11 Latest Fashion Trends for Fall-Winter 2023: Unbiased Edit

From layering ideas to outerwear, from Dior to Balmain, here are the 11 hottest & latest fashion trends for Fall 2023 you need to know about.

fall-2023-latest fashion trends-forecast-style-runway-winter
Featured: Versace, Valentino, Moschino

What I love about fashion is the new ways designers find to surprise us every season. Before I begin my forecast research, before I go through any of the fashion shows, I think to myself – what new can there possibly be to see this season? It seems that trends are just repeating themselves and things are gonna get old and tired.

And yet, every season, I’m mind-blown. There are not a few, but countless new trends to explore – things we’ve never seen before, or fresh ways to wear old items. That’s because creativity is limitless. Fashion is a beautiful world indeed.

So let’s dive into this ever-changing and ever-gorgeous world, and discover what everyone will be wearing this year. As per uzhe, I went through 50+ fashion shows from Milan, Paris, New York and London fashion weeks, and shortlisted more than 25 styles, to create this final roundup of 11 upcoming trends to have in your closet in 2023.

Let’s go!

dolce and gabbana fall 2023
Dolce & Gabbana

1. Suiting Redefined

Since the late 2010s, we’ve been seeing the woman’s power suit more and more across the runways. We’ve even seen entire fashion shows with suit looks in some cases. Of course, the suit is nothing new, and has been a part of the women’s runways since before I was born.

However, come 2023, we’re seeing a whole array of fresh suited looks. Designers have added many feminine elements to the suit, turning the trend over its head. Suiting has been redefined forever this season. Maybe instead of the power suit, we can finally call it the femme suit.

suiting-redefined fw23 fall 2023 new fashion trends
L to R: Moschino, Schiaparelli, Fendi, D&G, Saint Laurent; Bottom: Alexander McQueen

The feminine touches include crop suit jackets, crop pants in crushed patent leather, cold shoulder and skirt over the pants. A sheer scarf held together with a scarf ring is worn over the suit, and even a midriff cut-out. And can you make the suit punk? Well, yes, says Moschino. Just add a spiked choker, a spiked belt and a fishnet top underneath.

2. Sheer Layering

In a constant effort to show some skin, designers scramble to find new ways every season. (That’s what I think, at least, looking at the ever-changing trends of underb0ob, side bo0b, sheer skirts and what not)! Fall and winter are no exception. This time, however, even naysayers like me can appreciate this addition to 2023’s latest fashion trends.

Cue the sheer layering trend. Pair the sheer items with your regular ol’ wintery things to add some drama. Don’t shove away your sheer wardrobe items just yet. You can still use them this fall, blacks with blacks.

sheer-layering ideas new winter 2024 fashion trends
L to R: Moschino, Givenchy, Valentino, Balmain, McQueen; Bottom: Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli

We’re seeing some bolder ways to add sheer to your looks, like sheer embellished pants or sheer skirt worn with a suit jacket, and a sheer bra worn under a strapless dress. There are also some really easy to pull off this trend – a fishnet top worn under a sleeveless dress, a sheer lace shirt worn under a suit jacket, a lace dress worn over a crop top and mini skirt co-ord set. And my favorite – a sheer button-up shirt worn under an embellished crop top.

All these years of the dreadful sheer trend – and I finally know how to wear these items in a respectable way!

3. The Wrapped Look (Outerwear)

What’s fall-winter without the coats? And what’s fashion without giving us something new to add to our wardrobes? To actually want to buy something new? And that’s exactly the vibes this new trend is giving. I’m all over this new silhouette in outerwear – the wrapped coat.

These coats and jackets look as if they’ve been wrapped up around you, but not in the typical wrap way. They’re draped to look like they’re wrapped, but each has a fresh new take on this idea.

wrapped-look fall 2023 fashion
L to R: Balmain, Versace, Saint Laurent, Fendi; Bottom: Dior, Givenchy

Versace’s overcoat is just an oversized cape coat, giving the wrapped look. Saint Laurent’s leather scarf is draped over a leather coat, gathered on one shoulder. Dior’s quilted jacket has a quilted matching scarf wrapped to the front. And so on.

4. Extra-Low Waistline

The Y2K trends are back, and Gen-Zers are loving it, apparently (I know these things just because I read the articles our lovely interns write). Low-waist is one of the latest fashion trends for Fall 2023, and will possibly be hot next year too. These low-rise pants and skirts give pure Britney Spears vibes, and I don’t know what to feel. Old, perhaps!

Anyway, Roberto Cavalli had low-rise lace pants paired with a crop top, a la Britney. But what’s trendier this year are the low-rise skirts, which we’re seeing everywhere.

low-waistline fall winter 2023 pants jeans trends
L to R: Roberto Cavalli, Givenchy, Versace, Valentino; Bottom: D&G

Give your basic white button-up a glow-up by pairing it with an embellished low-rise skirt. Or create a party look of the season with a lace top, a low-rise sequin skirt and this season’s quintessential sheer black gloves. Or go for a flared low-rise skirt and pair it with a turtleneck for an office party.

5. Necklace & Choker Neckline

Here’s a standout trend of Fall 2023 – dresses and tops with built-in necklaces and chokers. A choker neckline is sewn onto a low-neckline dress, or added to a one-shoulder midi. Or added as an embellished collar to a halter dress or a sheer dress. My favorite look is one by Fendi – an asymmetrical sweater whose button placket extends to go around the neck to form a collar/ knit-wool necklace. Love.

necklace-choker-neckline fall 2023 fashion styles
L to R: McQueen, Fendi, Givenchy, Schiaparelli; Bottom: Balmain

6. Tube Top Over Shirt

This is such a specific trend, that I didn’t even include it in my trend analysis list until the very last moment. Yes, I saw this in one or two collections, that’s a coincidence, not a trend. But you know how it is in fashion trend forecasting – see three and call it a trend. So I saw this the third time, and voila!

