here’s a pastel colored lehenga by Gaurav Gupta that features abstract motifs and the overskirt has stripes on it in silver. Great idea for a roka ceremony.

new designer lehenga 2019 Stripes-Gaurav-Gupta
I don’t particularly like this green lehenga by Suneet Varma, but anyway, it’s a good idea to feature it here, considering it makes use of sequins to create stripes all along the lehenga’s length, and even on the choli.
new designer lehenga 2019 Stripes-Suneet-Varma

9. Plain Net Dupatta Over Heavy Lehenga

As lehengas get heavier and cholis get bolder, the dupattas are getting simpler and plainer in 2019. In some of the top designer collections, we’re seeing heavy lehengas paired with very plain net dupattas. Of course, this is a contemporary trend as carrying light-weight dupattas is easier at functions. Here’s one by Shyamal and Bhumika.


This is a trend we’re even seeing in the latest bridal lehenga designs 2019. Here’s one of the latest lehenga designs by Sabyasachi which can be great for a daytime wedding, in which the dupatta is just plain with slight embroidery near the edges.

Here’s another one by Gaurav Gupta that has an off-the-shoulder choli and lehenga draped dynamically. The plain net dupatta is stitched under the fold of the choli.

Falguni and Shane Peacock’s lehenga here is so pretty it doesn’t need a dupatta at all, especially with its feathered off-the-shoulder choli. So it’s a great choice to pair it with a plain net dupatta on the side.


10. Small to Big Embroidery

Last but not the least, here’s one of the latest lehenga designs that is getting popular increasingly in 2019. The embroidery starts out small near the waistline, and gets bigger incrementally as it goes down towards the hemline. This lehenga by Shyamal & Bhumika follows the same trend with its beautiful botanical motifs, looking especially pretty on a bridal lehenga.

This pastel bridal lehenga by Sabyasachi also has intricate floral motifs that increase in size as they go down. Love the plain dupatta with it.

This piece in a pale pastel green shade by Manish Malhotra is not exactly one of my favorites, but it does feature small to big embroidery featuring flowers framed within Mughal arches.

These lehengas by Suneet Varma are all about applique, and feature rose bunches that start small along the waist and then get bigger as they go down towards the feet. Loving the fringed choli!

So I hope you enjoyed taking a look at our roundup of the latest designer lehenga trends for 2019. Which trend did you love the most? And which designer’s latest collection are you liking? Lemme know @shilpa1ahuja on Twitter!! Plus, don’t forget to show me your own lehenga designs on Instagram by tagging me @shilpaahujadotcom!

Muaah <3

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