Latest Haircut Trends and Hairstyles for Spring Summer 2017 for Women

The latest haircut trends for Spring Summer 2017 are here! Check out the best and outstanding ones straight from the runways!

latest-hair-cut-trends-for-2017-spring-summer-2017-collection-spring-haircuts-hairstyles-bestWhenever I go for a haircut I remember the quote by Coco Chanel, “A women who cuts her hair is about to change her life”. And yeah! I find that so true! Haircut gives an instant makeover and makes you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Get your best look with the latest haircut trends of the season! From long to short to medium hair, there’s a trendy one for each type of hair.

Take a look at the various haircuts for spring 2017!

A. Latest Haircut Trends for 2017

1. Long Wavy Bob with Eyebrow Covering Bangs

Bob cut has been in trends for past few seasons and is still ruling the latest haircut trends. Bangs with the bob cut too have been a big hit. For 2017, the length of bangs has reached the eyebrows giving a more youthful look. You can either keep the hair center parted or side parted, but make sure the bangs fall on or a tiny below the eyebrows to strictly follow this trend! We saw this haircut in the fashion shows of Fendi, Versace, Chloe, etc.

2. Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

Flaunt your long hair this season by adding bangs to it. This is one of the latest haircut trend for spring spotted on the runways. I like the look by Max Mara in which the hair and the bangs are straight and symmetrical at the ends.

3. Short Bob with Bangs

The best haircut to try in summers is the bob cut! Also, bangs are quite popular in the latest haircut trends for 2017. Whether its long or short hair, try bangs or fringes to get a youthful look. If you are looking for a retro style, try the look by Moschino with curly, voluminous hair.

4. Side Parted Long Hair

Layers are passé! Try a more natural look this year.
Deep side parted hair is what we saw on the runway models this season. From layered to straight hair, side part suits any hairstyle. Off-center parting was also a trend that was seen on Gucci models.

5. Wavy Bob

Wavy and curly hair have been trendy since 2016. The trend of wavy bob is gonna stay in this season too! Last season we saw that asymmetric wavy bob was trendy but this season it seems to faded off. Center or side parted and messy bob is what we are seeing this season.

6. Pixie Cut

Shortest haircut of the cuts is the pixie. In many of our favorite designer collections like Fendi, Max Mara and Michael Kors, we saw the curly pixie style. Also, pixie with bangs is super trendy.

7.  Center Parted Long Hair

This is a classic hairstyle and is never gonna go out of fashion. Really curly or straight – both are trendy. If you wanna make this haircut look statement-y then braid a few strands of the hair on one side as in Roberto Cavalli.

8. Long Side Swept Bangs

Bangs are of course, one of the trendy haircut for women for this season. This haircut suits well for short, medium and long hair, too. Deep side part the hair and leave your long bangs falling on one side.

9. Straight Symmetrical Bangs

Perfectly trimmed bangs are also in trend this season. The length of the bangs may be eyebrow covering or mid forehead. Different hairstyles which would go with this type of haircut are top knots, half up and center parted loose hair.

B. Hair Styles

While haircuts give an instant makeover, different hairstyles helps us in completing the look. The trendiest hairstyles for this season include top knots, side ponytail style and braids.

1. Top Knot

Feel fresh in summer by tying a top knot to your hair and work distraction-free. Top knots with bangs are super trendy this season.


2. Side Ponytail

Make the classic pony style look effortlessly trendy by just tying it on one side. We saw this hairstyle on the Chanel models in the SS17 show.


3. Braids

Loose braids with a few stray strands on either side are what we are seeing this season. You can also just braid a few strands of hair and let the rest be wavy.

Alice + Olivia

C. Hair Accessories

Hair accessories add glam to any haircut and style. These help the hair be intact. From small stud pins to embellished bands, we have been seeing hair accessories in many of our our favorite collections like Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi.

These are our predictions for latest haircut trends for 2017. Which haircut are you gonna try this summer? Do let us know in comments below!

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