Latest Hair Designs & Showstopping Hairstyle Ideas for Weddings

From vintage curls to twisty chignons, here are the latest ideas for hair designs and how to do them for weddings and other occasions.

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Hey gorgeous! Are you the kinda girl who loves to try the top makeup styles and hair designs and flaunt the latest trends of the season? If so, finding the perfect hairstyle is probably already on your mind! This season we are seeing different styles and designs using many hair accessories. From vintage curls to messy voluminous buns, there are so many options! What could be better than to try these sexy hair designs and classy styles for your upcoming party?

So, from uber-chic to retro-inspired we’ve compiled 8 hair design ideas to try this year and given suggestions on how to make them. Let’s take a look!

Latest Hair Designs to Try

1. Puffy Bun

If you wanna go for a look that is sexy, stylish and dramatic, puffy buns and poofy hairstyles are always the best ones to go for. As this hairstyle gives an illusion of the hair having more volume and thickness. Also, this works well for teenagers and older women too. You can spot so many Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities wearing this style. Great idea for engagement parties and college farewell.

To make this hairstyle, take a section of hair at the top, do backcombing of your hair set with hairspray. Pin it on the top of the head, making a puff. Leave a section of hair at the bottom and make a high-level bun with the rest. And braid the lower section of the hair, bring it up and pin it up at the end. And pin all the strays with U-pins in between the bun and puff. Spray with hairspray again.

latest-hair-designs-trends-creaticve-hairstyle-flower-pins-puff-bun2. Vintage Curls with Fascinator

Fascinators have made a huge comeback with the vintage hairstyles. So if you wanna go a classy and fabulous style, vintage curls are perfect for weddings and galas with gowns. This style has always been a go-to option when you want to make a lasting impression. Also, you can wear a fascinator almost with any hairstyle.

Divide the hair with a side part, and do a half up hairstyle with pins. With the help of a curling iron, take small sections and make nice, loose vintage curls with the bottom hair. Do the same to make 4-5 curls at the top. Pin the top curls above your forehead with U-pins and adorn with a large or small fascinator.

vintage-curls-with-fascinator-hair-designers-artists-trends3. Neatly Combed High Bun

A neatly combed hairstyle is one of the most sophisticated and the best hairstyles to go for! This style also helps you to get rid of all those stray flyways from your face. Also, there are different types of styles to choose from, but this trend is the best one to choose at any time. Great idea for office parties and wedding occasions.

To make this hairstyle, comb your hair neatly and make a high bun. Place a hair extension right below the bun and pin it neatly with hairpins. Then wrap the extensions hair around your bun to completely cover all the pins, twist them and pin them below the bun with U-pins. If desired, repeat the process with another hair extension below this bun to elongate it. Spray hairspray to set the hairstyle.

latest-hair-designs-trends-creaticve-hairstyle-flower-pins-neatly-combed-high-bun4. Twisty Chignon

Just like they sound, twisty chignons are actually very confusing and twisty to do! They also need loads of patience. But once they’re done right, they go well with most of the attires and are perfect both brides and guests wedding.

Comb your hair nicely. Make thin French or normal braids at either side and pin them behind the ear. Take small sections of leftover hair, twisting and pinning each of them with U-pins individually. Do the same with all portions of hair and pin them nicely all over the bun. Twist the U-pins if necessary to keep them concealed. And decorate your twisted chignon with some flower pins or pearl hair accessories to hide the overt pins.

twisty-chingon-latest-hair-designs-trends-creaticve-hairstyle-flower-pins5. French Braid Bun

French braided buns are timeless, but also chic. This year they’re making a major comeback. So if you’re in search of a classy hairstyle for engagements, exhibitions and social parties, this is the one to go for! Also, these braids can be tricky and need some practice and patience for the beginners to do it yourself. But they look good with everything from LBDs to wedding gowns!

Take a section of top hair and french braid it at the back, leaving sections of hair on either side. Pin the braid at the bottom of the back of your head. Then take the side sections and neatly pin them there, too. Works perfectly on medium-short hair.

french-braid-bun-hairstyle-trends-fashion-style6. Mixed Chignon with Side Twists

This twisty hairstyle is perfect for kitty parties, weddings and even for older women. It’s one of the new hair designs, with a twist, literally!

To make this hair design, comb all your hair back neatly and secure with bobby pins, leaving two sections on either side. Take one section of the back hair and braid it. Divide the rest of the hair into 4 sections and twist each one of them, pinning into knots with U-pins making a loose bun. Twist the braid in between, filling the gaps and secure with U-pins. Twist the side sections and pin at the top of the bun.

mixed-chignon-with-side-twists-hairstyle-hair-wedding-bride-trends-fashion7. Messy Voluminous High Bun with Tiara

Voluminous messy buns are indeed the perfect summer wedding hairstyles for long hair. They’re not exactly a new hairstyle but you can adorn your messy bun or chignon with a tiara, hairpins or fascinator for a fresh bridal look. This hairstyle would also work for engagements, prom or your sister’s wedding.

Comb your hair nicely and take a section of hair in the front, comb it to the side and pin it behind one ear. Then do a high ponytail with the left out hair, make a high, messy bun out of it. You can also use a fake bun or extension for added volume. While making it, if any hair is left out, just twist those strands and pin with bobby or U- pins on or sides of the bun. Finally, adorn your bun with a tiara.

voluminous-bun-with-tiara-hairstyle-designs-trends-fashion8. Floral Crown Braided Bun

A crown braid is the type of hairstyle that seems super complicated, no matter how many stylists swear you can DIY it. But if you’re a trendy girly girl, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. It just takes a bit of patience and practice! These crown braids are perfect with half up, half down hairstyles and buns. They look so romantic when you adorn them with the flower pins all over the crown. Great idea for pool parties, theme parties and weddings.

To make this hair design, begin by brushing the hair and make sure there are no tangles. And then divide your hair into two portions at the center, and french braid your hair from top to side on both the sides. And make sure you tie both the ends with a matching band. Then spread the braids a little and spray over them. Pin your braids behind your ears or at the back of your head with bobby pins. And remove your rubber elastic bands carefully, if you like. Just spread your braids a little more and adorn the whole braid with floral hairpins or head piece.

So those were the latest hair designs trend. Which hairstyle is your favorite? Let us know by tweeting @shilpa1ahuja!