From supermodels to movie actresses, here are our picks of the latest hair color trends for Summer and early Fall 2015. Highlights, ombre, sombre – what’s your pick?

So many of us want new hair (sometimes shocking others around us) with shorter styles or waht to try the latest hair color trends. Even if we don’t dare to change too much, we go for subtle highlights or bangs. So I compiled this list of the coolest and latest hair color trends and ideas for you!!


Ombre or a sharp transition from one hair color at the top to another at the bottom of the hair is still in, but now instead of mixing two shades of the same color family, the trend this season is to try something more dramatic, like blonde with red here:


Sombre, or subtle ombre, is the new ombre for this season. It is very in, and we see it all over the runway and on celebs. In this, the transition from one hair color to another is not sharp, but subtle, and more natural looking, when a dark color transitions into a lighter shade naturally. It is certainly the best idea if you want to try out 2015’s latest hair color trends without being too dramatic. Check out these ideas:

A deep caramel to blonde sombre:


Sort of bronde to blonde:


Brown to almost bronde, very natural-looking, and can also suit Indian or warm skin tones.


Once again, if you have a warm skin tone, check out this deep brunette to brown sombre:



Honey is in for global hair color as well as highlights or ombre. Check out this deep brown to honey sombre Blake Lively is sporting:


Honey is the romantic pick of the latest hair color trends. And this honey color with blonde highlights Karlie Kloss sports on the runway for Spring Summer 2015 trends:


Taylor Swift also has honey with bronde highlights:


Rich Caramel

Rich caramel, the usually warm tone reserved for winter season is very in this summer. Check it out!


Multi-Tonal Brunettes

Check out Kendall Jenner’s overall deep brunette hair color with very subtle lighter highlights at the ends:


And Emma Stone’s near-mono-tonal rich brown hair that can go as well for lighter Indian skin tones. Love this wavy long bob!!



Again, a color usually reserved for the fall winter season is now seen in Summer this year. Check out this global auburn!


And this ombre with honey to deep auburn with bronde highlights which will go well with dark and warm skin tones:


Cherry Red

Here’s Katrina Kaif at 2015 Cannes festival with a deep brunette and cherry red hair color:


And this overall cherry red bob:


Copper Red

If you want to be daring this summer, go for this flaring copper red:



Or if you wanna be even more daring, try unicorn hair, which has been in since this Spring. It can be achieved with different hair colors, such as this deep turquoise to sea green ombre:


Or this pink to sky blue sombre:


Hope you like this selection and it gave you lots of ideas if you want to color your hair this season. Which is your favorite of the latest hair color trends?

Go for it, whatever you feel like, and do comment below to let me know what you liked the most! 🙂

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