7 Latest Fall 2016 Makeup Trends You Must Try

I tried the top 7 Fall 2016 makeup trends on myself. See how I modified these looks to suit my face, and be inspired to try them on yourself, too!

latest-fall-2016-makeup-trends-looks-winter-2017-fw16Hey gorgeous! My readers often tell me how unwearable or extreme some of the runway makeup trends are. Whether it’s a celebrity or a runway look, or something you saw in a magazine, more often than not, you can make it work for you if you do it the right way. And that’s why today, I’m writing about how to wear the runway looks in real life.

For me, what I wear in real life is a much toned down, subtler version of what I like on the runways. And it’s up to you how much of what you want to tone down. Keep your skin tone and facial features in mind to decide what parts you wanna accentuate and what makes you feel comfortable. But the important thing to remember with makeup is to is to practice and keep trying to create the perfect look that works for you.

For Fall 2016/ Winter 2017, I have selected the top 7 makeup trends that are a must-try for every girl! I have included a gallery of makeup looks from the runway for you to see how the makeup artists did it. I’ve also created a runway-inspired version on myself, so you can see how I modified the look to suit me. Hopefully, it’ll give you loads of ideas to try some looks on yourself too. After all, with all the coats and scarves, makeup is all we can show off in the winter!

How I Wore the FW16 Runway Makeup Trends

Nude Lipstick

The no-makeup makeup look was so trendy last year. And in 2016, we’re seeing both smokey and lined eyes with the nude lipstick.

Personally, I prefer pale pink lipsticks to nude shades, because I feel that nude lipsticks make my face look washed out. In fact, I don’t even own any nude lipsticks. But just to take up this challenge, I wore a very pale-peachy-metallic-ish lipstick and paired it with a very low-key look. I also wore mascara on the lashes and brows, and thin eyeliner – liquid on top and pencil on the bottom, to bring out my eyes and balance the dull lipstick. I think it’s a good look for office and casual days, when you wanna look polished and simple.


No Contouring

Kim Kardashian may not approve of this trend, but it seems the runway makeup artists are totally trying un-contoured looks. Some, however, tried very little contouring, just to define the features. This look was easy for me to try, because frankly, contouring is an added hassle! Isn’t it? (Sorry, Kim K!)

I wore this look with winged eyeliner, mascara, pale-pink lipstick (my favorite!). I used a metallic bronze eyeshadow palette to create very light smokey eyes. For the face, I wore no concealer (let’s keep it real!), a little face powder over foundation, and highlighter on the cheekbones. I dusted the sides of my nose and my cheeks with a little bronzer. This look is great for casual outings and hanging out with friends.


Red Lips

Red lips never go out of trend, and this winter, you have all the more ways to try it – glitter, ombre and what not! This is my favorite look in this lot, I guess. Unless I’m going to a party, red lips can get too bright for me in real life. So I wore a red and pink ombre lip with pink lipgloss. For the eyes, I wore my metallic eyeshadow and liquid liner with lots of mascara. It’s a fun, pretty look, great for day-dates and afternoon parties.


Heavy Liner

Makeup artists went all out this season with eyeliner at the FW16 shows. We saw graphic and winged both, and even combinations of heavy liner with black eyeshadow or colored liner.

For my own look, I didn’t wanna make it too heavy, and I didn’t wanna do it with pencil. I wanted a cute, smudge-free look. So I just wore black liquid liner close to my lashes, creating an extended wing. I wore it with pink liquid lip and bluish-silver eyeshadow for added drama!


(Almost) Black Lips

This is one trend we saw sooo much on the runway and so little on celebs and none in real life. And it’s not surprising, because the trend in question is black lipstick. The trick to learn here is that the lipstick needn’t be totally black. It can be anywhere from the deepest burgundy, to the blackest red to the violet-est purple! And if you’re still too afraid, just mix it with sangria or plum shades to create a less dramatic look.

I tried this look by mixing chocolate brown with plum lipstick. Not close to black – but it worked great with my black bomber jacket and I wore it with loads of mascara and winged liner. I also kept my face heavily bronzed and “tan-looking” to lessen the contrast with the skin, so I wouldn’t end up looking like a ghost!

Red Eyeshadow

Red eyeshadow is another tricky one amongst the Fall 2016 makeup trends. The good options for this are to mix it with copper or bronze to create a rust-shaded smokey eye, or to go for coral-red pastel eyeshadow for a lighter day look.

I tried to create a dramatic risqué look with it! I paired red eyeshadow with thin liquid liner and red matte lipstick. I also created bolder brows to emphasize the eyeshadow makeup.


Gold Eyeshadow

The goddess eye makeup trend – what’s not to love about this! This fall, try either plain gold eyeshadow all over the lids, or create a thick-winged look with it. You can even make a criss-cross pattern with it.

For my look, I tried to create a thick-winged look, but the glitter kept going everywhere! So I just created a simple gold eyeshadow with a wing. I wore it with my favorite light pink lipstick and gloss, some highlighter and face powder.

So did you like the looks I created for Fall 2016 makeup trends? And which look was your favorite and which one would you wanna recreate? How do you think you can modify these trends to suit your face? Comment below and lemme know all your thoughts!

Muaah and until next time, ciao! 🙂
Runway images curated by Pinky Mehta

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