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Discover the latest Dior Cruise ’17 collection: view all looks and read our review, as we compare it with Raf Simons’ designs and talk about its details.

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Dior Cruise ’17 fashion show was just two days ago, and the fashion house has already presented more than a couple of shows since Raf Simons parted ways with it. In this newfound era of transition, critics do look at the collections with an eye of suspicion – will it live up to the expectations that come with a name like Dior? Will it be like what Raf would have designed if he were still the creative director? Will it be Dior-istically grandiose or Raf-ically minimalistic, or something different entirely?

And here’s what I think – and I’ve had this thought on all collections since this “era of transition” has begun – these looks get more interesting the closer you look at them, and they’re developing a signature style of their own. Their beauty is in the details, as opposed to Raf Simons’ designs where what you saw in the first glance was what you got – bold and clean.

In the latest Cruise ’17 collection, dynamism was the key element. The movement of clothes and accessories as the models walked – a loose scarf instead of jacket buttons, scarves as a part of dresses and tied to bags and bracelets, long chains, knot details, long drop earrings and slit skirt panels – all create a movement and an interest. This collection is also about subtle volumes – which are conspicuous but not exaggerated – poofy sleeves, ruffled belts, slightly layered peplums, folded collars and such.

Textures were mixed in a lot of looks to create unusual combinations. Even in colors – mocha and eggshell, peach and mustard, pale grey and biscuit – analogous colors were combined, which are next to each other in the color wheel, to break free from the current trend of matching pieces.

Some of the pieces were made in menswear-inspired fabrics, like a sky-blue striped skirt, a grey cotton tweed coat.

Some had really fresh elements, like leather coats, asymmetric sleeves, chunky chokers and stacked bangle-inspired bracelets.

Other looks were interesting by way of their layering – Who Says you can’t wear a slip dress over a pair of trousers?

dior-cruise-2017-collection-17-outfits-dress (36)

My favorite looks were a black silk maxi dress and a blue cotton tweed coat with asymmetric collar:

dior-cruise-2017-collection-17-outfits-dress (55)

And this really wearable look wih a black knit top with a white pleated skirt:

Dior Cruise ’17 Collection: Gallery

Image Credits: Looks- Julia Perie for Christian Dior, Group Shot- Daniel Jackson for Christian Dior

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