Latest Hair Fashion for Fall 2017 | 6 Trendy Hairstyles

From bangs to messy buns, from Chanel to Versace, here are the latest hair fashion and hairstyles from Fall 2017 Paris Haute Couture Week!

Latest Hair Fashion-haircut-fashion-for-women-fall-winter-2017-18Hey gorgeous! Don’t we all want to stay up-to-date with the latest hair trends and get a new look every season? From eyebrow length bangs to wavy hairstyles, we’ve made a list of the top runway hairstyles that are perfect for those who don’t wanna go for a major chop. Let’s take a look at the latest hair fashion for Fall 2017!

Latest Hair Fashion for Fall Winter 2017-18

1. Center-Parted Hair

It doesn’t get simpler than this, and yet a center part can change your look. Center parted hair looks great with ponytails, naturally wavy and straight hair which we saw on the runways of Valentino and Maison Margiela.

2. Eyebrow Length Bangs

Bangs are the best fashion statement for your hair and are still very in. This season, all hairstylists are vouching for them. We saw bangs with eyebrow length, long hair and buns on the runways of Chanel, Schiaparelli and Zuhair Murad.

3. Messy Buns/ Ponytails

This style is quick and easy. Adorned with a tiara or fascinator, a messy bun can be great for a garden or beach wedding. Isn’t it great that messy hair is actually a runway thing? Not just a lazy girl thing! Lol!

4. Short Hair with Curls

Curls never go out of trend. But on the Fall 2017 couture runways, we saw lots of different styles in short curly hair. Curls always give a voluminous and bouncy look. We saw short hair with natural curls in the fashion shows of Elie Saab and medium curls with eyebrow level bangs on the runways of Chanel. I’m liking the Guo Pei side bangs with curls!

5. Ponytail with Hair-Wrapped Around the Hair-Tie

Ponytails are the easiest hairstyle ever. And in Paris Haute Couture Week, runway hairstylists shared our love for them – pairing sleek or messy ponytails with gowns and cocktail dresses. We saw ponytails with straight hair folded into a U-shape and hair wrapped around the hair-tie in the Chanel FW17 show. And we also saw a messy ponytail with hair tied around the hair-tie in the fashion show of Dior.

6. Naturally Wavy Hair

Naturally wavy hair are one of the easiest trends to maintain. We spotted different types of wavy styles go with all hair types. We saw soft wavy hair on the runways of Elie Saab, messy wavy hair in Dior, retro waves in Jean Paul Gaultier and side-parted soft waves in the fashion show of Guo Pei.

Hope you liked these latest hair fashion for Fall 2017. Which trend would you pick for yourself?

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