Latest Jewelry Trends for Men | The 2021 Guide

From Goth-themed brooches to quirky geometric bands, here are the latest jewelry trends for men that’ll be popular in 2021.

popular 2021 designs Latest Jewelry Trends for Men

Men today are getting adventurous and bolder when it comes to wearing jewelry and choosing their accessories. For most men, gender-fluid fashion is becoming more and more popular.

Until recently, the problem was that choices available to men are limited. Fortunately, jewelers now have already started pursuing men in presenting versatile and elegant options. It’s a good thing that today, you can stand out in the crowd by sporting flair and distinctive style with the help of the trending jewelry specifically crafted for men.

Latest Jewelry Trends for Men

Brewing some new ideas can be tedious. If you want to stay ahead in the fashion game, create a sophisticated version of yourself. You can now express your personality through jewelry. Men want more jewelry nowadays. Studies now show that men are outspending women on apparel and accessories, contrary to once-popular opinions.

Make a statement with these latest jewelry trends for men without trying too hard. If you are a man shopping for yourself, pick the best jewelry that you can wear with pride. You’ve got more to choose from.


Stacking Bracelet

A stack bracelet is one of the most sought-after accessorizing trend that many men secretly wish to wear. Stacking bracelets are worn together with other bracelets on one wrist for a neutral, carefree, and individual look.

The trick is to find thin bracelets to stack, or even find a bracelets that gives the stacking look it itself. You can start stacking 2 to 4 men’s bracelets that have the same theme. You can try 2 bracelets of the same metal, or you can mix a metallic one with a different colored one. Also, do not stack thick, metal bracelets as it will be cumbersome for everyday wear. Wear a watch that your bracelets go together without too much contrast. A more refined watch can pair well with a thinner bracelet. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

latest jewelry trends for men mens designer jewelry 2021 bracelets
(L to R): Alexander McQueen, Dior, Dior, Ader Error

Diamond Band Rings

Men’s band rings are back nowadays. Diamond band rings for men are one of the impressive and elegant pieces in men’s jewelry. Also, band rings that are made of gold are both unique and romantic. Men do not wear a lot of jewelry, but rings and watches are definitely a great idea. Aside from gold watches, band rings give more intricate detailing and subtle patterns. An etch in men’s jewelry works well with abstract patterns combined with elements from nature. Men’s artistic flair will surely exhibit this kind of ring.

popular jewelry trends 2021 trendy bands men's-rings
(L to R): Versace, Dior, Alexander McQueen, Ambush, Gucci

If you want to try an amazing trend, go for men’s diamond band rings. This jewelry will surely grab the attention of the onlookers. Best crafted diamond band rings are always an attraction along with a perfect suit.

Quirky Rings

Here’s another ring trend we’re seeing this year. Bands shaped with chain links or those embossed with cool designs like animals or skulls are very trendy, and we’re seeing them in tons of designer brands’ collections like Gucci, Tom Wood, Dior and Versace. Also try two-finger rings and geometric shapes like U shaped or D shaped bands, which are one of the top designs among the latest jewelry trends for men.

men's-rings-designs 2021 mens trending jewelry

Personalized Chain Necklace

Necklaces are popular and timeless. Chains were always a classic with its bead and ball neck chains. Dog tags or other similar shapes are back among the latest jewelry trends for men. Again, make a style statement by adding a layer of a mix of metal and leather cords with pendants.

Personalized dog tags cross or other metal pendants are a great way to stand out. The trendiest shapes for 2021 will be medallions, fantasy themes like an orb, bone, lightening symbol or bee. You can also try badass shapes like carabiner, dragon skull or cigarette lighter. For something more subtle, memorable anniversary, initials of your significant other or your child’s name makes wonderful ideas for personalizing a chain necklace.

(L to R): Vivienne Westwood, Versace, Dior, Ambush

Studs & Dangly Earrings

More men are getting their ears pierced. Jewelers are eager to cater to their new ear holes by creating unique and stylish earrings. A dangly earring is one of the most sartorial earring that requires bravery. Johnny Depp was seen wearing a dangling earring back in the early 90s. There is nothing quite to stand out like a man’s earring. Whether you like a stud earring or a dangling pear, both styles never run out of self -expression. Check out the latest jewelry trends for men here for suds & earring designs.

popular top male-trends-jewelry-mens studs 2021-earings
(L to R): Ambush, Versace, M. Cohen


A brooch is now a major trend as the new style is transitioning. Men today are exploring the jewels that reflect their personalities. Fine jewelry brooches are becoming more fastened to lapels and collars. The white diamond brooch for men makes the best fashion statement, also the yellow gold beetle brooch.

(L to R): Alexander McQueen, MSGM, DUOltd, Dsquared2, Ralph Lauren RRL

“Brooch is an artful way of expressing self,” says Colette Neyrey, antique jewlery designer and founder of LA-based vintage jewelry brand Maison Coco. In menswear, confidence is a huge part of the current mood, and adding a brooch complements the style. Brooch has a classical power dressing effect on men if worn in different colors in the form of a gemstone.

Other popular designs to try are feather, arrow, or nail pin. We’re also seeing a lot of Goth themed brooches this year in designer & latest jewelry trends for men such as skeleton hands, black crystal, spider, skull or black feather.



For men, jewelry is a form of self-expression. Now that we have shared with you the latest jewelry trends for men, it will be easier for you to make wise and stylish choices in your next hunt for an accessory. Keep these latest jewelry trends in mind and mix and match them in your way to express yourself in the most sophisticated way. By following these trends, you can look smart and stylish in newer ways!

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