Well, yes, you now officially have a brand new way to wear (actually, wear) your tube tops that you once bought, once maybe wore, and then hung in one of the obscure hangers never to see the light of day (or moonlight of night).

tube-top-over-shirt unique styles winter 2023 fashion
L to R: Max Mara, Alexander McQueen, Valentino

We’re seeing a strapless top version of the double-breasted jacket, worn over the trusted white shirt and a leather tie. Way to rock happy Fridays at work. Actually the tie itself is one of the latest fashion trends, but that’s for another accessory-focused article.

Then there’s the white shirt topped with a grey tube top which I have no doubt will adorn Zara racks next month as a single top. Pair this with belt and trousers for the boss-lady look. Finally, the cape version – a draped sheer tube top with cape sleeves worn over a shirt and tie that I’m sure looks interesting only in pictures.

7. Bubble Sleeves

Fall and winter are the time to rock sleeves of all different styles. And this year is no exception. Bubble sleeves are this year’s statement to make, which are throughout poufy sleeves big enough to give a bubble look in the overall silhouette.

bubble-sleeves fall winter 2023 fashion trends
L to R: Schiaparelli, McQueen, Moschino, Chanel, Valentino, Dior

We’re seeing them in heavy-knit sweater dresses, in long overcoats, checked jackets and short double-breasted jackets. Chanel had the Bishop version in their tweed dress. Finally, Moschino had elbow-length puff sleeves in a crop-jacket co-ord set.

Now give me that sweater dress and I’ll finally feel like my arms are big enough to take attention away from my post-twins tummy. Sigh. Fashion is tough when you’re older.

8. The Power Collar

Thanks to the superhit Netflix TV series Wednesday ft. preppy goth aesthetic, the collar is finally having its moment. And in the Fall 2023 collections, collar is reclaiming its place in the world of high fashion too. I was reminded of my school uniform, and was introduced to new ways to rock the collar as well.

collar-power autumn winter 2023 style trends
L to R: Balmain, Dolce Gabbana, Valentino

Valentino had the chic collared dresses, where the collar was near-standalone. Dolce & Gabbana took this idea a step further and went with standalone metal collars – as necklaces, that is. And Balmain extended the length of the collars to that scary goth degree that is not for the faint-hearted. And they installed them over a velvet tux-dress-that-is-also-a-cape. Regardless, it’s a cool look if you want to pull it off. If you’re Blake Lively, that is.

Anyway, it’s safe to say that the shirt collar is one of the latest fashion trends to have in your closet, either work or casual.

9. Dot Play

As the suits get a new look this season, so do one of modern fashion’s oldest trends – the polka dot. If you’re someone who loves polka dot, you’ll love this fresh take on the retro style. And if you’re someone like me, who doesn’t love polka dots, you’ll find this dot play trend interesting enough to give it a try. Maybe.

polka dots-fall winter 2023 stylish patterns
L to R: Valentino, Balmain, Chanel

The polka dots of 2023 are getting a facelift. They’re either uneven, or paired larger sized with smaller sized, or made out of a different material altogether. Valentino added unevenly sized dots to a sheer skirt and a bar jacket.

Chanel went a step further by creating uneven polka dots out of knit wool, shaped like circular roses, on a sweater dress or co-ord set. And Balmain completely revisited the whole idea by creating pearl embellishments that give the polka dot look from afar.

10. Exaggerated Shoulder Detail

Shoulder play is a trend we have seen before, too, in fall and winter fashion. With padded shoulders and oversized lapels, shoulders are a fashionista’s playground in the winter season. This year, the designers went a step further by adding these styles together, and making shoulder power even bigger and more prominent.

exaggerated-shoulder-detail autumn winter 2023 style trends
L to R: Schiaparelli, , McQueen; Bottom: Balmain, Dior, Versace

We saw a puffer coat with oversized lapels going beyond the shoulders in Schiaparelli. Dior did the same with a quilted jacket. Alexander McQueen’s chain-embellished geometric shoulder designs could have been an overkill (but are actually quite statement-y). Both Versace and Saint Laurent did asymmetric poufy shoulder detail. Versace had them in draped dresses, while YSL had the same in a geometric look in a satin blouse. Interesting but uninspired. Avoid.

11. Hardware Details

Hardware can make or break a look. And this year, they’re getting the attention they deserve, being center-stage in the looks, pulling them together. We’re seeing large gold buttons on quilted coats, dresses with zippers and belts creating lots of drama. Visible zippers on the front of the dress are one of the latest fashion trends to try.

We’ve already seen harnesses last year, and this year, Givenchy is making industrial punk cool by adding straps and clasp-locks on pants. This, I’d love to wear! Very everyday and subtle.

hardware-details fw23 2023 fashion trends
L to R: Givenchy, Schiaparelli, Moschino, Alexander McQueen

So, I hope you enjoyed my list of the upcoming & latest fashion trends, and my love and hate (okay, mild criticism) for some of them looks too! Which is your favorite and least favorite look from this season? Let me know below. If you rock any of these trends, I’d love to check it out, so do tag me on your Insta @shilpaahujadotcom, and I’ll double-tap!


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