From formals to casual-wear, we have rounded up the 10 latest fashion trends for men for 2017, so you can keep your wardrobe up-to-date!

Image Credit: Armani

Hey handsome! If you are bored of wearing your usual outfits for the meetings and conferences, thinking of something unique that would impress your lady boss, then take a look at next year’s latest fashion trends for men. As we have been seeing in the fashion shows, there has been so much innovation in menswear. A lot of bold trends have come up, both in casual and formal-wear.

So check out the next season’s trend-report…

Latest Fashion Trends For Men #1: Monochromatic Outfits

Image Credit: Ralph Lauren

The monochromatic trend is popping up in many of the designer collections like Versace, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. For Spring Summer 2017, try monochrome with different colored shoes!

Latest Fashion Trends For Men #2: Statement Jackets

Image Credit: Giorgio Armani

Statement jackets look cool and super trendy! These include embellished, patchwork jackets or patterned ones in bold colors. Wear with a subtle and sleek tie for all eyes on your jacket.

Latest Fashion Trends For Men #3: Crop Pants or Folded Hems

Image Credits: Emporio Armani

We have been seeing crop pants since last season and they are still making waves this season, too! They are a great idea for smart-casual outfits. Keep your hems folded just slightly above the ankle for a cool look! I love the combination of crop pants with a sheer white sleeveless tee by Dior.

Spring Fashion Trends For Men #4: Short Suits

Wanna have a casual look with the suits? Then this is the best trend you can plunge into! In this trend we saw suits with knee-length shorts paired with white sneakers. How cool is that?!

Fashion Style For Men #5: Striped Pants

The retro trend of stripes has been seen in many collections like J.Crew, Joseph Abbound and Tommy Hilfiger. In some looks the stripes were seen only on the pants. The others had stripes on entire outfit giving a formal retro look. I liked the vertical stripe pants by Tommy Hilfiger paired with a broad horizontal striped tee and jacket.

Latest Fashion Trends For Men #6: Patchwork

The patchwork from the 60s is brought back by many design houses both in formals and casual pieces. We have seen patchwork jackets, pants and shirts, too! If you want a really bold look, go for the floral patchwork outfit by Dior.

Latest Fashion Trends For Men #7: Patterned Pants

Patterned trousers are a bold, statement wardrobe piece. It seems that in 2017 they are gonna give a supercool look! If you don’t wanna indulge in the entire patterned outfit, then go for the subtle patterns like small floral designs by Tommy Hilfiger and also Gucci. For a daring look try the scenery-print suit by Alexander McQueen.

 Men’s Spring Fashion Trends #8: Sheer Shirts

Looking to show off your six pack? Go ahead and try a sheer tee because it is so trendy! Also, for those who don’t want to show off their body but try this trend, wear sheer tee on top of a closed neck tee.

Latest Fashion Trends For Men #9: High Top Boots

High-top boots look equally good with both formals or casuals. If you wanna show off the high top boots, pair them up with crop pants or folded hems!

Spring Trends For Men #10: White Sneakers

Add an edge to your outfit with these all-white shoes! Put away the usual oxford shoes and loafers and try the cool new sneakers.

So, these are the latest men’s fashion trends for this season. Which trend are you eager to try? Personally I prefer the short suits trend, which I think is quite fearless and striking. Let us know your preferences below!

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