11 Latest Designer Sarees for 2017 | Top Wedding Saree Trends

From Manish Malhotra to Tarun Tahiliani, from unique blouses to statement pleats, here are the top & latest designer sarees for 2017!

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Hey gorgeous! Sarees have been one of the most favorite Indian ensembles that has never lost it’s charm. You can wear it all year round whether it’s a formal or night gathering party, wedding celebrations or college farewell. You can never go wrong with a saree.

At one point of time, the saree was a simple and easy drape. But in the 2010s, it has now turned into a style statement adapting new and unique trends. The saree has got a makeover from the traditional to the contemporary designer trends. The best trends are the ones that suit the modern Indian woman, and makes you look graceful and sexy on every occasion.

The latest designs like long blouses, different colored pleats, unique borders and many more have been seen on the runways of Winter/Festive 2016. These will set the tone for next year’s wedding season. So let’s check out the latest designer sarees and top designs for 2017!

Latest Designer Sarees for 2017

1. Long Front-Slit Blouse

If you want to give a stylish twist to an existing old saree, then get yourself a trendy blouse stitched. In the latest designer collections, we’ve been seeing thigh-long front-slit blouses. If you want to add some glam, get an embellished one. Or add a few ruffles to the hem of your long slit blouse. It gives a graceful look to the ethic saree. And we saw designers experimenting with different blouse designs with the latest saree trends on the runways. I’m liking the Rahul Mishra one, which I think will certainly set the tone for the latest saree trends as well as designer saree blouses!

2. Saree Without Pleats

You can try to drape your existing saree in this way, but you can even find these pleat-free latest saree designs in the 2017 collections. This is a stylish way to don a saree with intricate work, easy to drape without any pleats to be folded. It’s an eye-catching saree trend for 2017. If you wanna look chic and ethnic at the same time, then this would be a great option for parties and weddings.

3. Different Colored Pleats

Statement pleats!! These are what we’re seeing in so many designer collections! Basically, the pleats are in a different and contrasting color to the rest of the saree. You can pick up any of these latest designer sarees for 2017 for a casual occasion and for the day-time events.

4. Long Sleeved Blouse

Here’s another latest saree fashion just for the saree blouses. Long sleeved blouses are a growing trend these days. Embroidery, lace, tulle and motifs on the sleeves of the blouses really look beautiful paired with plain and simple sarees. Most of the designers design different styles and trends for blouses on the runways, like jackets, collars and cropped. You can even go for chic, cropped long-sleeved silk sarees blouse designs and pair them trendy georgette sarees. I am loving the Varun Bahl one!

5. Saree with a Long Train

Long trains on designer sarees always look catchy at parties and weddings. The long train doesn’t just mean that the pallu touches the floor. But in fact they are floor-sweeping! Turn heads with these scarf-like pallus or cape-like drapes. The black pre-draped saree is my favorite in this list!

6. Subtle Border

The border sarees are not really new in the market. But if you wanna go for a simpler style, a subtle border is very trendy and looks graceful, too. Be it a single-color saree or a foil printed georgette saree, subtle embellished borders can make the latest sarees all the more glam.

7. Casual Geometric Print

Casual geometrical prints on chiffon or georgette sarees are great ways to make a stylish fashion statement. These casual printed sarees can be multi-colored and with mixed styles. These latest designer sarees 2017 are a great option for office parties and casual outings as they give a cool and trendy look!

8. Fringe & Tassle

The best option to add a lot of oomph to your saree is to add some fringes and tassles at the end of the pallu or the whole border of the saree. It looks even more amazing when the fringes are draped along with the saree as seen below in Tarun Tahiliani’s designer beauty. This designer saree trend is my favorite one in this whole list! You can even try new saree blouse design with fringes.

9. Statement Border

Simple saree border designs have given way to embroidered and embellished borders. Whether the saree is printed or plain, adding a statement border (gota patti, motif or floral foil printed) to your saree is always appealing. This latest saree fashion a great option for casual occasions as it gives you that elegant, sophisticated look!

10. Uniquely Draped & Concept Sarees

If you have an old saree but wanna create a statement look with it, drape it in a fresh, new way. We saw some uniquely draped designer sarees for 2017 on the runway collections at Lakme Fashion Week. You can also try a concept or pre-draped saree for a really statement look.

11. Printed Blouse

Statement blouses paired with plain georgette, embroidered or chanderi silk fabrics looks really cool. You can wear them to both day or night-time occasions. Go for unique prints in saree designs like exotic or hand-painted motifs.

Hope you liked these top saree trends & latest designer sarees for 2017. Which trend would you pick for yourself? Lemme know! Comment below!

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