Latest Chanel Fine Jewelry Inspired by Wheat

Discover the latest Chanel fine jewelry collection with wheat inspiration. These breathtaking pieces tell the nature’s story with diamonds.


Hey beautiful! Chanel has just introduced a new line of fine jewelry whose inspiration lies in nature. Let’s take a look!

The newest collection of high jewelry by Chanel is for all the nature lovers. The artistic wheat-inspired pieces are a celebration of the fashion house’s history, and portray Coco Chanel’s love of nature and countryside.

The hot, new collection is titled Les Blés de Chanel, which literally means ‘The wheat of Chanel’. Wheat is a symbol of luck and prosperity which was very dear to Gabrielle Chanel. The jewelry pieces use wheat grain motifs, with diamond stones, what looks like yellow sapphire or topaz and of course, gold.

The wheat shaped cut gives a magnificent look to the jewelry. One of the pieces I liked is this bracelet with a wheat sheaf tied together with a bold yellow sapphire at the centre that’s literally the center of attention.


To me, this necklace is the most extraordinary piece. The radiant-cut yellow sapphire in the centre gives a classy look to the entire neck piece.

Here’s a brooch:Chanel-jewellery-wheat-inspiration-2016-latest-2016-Les-bles-de-collection

The wheat inspired watch and the long earrings.Chanel-jewellery-wheat-inspiration-2016-latest-2016-Les-bles-de-collection

And here’s a cuff:
Image Credits: Chanel Facebook Page

Did you like the latest jewelry collection? Looking forward to wearing one of these on your next special occasions? Do let me know which was your favorite one!

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