Latest Hair Accessories Trend | Headbands, Clips and Tiaras 2015 2016

Hey! The hair accessories trend is the reason for the hottest hairstyles of this season! For Fall Winter 2015-2016, we have seen all sorts of hair accessories on the runways – clips, pins, headbands, tiaras. And in all sorts of materials and styles! Wanna find out more about the latest hair accessories trend for 2015 2016?


Hair Accessories Trend #1: Floral Vines

The prettiest hair accessories trend this season is the floral vines and wildflower inspired pins and headbands. The Spring had floral headbands trend, but that was a plucked-flower strung-into-a-band type of thing. This time, it’s just natural looking. Atelier Versace had the boho chic matching floral vines headbands in beads and fabric. Elie Saab, on the other hand, had headbands over the head with metallic leaf strings. Whereas Gucci had a floral bunch, and Dolce and Gabbana had a band with multiple metallic flowers and leaves.


Hair Accessories Trend #2: Exotic

Another beautiful hair accessories trend this season is going to be exotic designs. We’ve also seen more exotic designs this season in clothes and last season with tribal print in shoes! Valentino‘s Resort 2016 collection had Native American inspired designs that included headbands with feather and native patterns and flowers. Plus matching earrings. Valentino’s Couture collection showed Roman inspired designs with gold head pieces. Schiaparelli‘s tiara like hair accessories included a classic mask design.

Hair Accessories Trend #3: Abstract

From Elie Saab‘s mesh headband to Schiaparelli‘s abstract versions of tiaras to Maison Margiela‘s circular velvet discs, this season try everything from geometric to abstract in headbands, tiaras, stick-ons and hairpins!


Hair Accessories Trend #4: Words

We haven’t seen much of this trend around in hair accessories other than Chanel‘s and Schiaparelli‘s logo headpin. But we’ve seen much more text used in other fashion elements like jackets, dresses and handbags. So I’m thinking that hair accessories with words or letters can become even a bigger idea in the coming seasons!

Hair Accessories Trend #5: Multiple

From Dolce and Gabbana‘s double headbands and double side-pins to Chanel‘s classic black headband paired with a hair clip, this season, don’t be afraid to pile on multiple hair accessories. Layering has already been a trend with rings, necklaces and bracelets, and of course, not we wanna layer our hair accessories too!

Maison Margiela‘s multi-pin hat-bun may seem unwearable off the runway, but it can be translated into hair tucked into the sides with multiple hair pins for a casual look!


Hair Accessories Trend #6: Embellished

Another one of my favorites is this hair accessories trends of using loads of embellishments. Dolce and Gabbana had embellished headbands with roses and leaves designs. Their embellished headphones with pearls and baubles are making headlines this season. wrote a piece about who’s expected to wear them at the New York Fashion Week coming up next week. Zuhair Murad had gorgeous starry tiaras.

That’s all folks! Which out of all these is your favorite latest hair accessories trend for this season?

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