Latest Engagement Makeup Ideas | Makeup for Engagement

From subtle natural looks to bold makeup, check out the latest engagement makeup for the beautiful bride in you and look stunning!

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Hey beautiful! Engagement ceremony is the beginning of wedding rituals. This is the usually first time you are been introduced to your fiance’s family and friends. And no bride to be wants to compromise, right from the royal outfit to the makeup. When it comes to makeup, you wanna look flawless and select something classy but trendy, too!

Here are a the hottest and latest engagement makeup ideas just for you!

1. Latest Engagement Makeup –  Statement Eyes

If you are looking to put the focus more on eyes, then this one is for you! You can play around a lot with eye makeup. For Indo-Western outfit, smokey eyes are also a good option. You can even try glittery eyeshadow.

2. Engagement Makeup for Dark Skin Tone

People with dark skin tone always fear to put on heavy makeup as they think it would not suit them. But you can always concentrate on either eyes or lips to get that wow look! Put on glittery or dark colored lipstick and match it with nude eyeshadow.

3. Subtle Engagement Makeup

For all those who want to keep the heavy makeup aside for the D-day, this one’s for you! Keep it simple and light with subtle makeup. Don’t overdo anything and try to keep the makeup as minimal as possible. Choose neutral shades that don’t pop up much and yet make you look elegant.

4. Makeup for Engagement – Red Hot Lips

From fancy parties to dates to special occasions, red lips are undoubtedly the best ones to choose. You can never go wrong with them! Choose a shade of red to match your engagement dress or select a hot shade for blues and purples.

5. Colored Eye Makeup for Engagement

Try this when you want to match the color of your eyeshadow to the outfit. If you want a bolder look, then match it to the color of your eyeliner.

So, these are the stunning latest engagement makeup ideas. Which type of makeup are you gonna prefer? Do let us know in comments below!

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