Latest Hairstyle and Hair Color Trends from New York Fashion Week AW/Fall 2015


Here are the best and worst hair color trends from New York Fashion Week AW/Fall 2015. From messy to poofy, these hair color trends are what you want to be trying in Fall 2015!

If you’re into unnaturally glossy and dramatically beautiful looking hair, then this New York Fashion Week of Fall or Autumn/Winter 2015 was probably not the best for you. So many contrasting colors, and so many different hairstyle trends are being seen at the runway. Let’s dive right in:

Hair Color Trends:

Looks like dark hair will really be in next season, because lots of different shades were seen in that, ranging from dirty blonde, to dark browns to gothic black. Most models sported global color, but in some cases highlights in light to dark caramel were seen. So the best hair color trends are in the shades of brown.

Natural looking highlights are big in these collections. Lighter hair colors mostly included icy blonde shades.

Hairstyle Trends:

1. Natural Undone Hair:

After the whole revolution of bringing naturalness into fashion, with models looking like everyday girls who don’t like to wear makeup or designer clothing, and lots of celebrities sporting natural-looking waves on the red carpet lately (Katy Perry, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively), and even this years spring collection with many natural hair looks, it isn’t really surprising to see our favorite hair trend on runway again. Some of the models had hair just naturally wavy, and some tucked loosely into the jacket collars and scarves, giving the casual everyday girl look.


 Jason Wu rachel_comey_natural_undone_wavy_hair_brown_brunette_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015  Rachel Comey

novis_natural_undone_wavy_hair__bronde_brown_brunette_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 novis_natural_undone_wavy_hair_brown_brunette_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Novis

2. Greasy Dirty Hair

Undoubtedly the most talked about hair trend seen in this New York Fashion Week, seen at Alexander Wang’s collection. The models sported dark gothic/ heavy-metal hair, with a clumpiness that is both edgy and rebellious.

alexander_wang_hair_trends_greasy_clumpy_dark_dirty_blonde_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 alexander_wang_hair_trends_greasy_clumpy_dark_dirty_blonde_short_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015

alexander_wang_hair_trends_greasy_clumpy_dark_dirty_brunette_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Alexander Wang

3. Tied Hair:

Many designers had this look on their models, some with natural-looking hair loosely tied at the back with flyways and a beautiful natural messiness, almost romantic, and some very tightly tied, sort of stern teacher-ly look.

joseph_altuzarra_beautiful_hair_brown_brunette_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 altuzarra_clumpy__greasy_natural_brown_bronde_dirty_blonde_hair_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Joseph Altuzarra

diane_von_furstenberg_tied_sleek_natural_undone_hair_brown_brunette_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 diane_von_furstenberg_tied_flyway_natural_undone_hair_brown_brunette_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Diane Von Furstenberg

victoria_beckham_tied_flyway_natural_sleek_hair_brown_brunette_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 victoria_beckham_tied_flyway_natural_undone_hair_brown_brunette_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Victoria Beckham

jason_wu_natural_undone_wavy_hair_brown_bronde_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015_1 Jason Wu altuzarra_clumpy__greasy_natural_dark_hair_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Joseph Altuzarra


4. Super Sleek Hair with lots of Product:

Again, this was seen in multiple designers’ collections- such as Wes Gordon, whose models had hair with an almost flat-looking middle partition, a very adrogynous look, and some designers like Cushnie et Ochs had models with side-parted hair, pinned very firmly at the back.

wes_gordon_dark_middle_parted_hair_sleek_straight_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Wes Gordon prabal_gurung_dark_parted_brown_brunette_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Prabal Gurung

tommy_hilfiger_middle_parting_parted_dirty blonde_hair_sleek_straight_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Tommy Hilfigercushnie_et_ochs_dark_side_parted_hair_sleek_straight_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Cushnie et Ochs

5. Long Bangs with Wavy Hair:

Yet another natural-look we all like. While Alexander Wang’s models had unevenly cut very long bangs, some of which covered the whole face, Jason Wu and Tommy Hilfiger’s models had evenly cut bangs covering lots of forehead.

alexander_wang_hair_trends_greasy_clumpy_dark_dirty_long _bangs_blonde_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Alexander Wang

tommy_hilfiger_long_bangs_brunette_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Tommy Hilfiger jason_wu_natural_undone_wavy_hair_brown_bronde_long_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015_2 Jason Wu

6. Big Poofy Hair with Flyways:

Adam Selman’s collection showed models with super tall and messy poofs with natural-looking wavy hair. We like how the poofs have lots of flyways and long side-bangs, too.

adam_semlan_big_poof_long_brunette_dark_brown_hair_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 adam_semlan_big_poof_long_icy_ice_blonde_hair_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015_1

adam_semlan_big_poof_long_dirty_blonde_hair_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 adam_semlan_big_poof_long_icy_ice_blonde_hair_new_york_fashion_week_fall_2015 Adam Selman


So which is your favorite and least favorite trend from the NYFW AW 2015? Did I forget any trends? Comment below!


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