12 Latest Fall Winter 2016 Fashion Trends You Need to Know

From Moschino to Dior, from accessories to colors, see what we’ll be wearing next season! Discover the top 12 latest fashion trends 2016 for Fall/Winter.

latest-fashion-trends-fall-fashion-2016-winter-2017-top-best-runway-rtwHey gorgeous! Summer is at its peak now, but the fashion industry is already on to the next season. The latest collections from the runways reveal some really cool Fall Winter fashion trends. Some trends are welcome, some are shocking, some expected and others really sexy! So let’s take a look at what we saw during the fashion weeks, and what we’ll want to be wearing this Fall Winter:

12 Latest Fall/Winter Fashion Trends 2016-2017

Fashion Trend 2016 #1: Bright Shoes

Shoes are getting trendier and trendier. They just want to be the real showstoppers in 2016. We saw bright-colored shoes and boots in so many runway collections including Versace, Schiaparelli, Max Mara and Chanel. From bright pastels to spicy orange to peppy pink, shoes just got so much brighter!

Fashion Trend 2016 #2: Matchy-Matchy Accessories

Accessories got a huge makeover this season with designers introducing bold accessories, and also really matchy-matchy accessories. These color co-ordinated accessories match their outfits exactly. Brownie points for replicating the pattern (ahem, Moschino) or using the same fabric as your outfit (cough, Chanel)!

Fashion Trend 2016 #3: Bold Patterns

I’m loving this trend because it brings out my artistic side. We saw a whole variety of artistic and creative bold patterns on the clothes for Fall Winter 2016. From cigarette on the lips (#It’sLit) by Moschino to Prada’s desert landscape to Dior’s leaf and bird patterns and from Dolce & Gabbana’s bold floral and cat patterns to Versace’s abstract organic art, it’s all really cool and really worth a stare!

Fall Trend #4: The Metallic Dress

Metallic dresses are yet another eye-catching Fall trend for 2016. We saw both micro-sequined dresses to metallic fabrics in colors like gold, brass, silver, metallic fuchsia to burnt gold.

Latest Fall Trend #5: Button-less Coats

Here’s a chic, fun trend for fall 2016 – button-less or front-open coats. Wear them over your bold patterned dresses or graphic tees in the fall, and over patterned sweaters and metallic gowns in the winter!

Latest Fall Trend #6: Leather Skirts

Leather skirt isn’t exactly new this season, because we’ve been seeing it on the runways and on celebrities since last year. But it’s still going strong this year and we saw everything from micro-mini leather skirts (Versace) to knee-length (Moschino) to midi flared skirts (Oscar de la Renta).

Top Fall Trend #7: Saturated Colors

Sure, we saw some pastels on the runway, but what caught our attention more were the bright, saturated colors that are bound to liven up any dull Winter outfit! Try the lemon yellow of Max Mara or fuchsia of Just Cavalli, the blood red and cobalt blue of Moschino or the fire orange of Dior!

Fall Trend 2016 #8: Fur Collars

Other than the front-open coats, we also loved the fur collars in coats and dresses, which is quite wintry! Try it in the deep colors like black and grape by Dior and Roberto Cavalli, or in light pastels (like the ones by Versace and Oscar de la Renta) or even the marble patterned one by Fendi. Kendall Jenner has modelled in all three styles, and is really owning this trend!!

Fall Fashion Trend #9: Ruffles

Wow, you wouldn’t expect ruffles to be back in fashion just yet, but like many 70s elements, ruffles have made their way on the runways of Fall Winter 2016-17 along with off-shoulder dresses and flared pants! We saw ruffles in different styles – some on dresses, some on skirts or tops, but they were seen in the collections of so many of our favorite design houses- Roberto Cavalli, Dior, Oscar de la Renta and Moschino.

Fall Fashion Trend #10: Long Gloves

Here’s yet another trend from last year. Long gloves are just becoming trendier this fall. Pair long suede gloves with your overcoat, or pair long satin ones with your tuxedo, or even long leather ones with your tee-shirt!!

Fall Fashion Trend #11: Puffed Sleeves

Puffed sleeves or poofies (I’m just giving them this name) are the newest It-thing on the runways this season. I’m not a big fan generally, but I’m loving some of the puffed sleeves here, like Dior’s sweater with full-sleeves with an upper puff, and Dolce & Gabbana’s small puffed sleeves on a blue knee-length dress.

Fall Fashion Trend #12: (Pointy-Toe) Booties

Last winter’s over-the knee boots have given way to the more fall-appropriate booties this year, especially pointy-toe booties which we saw prominently in the collections of Dior, Versace and Just Cavalli.

So those were the top 12 fashion trends 2016!! Which trend for Fall 2016 are you most looking forward to wearing? I’m certainly wanting to try matchy-matchy accessories and bold patterns (and maybe the metallic dress)! Comment below! Lemme know!

I’ll be writing more about the latest Fall Winter fashion trends for 2016, including must-have fashion items, fashion colors, accessories and more, so stay tuned!

Muaah XOXO 🙂

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